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Tues. 28 Jan . 2003
Hello , and welcome to Page 13 of Our Journey with Billy . I hope this update finds you all in good spirits . Billy visited the Hospital today for his weekly blood tests , and all was good . Billy also had his 1st physical therapy session at the Hospital as well ; again , all went well . He will be going at least twice a week to regain the strength in his legs . We learned also that he will be re-starting his chemotherapy on the 6th of February . We should have the pathology reports this Thursday as to weather the tumor in his leg was an active tumor at the time it was removed . Lets keep our fingers crossed *wink* .
Ama and Apa have returned for a few days before they head down to Miami . Billy is sure glad to see them again ! as are we .
Thurs . 30 Jan . 2003
Hello , and welcome back to Billy's page . We have some GREAT news to update you with . This morning at 9:00 we received a phone call from Billy's surgeon Dr. L. , he informed us that he had received the pathology report on the femur and knee that was removed from Billy's leg . The pathology was that the tumor in Billy's leg was an inactive tumor , and that the chemotherapy was successful in producing a 100 % kill of the tumor . He was also very happy to say that our decision to remove , and replace Billy's knee was the best decision he ( and us ) ever made because that spot close to Billy's knee that puzzled him and all of his colleagues did in fact , turn out to be a ewings tumor as well . This has laid heavy on our minds since Billy's diagnosis in September . Billy was very pleased to hear this news , because he knew that if he ( we ) decided to leave his knee alone , and that " spot " turned out to be cancer ( as it did ), Billy would probably lose his leg if the cancer returned in his leg . We are all relieved to know we made the right choice .

Billy is with his teacher now ( here at home ), carrying on with his studies . He has another physical therapy session today as well . Billy had his 1st " real " bath yesterday since his surgery ! We have been giving him a sponge bath as to not get his incision wet . Billy has been cleared to resume his chemotherapy on Thursday the 6th of February ; This will be a 5 day session in the Hospital .
Sun . 2 Feb . 2003 A moment of Silence ......
Please send your thoughts and Prayers to the families of those lost in the tragic events of yesterday .

