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Sat. 18 Jan. 2003   ( ACH room # 262 )
Hello , and welcome back to Billy's Page . Today is exactly 4 months since we found out Our Son ( Your Friend ) has cancer . Can you believe it , it seems like so very much longer , considering what he's gone through so far , 4 sessions of chemotherapy , and this extensive surgery . I spent the whole day with Billy today , and I am happy to say he is doing just fine . He was visited by a few of our Friends ; thanks Mr. B , and Mr. and Mrs. M . It was good of you all to come up to see Billy . We , and he appreciates it *wink* .
Billy was able to eat some fresh fruit this afternoon , and he feels fairly well . He is in no pain at this time , but he is also heavily medicated . He has an epidural to administer his pain medications . He is able to move his toes , and he has good feeling in his leg below his knee . He has 2 drain tubes in his leg to drain off any fluids that build up in his leg during this first part of his healing process . I tell you , they are working really well too ! The physical therapy people stopped in today and brought Billy a new walker so he can start breaking in his new leg on Monday . He is really looking forward to getting back on his feet , both of them .
Alicia , Aunt Ana , and Uncle Juani are with Billy now . Aunt Ana came down from New Jersey tonight , and will stay until Wed. She has some work to take care of in California , and will return again next Sat. Tomorrow is gonna be one heck of a day ! Our Buc's are playing the Eagles in the NFC championship game at 3:00 , Billy can't wait ! his room is going to be packed !!
Football" GO BUC'S "Football
It should be a Great game , and for Billy's sake , I really hope the Buc's win it Big !

