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Hello ,

lease let us welcome you , our friends ; to what will be our Journal on the Process we'll go through , the Mountains we'll climb , the Trials we'll face , the Pains we'll suffer , the tears we'll cry , and the Hope's we'll have .

   Please understand , that this is intended to aid in the way we will cope with the fact that Our Son Billy Has "Cancer" . This I hope will be a form of outlet that I , and Billy's Mother Alicia ; can turn to in our Times of Need . I in no way , want to force any of you who will come across these entries to read them . I only hope to share with you , our friends ; through these writings , our Love for Our Son and Only Child , Billy .

Wed. 18 Sept. 2002
Our Son Was Diognosed with an 8 " mass in his right Femor (thigh bone). Futhur examination by the Dr. revealed that it was one of 2 things , 1 : an Osteosarcoma - ( bone cancer ) tumor , or 2 : Ewingsarcoma - or Both . Never the less , we were devastated . We were counseled as to the possibilities , and the prognosis . We didn't like what we heard .

 Read About Ewings Sarcoma

 American Cancer Society

 Ewings Sarcomas(

Yes , Billy was just as scared and confused as we were ; which lead to a sleepless night . He is such a brave boy .
Fri. 20 Sept. 2002
Visited All Childrens Hospital ( where Billy will be treated ) again , and Dr.B-- . He went over the x-rays with Alicia and I as Billy listened in . If you have visited the link above ( read about it ), you would now know what we do ; as far as what we are possibly up against . You will have also learned that this is not a rare case .

After our counseling session we returned to Radiology to pick up Billy's " Prep Kit ". Which consisted of an awful tasting liquid used in the CT scan Process . Yes , a CT scan ( cat - scan ). This test will tell the Dr's if in fact , Billy's Cancer has begun to spread .

Billy had a hard time keeping the liquid down . This was a Very Important part of the CT scan . The liquid is a form of " tracer " that absorbes into the body at points where the Cancer may have spread . Fortunately , Billy had retained enough to have some fairly good images taken , the Radiologist informed us . She also commended Billy for being such a Brave Guy . After all , this was his very 1st IV ( intra - veinous ). We should have the results on Monday when we head to H . Lee Moffitt Cancer Institute in Tampa for a visit with the Pediatric Oncologist for a Biopsy on Billy's Leg . So , until next update ; bye for now .
Sat. 21 Sept. 2002    to top of page
Today has been an uneventful day , by which I mean nothing terrible has happened "grin" . Billy said that he slept very well last night . He is taking a very strong pain med ., and it really knocked him out . we watched some football today , our Gators ( University of Florida ) won !

Billy was able to keep his food down today as well . This is a good thing , he has been terribly upset and had a nervous stomach . It seems like forever until Monday , but I guess now is a great time to get used to it . We want to thank all of you , our friends ; for the out-pouring of love we've received in this , the beginning of our journey .
Sun. 22 Sept. 2002
Beautiful day today here in Sunny Florida * wink * . The day was filled with Football . It is 6 pm as i update Billy's Page . I added a few more pages to this site , as you can see . Billy has received some very nice Get Well Images , and I added the pages to post them . There will be a link to the Get Well Images on each page . You can find the pages as numbers under the Text that says " Get Well Cards and Images " below . Please have a look at the Beautiful Images that Our Friends have made for Our Son . I will try and keep those links as up to date as possible too .
Billy has had a good day . His Meds are controlling the pain very well , and we are nervously awaiting tomorrow . We want to thank all of you who have signed Billy's guestbook , and entered a pin to his guestmap . Billy is just amazed as any 10 year old can be as to the vastness of this world , and the fact that his Prayers are coming from around the World . Have a good ' nite .
Mon. 23 Sept. 2002
Well , here it is ; Monday . We just got off the phone with Dr. L-- .( 9:00 am ) . He talked to us about his plans for his Biopsy . We are to have an MRI at 3:00 today to give him a good Picture of the area of Billy's leg that he wants to take the Sample(s) from . He revealed to us that this was an Aggressive form of tumor , and that the sooner we get in to it the better . Billy will Be admitted to All Childrens Hospital ( in St . Petersburg , Florida ) on Wed. the 25 th . The Biopsy will be done by making an inssion ( 1 in. ) in Billy's upper thigh . Most times , the resultes are immediate ; but can take a day at others . Billy will also have a " chest tap " ( IV site port ) installed in his upper chest at this time as well for his future Chemo - Therapy . The Dr. also informed us that even though this is an aggressive tumor , it dosn't always involve an amputation . We have our fingers crossed in either senario . He also made it clear that this is a Very Serious Cancer ( as all are ), and that we are in for at least a year of treatment . , including one or more operations .
Well Friends , I guess this is it . I feel as though I was just hit in the chest with a 25 lb . hammer . Alicia ( Billy's Mom )seems to be a bit tougher than me at this point considering her own condition . For those of you who don't know , Billy's Mom ( my Wife ) has MS ( multiple sclerosis ) . I am going to step back from this computer , and take a deep breath or two . I'll add additional text to Billy's Page after we return from the Hospital , and the MRI .
12:30 - Father Gibbons from St. Pauls Catholic Church had just come to Visit with Billy . He anointed him with Holy Oil , and said a Special prayer for our Son . This was very Special for Billy , and the two of us . He received Holy Communion as well .