Welcome back . Billy visited his school on Friday , and was warmly greeted by all his teachers and class mates . I don't get to go to his school that often , but this visit was truly a treat for me . Thank you all at Lakeview Fundamental for all you do *wink* . Billy has enjoyed a quite weekend at home , and was visited yesterday by his Friend Trever . They spent a few hours together battling it out on the Play station !! Billy is going to try and make it to school again tomorrow ( Mon. ). Today he's anxiously waiting for the Pro Bowl ! 6 of the Buc's players are in the game ! GO NFC !
Tues. 4 Feb. 2003
Hello to all of Billy's Friends . What a day we have had today .Billy was visited by his teacher today , and spent a few hours at his studies . We went to the Hospital for his physical therapy session this afternoon . Billy walked without his walker !! Can you believe it ! He was so very proud of himself , as were we . Grant it , he still needs the walker to get around , as well as his leg brace , but he did in fact , walk about 10 feet without the walker !! He realizes he has alot to look forward to in his long period of physical therapy , and he seems to welcome the challenge .
Billy got a Special package in the mail today . He knows I am a San fransisco 49er's fan , and he was sad ( a bit ! ) when his Buc's beat them in the playoffs . He was given the chance to get a hat from any one , or team he wanted . This included movie stars , and or sports stars . His surgeon , Dr. L has a great pipeline to these people and teams . Billy received a hat , signed by the entire 49er's football team ! What a surprise ! Thank you Dr. L , what a smile you've put on Billy's face ! Dr. L dose this for all of his patients , and what a terrific thing it is !
Thurs . 6 Feb. 2003    ( Room # 263 bed B )
Hello all ! As you can see by my little icon above , Billy is in the Hospital for his chemotherapy . We went in this morning at 9:30 , and started chemo at 4:00 after a couple liters of fluids . This round of chemo has a very bad effect on the kidneys if Billy isn't totally hydrated , thus the fluids ! Billy met with his teacher this morning as well , and even got in some physical therapy this afternoon . Ama and Apa got into town this evening , they are going to spend a few days with us and give us a break at the hospital ( Thank you ) .
Every one can't believe how well Billy is coming along so soon after surgery . His incision is very clean , and free of infection . He is healing very well , and with him back on chemotherapy now , it is a good thing because the chemo can hinder his healing process . The Dr's don't see a problem . We received a copy of the pathology report today , it included a photo of the femur and knee that was removed from Billy's leg . As I said in an earlier update , the tumor's (2) were 100% killed . Dr. L said he'd burn the actual photo's of the surgery to CD for us to have . If they're not too graphic I might post them to Billy's Page for you to experience .
Sat. 8 Feb. 2003
Click for photo Click here to see Our little Angel ! I took this photo today , Billy was feeling kind of " BLAHH " from his chemotherapy . One of those "leave me alone moods" . He wasn't much into walking today either . He felt very dizzy when he would stand up , so we just stuck to the exercises he could do while in bed .
Billy is feeling pretty good this time around ( so far ) . He has managed to keep his food down and besides the typical "Blahh" feelings , he is doing just fine . As always , his counts will drop off to "0" in about a week , and we have to be extra observant of his incision , He can't risk infection . Although his incision has healed really well , he does have a blister on his heal that has yet to dry out . We'll have to keep a close eye on it as well . With a bit of luck , Billy should be home sometime on Monday ( fingers crossed ).
Tues. 11 Feb. 2003  Home !
Hello all , sorry for the "lack of info" ! It's been really hectic around here ! Billy was discharged at 10:00 pm last night (zzzzzzzz) ! It is 11:30 am , and he is still asleep ! Besides the "chemo blahs" Billy did really well this round . He had a few physical therapy sessions while in the Hospital , and he is now able to bend his knee to about 50 degrees , but his leg is still too weak to straighten out , or bend on it's own . We are to be at physical therapy again today at 2:30 . Billy's teacher will be here soon for some schooling as well . If all goes as planned , Billy should return to the Hospital in about 2 weeks for the next round of chemo ., but will still have his blood counts monitored weekly . Well , let me go take care of some yard work i've been neglecting *wink* !
Wed. 12 Feb. 2003
Welcome back ! Yes , I did get to all that yard work that I've been putting off ! The grapefruit are all starting to fall , as are the oranges ! This is the peak of the season for the Pink Grapefruit ; they are sooooooooooooo sweet ! I figure there are at least a couple hundred left on the tree , so if you like sweet pink grape fruit , com 'n get ' em !
Billy had a real good physical therapy session yesterday . He was able to bend his leg to about 80 degrees ( with help of course ). He is walking better now as well , with the help of his walker . With his brace on , he can put all his weight on his leg .Click for photo here is the latest photo of Billy's leg , and his "trophy" femur bone pieces ! The pieces even include a slice of the DEAD tumor , which is visible as a whiteish section of the bone , I'll try to get a close up of the piece posted here for you to see . The photo of his incision is not all inclusive ! There is about 8 more inches up to the top of his hip that isn't visible . He didn't want to pull his shorts up any farther *wink* !!
Fri. 14 Feb. 2003
Hello , and welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy had a great day yesterday . His teacher came for a few hours of lessons , of which went well . Billy is doing very well in keeping up with his school work , and is on pace to graduate to the 6th grade with the rest of his class mates . Billy also had another physical therapy session yesterday as well , he was able to bend his leg to almost 90 degrees and had a good workout . He was able to walk a few steps without his walker , being supported by his therapist . He is really giving it his best effort , and is encouraged by the support he is getting in the process . On the way back from his physical therapy session we stopped at Billy's school so he could meet the Author of a book all the kids received . The Author was still there when we arrived , and talked a while with Billy and signed his book . His name is also Bill , and they have alot in common ; Billy also likes to write .
Billy will be having his blood counts checked this afternoon at All Childrens Hospital , and wants to go back to his school to participate in the Valentines day party ! Of course he'll go !
Mon. 17 Feb. 2003    ( Room # 267 bed A )
Yep , Billy is back in ACH . We have been monitoring his temp. all day , and it spiked at 101.5 at around 5:00 pm. We took him to ACH at around 7:30 pm at which time he was admitted . As always , we were expecting this . Billy has been doing so well since his surgery . He has some very good muscle movement in his thigh , although his legs are very weak from lack of movement . His exercise routine should be getting a bit tougher as to strengthen his legs more . Dr. L ( Billy's surgeon )saw Billy the other day , and was very pleased at how well Billy has rebounded , and wants Billy to try a bit harder at getting his leg working to where he can take off the brace . Billy feels no pain at all as far as the incision ; he does feel a bit uncomfortable when his knee is hyper-extended . The tendons in the back of his knee have shortened , and need to be stretched a bit . Be Well , good nite !
Wed. 19 Feb. 2003
Hello , welcome back to Billy's page . Billy is still in the Hospital . His fever has gone down , but his red blood cell count is very low ; as is all his other counts . He may need another blood transfusion as well as platelet's , which may keep him in the Hospital a bit longer than expected . His release date is tomorrow ( 72 hours ), we'll just have to wait and see *wink* . Billy had his physical therapy session in his room today , they really want Billy to move his leg as much as possible to regain the strength as well as muscle tone . Dr. L saw Billy tonight , and told him the same . Dr. L is really pleased at Billy's healing process , considering the chemotherapy slows down the healing , Billy has lucked out and began his healing well ahead of the start of the chemo .
Thurs. 20 Feb. 2003  Home !
Well , we're home ! Go figure !! Billy was discharged at noon , at which time we went up to the 4th floor for physical therapy . Billy had a very intensive physical therapy session today & they should be getting more intensive as the days pass . The next chemotherapy session is due to start next Thursday ( 3 days ).
Tues. 25 Feb. 2003
Hello All ! Billy is getting himself ready for his next chemotherapy session on Thursday . He is organizing his things that he takes to the Hospital with him . His teacher was here again today , and spent a few hours with Billy, he is doing as expected in his school work (GREAT !).
Billy is now using crutches to get around , he gave up the walker , and moves alot faster this way . He still needs to wear his leg brace , and will for at least a few more months . Billy is at physical therapy at this time , and is making good progress . He is able to flex the muscles in his thigh , and can almost lift his knee from the horizontal position . Billy's incision has really healed well , between his chemotherapy sessions . As for his hair *wink* , well it is falling out again already . It started growing in after his chemo stopped before his surgery , and is now falling out *wink* . It was nice to see his features again as his hair grew back , he got his color back , and eye lashes & eye brows too ; but now he's losing it all again ! He say's this is the worst part of the whole process because people know he has cancer ,and stare at him . He said , if he had his hair they wouldn't know what was wrong . I told him that in a few years you'll be glad to tell everyone who asks that you are " cancer survivor " , and you'll do all you can to enlighten them as to your time spent battling it . Billy truly has grown up alot during the past 5 months since his diagnosis , sometimes I feel too fast .

Wow ! What a Great show Billy's class mates put on at the Spring Show ! The 3rd , 4th , and 5th graders did a fabulous Job ! Billy and I went to his school to see the show , Alicia stayed at home and had a very much needed rest . She refuses to slow down , so Billy and I hid her car keys !!(not really)!!

Thanks to All the Staff and Parents at Lakeview for the warm welcome you showed Billy and I *wink*.
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