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Tues. 14 Jan. 2003

The cast of the Drew Carey showWell , lets try this again ! Let me apologize for the dead links , and mis-links ! As you know I am updating my web sites , and will be switching over to my own domain at in the very near future . You might want to start using that URL and access Billy's Page from there to get used to it . The new URL will take you to my " Main " web site , and you can click on Billy's Page from there . You can also access other web sites I have published to the Web .
Anyway , let me once again introduce the " Gang " of the Drew Carey show . Drew , Cynthia , Oswald , and Ryan . Click on the photo to view a larger version . This photo was taken at the kitchen table in Drew's house ! I will have many more photo's for you all to see in the coming updates , but for now , let me tell you about Billy's Dream .
We got up bright and early on the 9th , and caught a flight at 8:30 am to Atlanta , GA . After a brief lay over we were off to L.A. The flight to California was about 4 1/2 hours , and was a fairly peaceful flight . We arrived in L.A. at 3:30 pm and grabbed a cab to Our Hotel . We arrived at Our Hotel , and was shocked ! We were guests in the Renaissance Beverly Hills , right in the heart of Beverly Hills ! A five star hotel , rated one of the Worlds Best by Conde Naste Magazine ! Upon entering our room , we saw why ! We all looked at each other and said , " we can get used to this " . We got settled in and after a while we went downstairs for a date in the Tiera Restaurante where we were expected for a late lunch . This was a very "plush" establishment , to say the least ! We were welcomed by the Ma trade , and had a great late lunch . Yes , jet lag was setting in about now , and we retired to Our room !
Friday morning came way too soon , as you can expect !Billy and His Limo Your Limo is here Sir ! Is what the person on the other end of the phone said when Alicia answered it ! We looked out over the balcony , and there it was ! Billy once again " freaked out " ! Here is a photo of Billy and his Limo ! yes , it is his 1st limo ride . We were taken to the Warner Bros. Studio's where we were met by Drew Carey's Agent (manager) Mr. Robert Maron . He escorted us into the studio where we came to sit down in the set used as Drews Kitchen ! I just happened to open the refrigerator , and out of nowhere came Drew Carey ! Billy's mouth dropped wide open ! all I could say , and Alicia was speechless ! Over in the living room , sitting in the famous blue wing back chair was Ryan Stiles (Lewis) , He rose up out of the chair , and the 6'6" Ryan strolled over to Billy . Billy , Alicia , and I were just dumb founded as to how Billy without hesitation gave Ryan a Great Big Hug . Pictures were taken left and right , and here he came ;" Oswald " ! Yep , Now we were surrounded by the cast of the show . The newest cast member Cynthia ( Bartender ), joined the group and took Billy under her wing !
Yes , there was work to be done , we were invited to sit in on the days rehersals . Billy was seated in Ryans Chair right on the set as they rehersed the show . We went from set to set with them , and talked to them between sets . Billy talked at least an hour with Oswald about Yu-Gi-Oh , and Dungeions and Dragons , They were in heaven !
Buzz Beer In between shots Billy was told he could go to the ' frig and grab a " Buzz Beer " ! This is the beverage of choice for the guy's on the Show ! Here is Billy in the ' frig and his bottle of Buzz Beer ! Yes , he brought it home with him ! ! Drew asked Billy if he would like to come to lunch with him and Ryan , and of course he said " YES ". We went to Drews favorite place Bobs Big Boy ! Billy sat between Ryan and Drew as we had lunch . Alicia and I were amazed at how these two guys took to Billy and treated him as though he were their own kid ! They kidded around as we all tried to eat lunch , and got to know each other . After lunch , Ryan drove us back to the studio ( Drew drove us there ). Before we went in to finish the rehearsals Ryan drove us around the complex and pointed out all the different buildings where all the shows are produced by Warner Bros.Billy and Ryan StilesOh .... Here is a photo of Billy and Ryan outside Bobs Big Boys ! In between sets Billy had a chance to talk to all of the cast . After a while " Mimi " and " Steve " ( Kathy & John ) showed up for their shots . It was now complete , Billy had met the entire cast of the show . It became evident to Alicia and I that these people were truly sincere in the Love they have showed for Billy . Not only did Billy get every ones autograph , Ryan Stiles gave Billy his Home address so that he can write him when ever he wanted , Ryan has a Son Billy's age as well . He also told Billy that he was very touched that he was the one that Billy was there to see , and that he's never been the subject of some ones wish , or Dream , and thanked Billy for this . He told Billy that he would get the cast of " who's line " to autograph some things for him , and that he would send them out to Billy at home . It was time to quit for the day ( 5 pm ), so every one gave Billy a great Big Hug , and wished him all the very best as they left for the day . Billy was in heaven , and it was written all over his face ! We were taken around the complex once again by Drew's Agent , and as he dropped us at our limo he gave us all a big hug , and told us to keep in touch and let him know of Billy's progress . You see , his daughters birthday is on the day of Billy's surgery ( Friday ) . He gave us his address , and said goodbye.Billy is just Pooped After a stroll through the Warner Bros. Store we were in the Limo on the way back to our Hotel . Here is a photo of Billy on his bed ! He is just over whelmed and pooped ! We rested up for an hour or so , and we were off to Factors Deli for a sandwich . Factors is a very famous Deli right down the street from the Hotel . We were all exhausted , and had to get up early in the morning for our 5 1/2 hour tour of Hollywood and L.A. , so we retired for the nite ! I will take you all on that tour on the next update . Billy is scheduled to be at the Hospital in the morning for an MRI and x-ray of his leg , and a CT scan of his chest . His Dr. wants to get some new images of his leg , and make sure his chest is clear . So until then , have a good ' nite !