6:30 pm We just got home from All Childrens Hospital . Billy had an MRI done of his leg so the Surgeon will have clear pictures of the tumor for the Biopsy on Wed. morning . They had to give Billy another IV as well , to add the " Contrast " to his system . Billy did very well being in that " Tube " for an hour . The Radiologist allowed Billy to see some of the images that were produced by the MRI , and Billy noticed the stark difference in the images of his legs . He said , " Wow , no wonder why it hurts " .
I will add the Address to the Hospital here in the Journal when we know what Billy's Room # will be on Wed., so that any one who would like to send Billy a card or a letter of support can . Also , if any of our Friends out there would like to send a " Cyber Card " that I can add to Billy's Get Well Cards Pages , please create them to be no more than 200 x 200 pix . This will aid in the placement of the Graphics on the pages , Thank you all *wink* .
Tues. 24 Sept. 2002    to top of page
Hello , welcome back to Billy's Page . I truly hope this is serving the purpose I have intended it to serve , and that nobody is offended by it or it's content . I feel this is the Best way to keep all of you , Our Friends , informed without the feeling of intrusion .
Billy insisted on going to his School today to see all his Friends before having to go to the Hospital tomorrow . Of course we let him go , and everyone was soooooo happy to see him ! Billy attends Lakeview Fundamental School in St . Petersburg . Billy is taken to school each day by Alicia or myself . He hasn't been to School since the pain in his leg got to be unbearable , around the 12 th of this month . We are very fortunate to be a part of this School . We were assured that Billy will be attended to as far as his studies are concerned . He will be tutored a few days a week while in the Hospital , and when he is able to return home . He will also be able to attend School on the days he feels well enough to , after the start of his treatment . For this , we are grateful .

Billy's Dad here again ! Billy wanted me to tell you all that we had a very nice Dinner at The Outback Steak house . Billy had Prime Rib , with a sweet potato . He wants everyone to know " it was the BEST " , and the coconut shrimp wasn't bad either !! We are gonna make it an early night , we have to be at the Hospital by 8:00 am . I asked Billy if he would mind if I took some photo's , and he said it was OK ! So , I'll try and include some photo's in the next few updates ,*wink* .

I just took this photo of Billy . I hope it shows up Ok to you , the visitor's. I really wanted to get a photo up on this site before Billy goes to the Hospital in the morning . I'll probably re-arrange it a couple times before I am satisfied with the way it looks *wink* . He is in his Bedroom by his desk . He wanted to stand up for the photo as well ! We will all be turning in for the 'nite So , once again let me thank you all on behalf of Alicia and myself , for all the thought's and Prayer's that have flowed to Billy from all over the world . Please look at his " Guestmap " below and see what I mean ! If you haven't added your pin to it , please do ; and feel free to leave Billy a message in the guestbook as often as you like ( hint ) ! So , until tomorrow ; Good Night .

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