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Thurs. 19 Dec. 2002
ello , and welcome back to Billy's page . Billy had a wonderful day today ! he went to school and spent the day there with all of his Friends . Today was their Christmas Billy at Home 12-19-02party and everyone was so happy to see Billy . Billy brought the photo's that were taken of him with the Buccaneers Football players , and all the kids were just thrilled !! We also received final confirmation for Our trip to California !! We will be leaving on the 9 th of January for Los Angels , and return on the 13 th . We will be in attendance for the taping of the shows , and we will be given a tour of Warner Bros . Studio's the following day . There will be a couple days filled with all sorts of things to do , and YES..........we'll take plenty of photo's ! Billy is so excited , and we are so happy for him , as we know you all are too !
Sun. 22 Dec. 2002
Well , here we are , only 3 days left before the big day ! Billy is now counting the hours ! He is very much looking forward to Christmas and all that comes with it !! We finally had the chance to put up our tree the other day . Alicia , Billy , and I decorated it to include all of the ornaments that we've received during the past few months . Alicia has also managed to find some time to get the many cards , and or thank you's out in the mail as well . Time has been so very scarce , with so much to do .
Billy has been in good spirits since his last Hospital stay , and has been visited by some of his friends while at home . We also made it to the tennis center so that Billy could see some of his Friends there ; Doc , Liz , Rick , Nigel , Keenan , and all the rest , thank you for the warm reception , Billy was so glad to see you all .
We have to be at the Hospital tomorrow afternoon for Billy's blood counts check , they should be on the rise , and recovering . We are also due for an MRI of Billy's leg , and a CT scan of Billy's chest before the end of the month . As of now , there is no more chemotherapy scheduled until a month or so after Billys' surgery on Jan. 17 th .
Tues. 24 Dec. 2002  Christmas Eve !

A Special Thank you to Coach Thompson and all the Staff of Billy's School ( Lakeview Fundamental Elementary ) for the Fabulous Turkey Dinner , and the numerous gifts for Billy , Alicia , and myself . We are truly appreciative of your generosity , and thoughtfulness . We are Blessed to have you all as Friends during these trying times . May your Christmas be filled with Peace and Love , surrounded by the Peace and Love of others .

A Special Thank you as well to Thea , Don and Jennifer ( NJ ) for your generous gift's which were received today . They couldn't have come at a better time *wink* .

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Thurs. 26 Dec. 2002
Hello All , I hope this entry finds you all in good spirits . Well , here it is ; the day " after " ! We hope everyone had a Great Christmas . Yes , we had a wonderful Christmas here at home . The atmosphere was a bit quite around here , we are used to being with most of our Family in New Jersey during the Holidays . Due to the circumstances at hand , we were kept at home in St. Pete . Billy had a Great Christmas Day full of loads of surprises ! He is very grateful for all he has received , and " Thanks You All " . We can't drag him away from his New Play station Games either !!
We received a call from The Childrens Dream Fund today and they informed us of our schedule for our trip to California . We will be heading out on the 9th of January ! Billy can't wait ! We're so happy for him.......aren't you !!
Mon. 30 Dec. 2002   
Football GO BUC'S Football
I know it's a bit early !! but I wanted to be the first to wish you all a Happy New Year ! So , from Billy , Alicia , and I.........HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
Billy's appointment has been set for his MRI ( femur ) and CT scan ( chest ) for the 15th of January . This will show us all what effect the 3 months of chemotherapy has had on the tumor in Billy's leg . We are all anxious to see how the chemo has effected his cancer .

Again , let me wish you all a Happy New Year . Please include Billy in your Thoughts and Prayers as we enter 2003 and beyond . I hope and pray that this year will overwhelm all the Pain of the last year , and that we can all have our wounds healed whatever they may be .
Wed. 1 Jan. 2003      Bowl Day !
We Hope everyone has had a very memorable Holiday . Alicia , Billy , and I welcomed the New Year with a great big " Group Hug " , and a few tears . We made a cumulative wish that we hope and pray will be answered , as well as praying that everyone who has touched Billy's heart will continue to be there for him in thought and Prayer .

Thank you all , who have sent Billy a gift for the Christmas Holiday . Thank you too , who have presented Alicia and I as well . This Holiday Season will truly be one we'll never forget .
Sat. 4 Jan. 2003
Well , Our Hurricanes were beat by Ohio State in the national Championship game , or should I say they were beat by the " Ref's " , What a shame huh ! If you watched the game you'll know what I mean . Enough said .............

Billy is doing fine . Alicia took him to the beach where there is a place kids can go to learn about , and play the " Yu-Gi-Oh " card game . Billy has become very good at the game since it's inception , and loves to " Battle " ( as they call it ) . he is also looking forward to his trip next week , he says he feels as if he already knows Ryan Stiles as if he were a long time friend ! believe me , he knows every line , of every episode , of both the British and American versions of the show !

Billy's Friend Michael Williams ( the Son of Tyrone Williams of the Grean Bay Packers ) sent Billy a SIGNED JERSEY from Michael Vick , the QB for the Atlanta Falcons !! The Packers are playing the Falcons today in the NFC playoffs . Billy hasn't seen it yet though ! I can't wait to see the look on his face , how ' bout you !!
This Just In !! Billy just got home !! He opened the box from Michael and freaked out ! He can't believe it ! A signed Jersey from Michael Vick !!
He also received a great hat from our Friend in Key Largo ,Florida ! Thank you Neil .
Sun. 5 Jan. 2003    OH NO ! !
It looks like a " Father Son " match up ! next week in the NFL Play offs ! Billy's Tampa Bay Buc's will be hosting the San Francisco 49 ers next week ! Who could ask for anything more !! GO NINER'S !
Shhhhhhhhhhhh ! Don't tell , ok !
It's gonna be tough ! But , at least we'll be in California at game time , or on the way home !
Wed. Jan. 8 2003
Cookie from the Childrens Dream Fund As you can imagine , we are getting prepared to leave for California . The representatives from the The Childrens Dream Fund just met with us here at home and finalized the itinerary for the trip ! Billy is Sooooooooooooooo excited ! We took some great photo's , and I'll add them to the site for all to see when we return , OK ! For now the picture here says it all , don't you think ! I will update Billy's Page when we return from our Trip . I hope you all keep Billy in your Prayers , and thoughts , and think of the big smiles on his face during this trip .
Mon. 12 Jan. 2003  " Hollywood & Ryan Stiles "
Ryan Stiles and BillyWell , here we are , update time !! You will not believe how much I am shaking right now ! It has been so long , it seems , since I've been here ! I have so very much to tell you all , thank you for being patient . Yes , you can click on the photo to see a larger version ! Let me introduce Mr. Ryan Stiles ( Lewis on the Drew Carey show ). He is the reason for Billy's trip to Los Angeles , and what a GREAT trip it was . Before I go any further , let me thank all those who made this Dream come true , The Childrens Dream Fund . It was a truly 1st class trip that was arranged for Billy , Alicia , and I , one we'll never forget . There is a ton of things I have to add to Billy's Page , but I am really a bit overwhelmed at this time . I will get a bit more organized , and continue my update in the morning , OK , ok ! see you all then .
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