Wed. 15 Jan. 2003
Billy , Ryan , Alicia , and MeWelcome back to reality ! Nice photo huh !! This is one of Billy's favorites ( mine too ) . Again Ryan Stiles ( Lewis ) and us in the Studio on 1-10-03 . We are wearing our Childrens Dream Fund tee-shirts while on the set , Billy had his back signed by all the cast and staff of the show ! Billy is still in a cloud , and would like everyone to know that he had a wonderful time and experience in Hollywood . He is so very proud to have met his Idle ( Ryan ) , and the entire cast of the Drew Carey Show . He hopes one day to be ableto see him again , and have him remember their visit *wink* . I'm sure Ryan will never forget Billy either .
We were at ACH bright and early this morning . Billy had an MRI of his entire right leg , a CT scan of his chest , and an X-ray of his right leg , as well as blood tests . The good news of the day was that it didn't appear that the tumor had included any surrounding muscle or tissue . Only the thigh bone was involved ( fingers crossed ) . We did find out that Dr. L ( Billy's surgeon ) was concerned about Billy's knee , and after consulting with us , decided it was best to take it as well . Yes , Billy will also lose his entire knee . Dr. L feels that this will be the very best defense against the return of the cancer , and a better alternative than to just replace the femur . To incorporate an artificial knee would work much better in conjunction with the prosthetic femur . This was another shock , and so close to the actual surgery ( Fri. 17 Jan. ) . Billy just wants the Cancer " GONE " , and will welcome what ever the Dr. can do to achieve that , without losing his leg . We were given copies of the MRI and X-rays , you be shocked to see just how much of Billy's femur is occupied by this tumor , We are . It is amazing that his leg never broke , and that we were alerted to it because of the pain he had , Most kids aren't as lucky ; they usually break a leg and the tumor is found as a result . Could you imagine ?
Fri. 17 Jan. 2003


Dr. L   and Billy Before surgeryHello to All Billy's Friends ! It is now 9:15 pm I just got home and wanted to update you all on Billy's day . To the left is Billy and his surgeon Dr. L. This was taken today as he was briefing us as to what is about to take place , and we all know what that is right ? Well , Billy's surgery went much better than could be expected . There was minimum blood loss , and there was no obvious intrusion to out lying muscle or tissue . Billy's femur and knee were removed in an operation that started at 2:22 this afternoon , and ended at approx. 5:00 pm . Dr. L was very impressed with the outcome , and the fact that Billy handled the operation as well as he did . Being that there were no problems at any point of the procedure , Billy's recovery did not include a stay in intensive care . After an hour in the recovery room Billy was moved to a room on the cancer wing where he usually stays ! The Dr. and his staff updated us during the entire procedure . Billy's femur and knee were removed in about 1 1/2 hours , and the replacement reconstructed in about 2 hours .
Billy was awake and talking in no time at all although heavily medicated of course . We were visited by alot of Billy's ( and our ) Friends at the Hospital while we were waiting for the good news . Thank you all for your close - in support , you know who you are !! Billy was especially glad to see his Uncle Juani ! And as can be expected , our cell phones didn't stop ringing either ! Billy will remain in the Hospital for at least a week , and Dr. L expects him to be standing on Monday !*wink*! Billy will need at least a year of physical therapy , and will need his walker for at least 3 - 4 months . His chemotherapy will resume in about 10 days from now as well , but the Dr. was happy to say that the tumor had shrunk to about a third it's original size , and that it was isolated to the bone and probably 100 % Kill but we will still undergo another 6 months of chemotherapy .Here is our little angel as he looked when I left the Hospital . He is resting comfortably , and his Mom ( Alicia ) is staying with him tonight . Go ahead , give him a little kiss , you know you want to ! I just did ! Sleep well my little buddy , I Love you more than you can imagine . To all Billy's Friends , thank you so very much , we Love you all too . Until tomorrow , good night .

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