Welcome to Billy's Page, We hope you'll come away from your visit here with a greater understanding of the World of Childhood cancer. Yes, Billy's Page is about the  C  word, the BIG C, the Devil's disease; and yes Children get it too.

For those of you who have been with us for the past 13+ years  as we've fought the fight of our lives, Welcome back. For those of you who are new to Billy's Page, and the  World of Childhood cancer; please CLICK HERE and open your eye's, as well as your heart, to this terrible disease as you read Billy's story. You'll never look at a bald headed Child the same ever again, I promise you. There are 89 page's that make up the daily, weekly, and monthly update's as Billy fought for his life; as well as hundreds more page's I've authored that include photo's of Billy's surgeries, Dr's, Family and Friends. I have spelled out, in sometimes graphic ways, what it's like living in the "World of Cancer". As you thumb through the over 525 page's of this web site you'll laugh, cry, gasp, and just be overwhelmed with a new understanding about cancer, and our Children.
collage of photos taken during Billys cancer treatment (Billy, Dr. Letson, Billys bone marrow Donor George, Transplant team Dr. P. and Nurse Ethel, surgery photos)
To the upper left is a Photo of Billy as he looks today. He doesn't look like a cancer patient, does he. Billy, or Bill, as he like's to be called now; graduated from the University of South Florida (USF), Major Marine Biology / Chemistry, and will start Grad School this fall (2015)
**Yes, in the collage below, is an actual photo of Billy's initial surgery when his femur (pictured) knee, and hip was removed. To the left of it, is his  new expandable femur .
CLICK HERE to see an x-ray of Billy's leg with the full prosthesis.
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All Childrens Hospital, St. Petersburg, Florida
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HERE are some photo's of  the Phlebotomy process!     This page will open in a new window
We hope that you'll sign up on our Forum to continue your Journey with Billy. There You'll find all the update's concerning Billy from May 2007 to the present.
Thank you all for your continued Support, Thought's, and Prayer's. Please Pray for  all the 'Children of Cancer'.

**Sarcoma Patients financial assistance can be found HERE. Don't be afraid to ask for help, you are not alone.

Billy's Prosthesis (graphic warning)
Take a Kid Fishing! Visit Captain Lee Blick of InshoreTampaBay.com, and tell him Billy's Dad sent 'ya!
Click here to see Bone Marrow transplant photo!
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Our Son and the C words
This is what George H. said when we asked why he agreed to be a Donor for Billy
* The quote above is the responce we received when we asked Billy's Donor George H. ...."WHY"
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Upon hearing of Billy's diagnosis, Nashville Singer, song writer Eric Horner was so moved by Billy, and his battle's, that after his visit with Billy in the Hospital in St. Pete., it started to rain. He wrote this song on the plane back to Nashville in 2003.
Eric and Debby (Erics Wife) had felt in their hearts that Billy would be just fine. Eric wrote, and dedicated this song to Billy!  "No Need Lookin' Back"
Permission was asked for and givin, to include the songs "Billy Make's It Rain" and "No Need Lookin' Back" on this web site. Thank you Eric Horner Ministries.
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Aug. 13, 2012
Billy is featured on "what's Right With Tampa Bay"  CLICK HERE!
April 18, 2015
Happy 23rd Birthday Billy! We are so very Proud of you.
Mom & Dad
Aug 18, 2015
Billy started Grad School today! We're Proud of 'ya Buddy!
Sept 18, 2015
On this day 13 years ago, we were told that our Son Had cancer. Bravo Son for being the SUVIVORS SURVIVOR