Sun. 19 Jan. 2003  " BUC'S WIN 27 - 10 "
As you can see , Our Buc's are going to the Super Bowl ! What a Great game , and a great end to a very stressful day *wink* . Billy was so excited to be able to watch such a good game , one in which no one gave us much of a chance . Well , our team is going to the " Big Game " ! As the game was on Billy was fitted for a cast . It will be from his hip to his toes , until his leg regains it's strength . The physical therapy people spent some time with Billy today as well . They got Billy to stand up for a couple minutes which was very tough to do , but Billy did it ! They will try to get him up every day while he is there , and he should start his PT after the next chemotherapy session . Dr. L came by this morning to check on Billy and removed one of the drains from his leg . He still has one more which will be removed tomorrow along with the epidural . Billy received a pint of blood today as well because his hemoglobin count was low too . His temperature was also up a bit at 100 . Billy is really doing well , and knows what it's going to take to over come this , and get back to normal or as close as possible . We are so Proud of Him , and we know you are too .
Mon. 20 Jan. 2003
Billy before PTHere is a photo of Billy today just before the Dr.'s visit . As you can tell , Billy is in good spirits *wink* . The Dr. removed the last drain today ( visible in photo ), as well as his epedural and catheter . You can also see the " chest tap " in his upper right chest area , this is where he receives his Chemo . and any other meds while in the Hospital .Billy is so glad to be rid of all the things that tie him down ! He was visited by the other surgeon who assisted Dr. L with Billy's surgery , and he couldn't say enough about Billy's progress . He really didn't expect Billy to be able to stand for at least a couple more days , but check this photo out !Billy standing up 3 days after reconstructing his right leg ! Here Billy's is standing up with the help of his physical therapist . Can you believe it ?! We are all amazed at the efforts Billy has made in every aspect of his battle with Cancer . He refuses to let this monster get to him in any way . Yes he is in some serious pain , but he knows it won't last forever , and is anxious to get on with it . We are so proud of him , and I just can't stop saying it ! Aunt Ana will be staying with Billy tonight at the Hospital ( thanks Ana )*wink* .
If all goes well , Billy will probably get to come home on Friday . He is scheduled to start his next round of chemotherapy on Monday , so at least he'll get a couple days off at home . Well , I'm going to see if I can do some updating of this website . As you can tell it needs some tweeking , I haven't had the time lately *wink* ! Good Night ...
Tue. 21 Jan. 2003
Hello all , let me apologize for the error in my HTML and images the past couple days *wink* , I guess I have a good excuse huh ! My personal proof reader has brought a few " faux pas " to light ! I'm sure there will be more until I get my head on straight , but I hope you understand ! Thanks Kat ! Any way , today started off on a bad note . Billy did not feel very well , and really didn't get a rest last night . He got a room mate at 2:30 am , and was up ever since . He had very bad pains in his belly just about all day . He was able to go " poo " a couple times which worked wonders . He finally got comfortable this afternoon , and was able to get to stand up a few time today . His new brace arrived as well and he tried it on for size , and it was a perfect fit . He will have to wear it for A few months until his leg is strong enough to support his weight . The Dr. is so impressed with Billy's progress that he will let him go home tomorrow after physical therapy ! Can you believe it ! They have given Alicia and I instructions on how Billy is to move with his leg , so we are confident that Billy will be just fine . The Dr. also said that Billy's chemotherapy will probably restart in 2 weeks instead of Monday ! which gives Billy a few weeks to be at Home and recuperate . All the thoughts and Prayers must really be working ! Thank you all !
Wed. 22 Jan. 2003
Billy coming Home after surgeryWell here he is ! Can you believe it , 5 days after surgery to replace Billy's femur and knee he is attempting to walk from the car to the house . Dr. L visited Billy last night and came to the conclusion that Billy is well enough to go Home ( Billy agreed ) ! We brought him home around 1:00 this afternoon . We put his new brace on his leg , and he had a wheel chair ride to the front door where I met him with the car . It was pretty touchy getting Billy into the car but we eventually got it right ! The brace keeps his leg straight , and it can't bend . I imagine it will get easier the more we do it ! Here is a photo of Billy with Aunt Ana as we came homeAunt Ana and Billy coming home after surgeryfrom the Hospital . I remember some one had requested a photo of Billy and Aunt Ana here on the web site ! Ana left this afternoon for a trip to San Francisco , she is due to return next Wed. for a few more days before she heads back to New Jersey . Thanks for all your help Ana *wink* . I had to modify Billy's bed so that he didn't have to bend so far to get in and out . I raised it up another 8 inches , so he has an easier time of it . There are a few things he is not supposed to do while he is healing , and bending past 90 degrees is one of them ! The last thing he wants to do is pop his hip out of it's socket ! Billy will be visiting the physical therapist for the next 7 days , and we have to visit Dr. L in Tampa so he can remove Billy's bandage and look at the incision on Friday . I really can't wait to see it ! Thank you all once again for all of your help during and after Billy's surgery , he really came through it with flying colors !
Fri. 24 Jan. 2003 ( One week after surgery )
Hello every one , I hope this update finds you all in good spirits . Billy visited his surgeon today at his office in Tampa .Billy's incision Here is a photo I took of Billy's surgical incision ( click photo to see larger photo ). I hope you all don't mind this photo , and please don't view the larger one if you are sensitive to this type of thing . I just figured you all are privy to Billy's situation , and have been from the start . Dr. L said that Billy is by far one of his best patients , and that he is doing far better than expected at this point in his recovery . There is minimal swelling in his leg , as well as great healing of his incision , and as you can see it is a quite large one , It extends about 4 more inches up under his shorts .
Billy received another Buc's Championship shirt today , thanks Ms. C and Mom . Also Billy received a card and gift certificate ( toys R Us ) from V & J from Floraham Park , NJ ; Thank you Both !! Billy is really looking forward to his rehab which started the day after his surgery ! his next session is on Tuesday , but the real PT will begin after his chemotherapy is complete in about 6 months . In the meantime , he will do his PT at ACH a couple time a week .
bucs_animated .gif

Sun. 26 Jan 2003 " Super Bowl Sunday "
Billy walking the hallwayWell , after 27 long years Our Buc's are in the " Big Game " ! I can tell you one thing , this house will be " rock ' in " come game time ! Billy is probably the biggest Buc's fan there is , and he is so very excited that his team is in the Super Bowl ! Alicia is preparing one of Billy's favorite football meals , " Super Bowl Chili " ! Slow cooked in a crock pot ! Yes , it is one of our favorites as well !! So , are you all gonna watch the game ? Who are you rooting for ? GO BUC'S !

.... Need I say More !!

Mon. 27 Jan. 2003
Boy , Billy is one " happy camper " today ! The Tampa Bay Buc's really acme through in a big way last night by winning the Super Bowl 48 - 21 ! It has been a long time coming for our home team , but they can finally call themselves " CHAMPS " !
Billy will be going to the Hospital tomorrow for his blood tests , and will be having some physical therapy as well while there . He is feeling very well , now even more so !! We will find out tomorrow when his chemotherapy will resume as well . Aunt Ana will be heading back to N.J. tomorrow , it has been a wonderful visit and she has been a Great help as well as a positive influence for Billy as usual , he really enjoys her company , and so do we *wink* ! Thanks for all your help Ana !

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