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Fri. 4 Apr. 2003
Hello , welcome back to Billy's Page ! I can not be more Proud of My Son than I am today , as is Alicia as well . Billy wanted so very much to participate in his school's annual Jog-A-Thon , but we all know that Billy just can't run at this time . This didn't stop him in the least ! He did participate in the Jog-A-Thon , and completed the 1 ( one ) lap , 1/4 mile that he promised himself he could do .Billy in the Jog-A-ThonHere is a photo of Billy and his "Crutches" , along with Coach Wood completing a lap in the Jog-A-Thon ! Billy wasn't gonna let this thing called cancer deter him from being a "normal" kid . It took Billy 9 minutes to complete the 1/4 mile lap , but he did finish it and felt a large weight lift off his shoulders . This is such a great obstical for him to surpass , and now he can put it in with the things he thought he "couldn't do" .

Here is another one of the photo's of the day's events ! Ms. Cartier has joined Billy for the final straight a way ! I want to take a minute to thank all the great people in the "CATH LAB" at All Childrens Hospital and all the others who have pledged over $200 Dollars in Billy's name because he did complete the 1 (one) lap he promised to complete . The donations are used by the PTA at Billy's school , Lakeview Fundamental , for supplies and other needed materials . I do think we may have set a record for the most $$$$ for 1 (one) lap !! In any case , I am so very Proud of Billy , you can't imagine .

Billy and Mr. Cannon , his Principal ! Here is a great photo of Billy in the shade with Mr. Cannon , the Principal of Lakeview Fundamental school . They are pretty good buddies ! Billy spent the rest of the day at school with all his class mates and the studies of the day .

Billy was so glad he could spend some quality time with all his friends , and is so very happy to know that they all think of him ,and hope that he gets well very soon .

Here is a photo of Billy's class mates today after the Jog-A-Thon , and back to "work" ! They are in the middle of a round of Jeopardy , yes , the game ! ! Who say's school is no fun ?!

Any way , Billy had a great day at school . One he won't soon forget , and neither will his Mom and I , and all the other's who had faith in Billy , and his "can do" attitude . Thank you all once again .
Tues. 8 Apr. 2003
Hello , and welcome . Been pretty busy around here the past week or so . Billy had his blood counts checked yesterday , and his platelets were very low , so this morning he is having a transfusion of platelets . He also has physical therapy this afternoon . Alicia is feeling a bit under the weather again , and is trying to squeeze in a Dr. appointment . She is really running herself down . I managed to get the house painted on Fri. and Sat., and Alicia and I are getting the grounds ready for some new plantings . Everything looks Great !!*wink*!!
Fri. 11 Apr. 2003
Glad to see you made it back *wink* . Billy is enjoying the day at school with all his friends . Today was class picture day , and Billy wasn't gonna miss it ! He has been doing pretty well since his last chemo . , He hasn't gotten the dreaded fever as of yet . His Dr. said it was OK to put off his next chemotherapy session a couple days since his next session would start on the 18th , Billy's Birthday . Billy will start on Monday instead . Thanks Dr. *wink* !
Mon. 14 Apr. 2003
I hope this entry finds you all in good spirits . Billy has had a wonderfully restful time at home since his release from ACH . We went out to dinner last night to one of his favorite places , Sweet Tomatoes ! He ate very well , and is looking forward to his next dinner out which will probably be on his Birthday , Friday . He want to go to Outback Steak house !! Which is his second most favorite !! We are expecting his Uncle Juani ( Alicia's Brother ) to come up from Miami for the weekend , and Billy's Birthday . Billy is really looking forward to his visit .

Billy will be having his blood counts checked again tomorrow , and then he'll be attending school to listen to the guidance counselor from the school he'll be attending next school year , Junior High ( middle school ) ! Billy will be in the 6th grade , at Southside Fundamental Middle School . They will be discussing the up coming school year , and what to expect . Billy also has a date with his physical therapist tomorrow as well !! He is doing really well , and is really getting around quickly on the crutches *wink* .
Fri. 18 Apr. 2003

Happy Birthda Billy banner
 Today is Billy's 11th Birthday , on behalf of Alicia ( Billy's Mom ) and myself , I would like to say , " We Love you so very much Billy , we hope this day finds you feeling well , and in good spirits " . We want to wish you the happiest of Birthdays , and know that you are the Love of our lives , and will always be . We Love you so very much Son , Happy Birthday .

Hello All ! I would very much like to thank Annie B. from Puerto Rico , and all of the people in " Circulo de oracion Servidores de Cristo " for the most generous gift we received today in the mail , we certainly can't thank you all enough , but be assured that we are genuinely appreciative of your thoughtfulness . THANK YOU !
You know I had to get some photo's up here for all to see . Billy's counts were too low to have a crowd around him , so Alicia , Juani ( Billy's Uncle ) and I went out to Outback Steak house for dinner , and came home for some Cake and Ice cream ! Here are a couple photo's , Billy and Juani , and the man of the day himself !
Mon. 21 Apr. 2003    ( 727-898-7451 Room # 262 bed B )
Hello all , welcome back to Billy's page . Well , we had a great couple weeks out of the Hospital , and never saw the dreaded "fever" . Billy had a wonderful Birthday although he was unable to be with his friends because of his condition . Billy's Uncle did come up from Miami , as you know , and made his Birthday special ( Thanks Juani ) . Billy even had a chance to go to the Putt-Putt golf course for a round of golf !

Billy was admitted to the Hospital this morning for his next round of chemotherapy ( 5 days if all goes well ). Everyone there was glad Billy had some time off , and didn't get sick this time . Alicia and I are also feeling much better , but Alicia did have a terrible time with her illness . We did manage to get the house done , and all the tree's pruned as well *grin* ! If anyone can get me a GREAT deal on about 500 sq. ft. of St.Augustine sod let me know !! LOL !! Well , gotta make a run to the recycleing site to drop of all the trimmings from the yard !! Be well .
Wed. 23 Apr. 2003    ( 727-898-7451 Room # 263 bed B )
Yes , Billy changed rooms , or should I say...we had his room changed . After the terrible time Billy had with his last experience with a sick ( infectious ) room mate , we decided to change rooms when another child with a cough was placed in with Billy . We just refuse to accept that this "has to be". We all got very sick from the previous sick room mate , and Alicia is STILL taking anti-biotics . We didn't want to be too forceful but , they understood our position . I couldn't stand to see Billy in that state of sickness again . We wouldn't want Billy to be placed in the same room with another child if Billy was infectious . Soooooooooooo , we're in another room for the rest of the stay ( at least Saturday ).

Billy received a very nice ( BIG ) trophy for his 2nd place finish in his Jog-A-Thon !! He also won a couple tickets to Sea World ( Orlando ) , and a bunch of other cool things that came in a nice basket ! Thank you all for helping Billy through this , and to all those associated with the Jog-A-Thon , thank you too !!
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