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Fri. 25 Apr. 2003
Hello , I'm glad to see you found your way here !! Billy is still in the Hospital in this update , but should be released tomorrow ( Sat. ) morning . He received a transfusion today because his hemoglobin was very low (7) , and would only get lower due to the chemo., so he was given the blood for good measure . Billy did have some blood in the contents that came up the other day when he got sick to his stomach , so he was also given some zantac through his IV port . Since then he was able to keep his food down *wink* , and there was no more blood evident .

ALSO............. Thank you guy's for the "Spaghetti Dinner" ! What a surprise !

I took this photo this afternoon ( Sat. ) when Billy got home from the Hospital . Billy is holding the trophy he received from the Jog-A-Thon last week ! Thank you all who made this possible , Billy is really proud of his achievement , and the confidence you had in him .
Sun. 27 Apr. 2003 " Happy Anniversary Sweetie "

Hello all ! Yes , today is Our Anniversary ( as if you didn't notice ) . Alicia and I have been married 12 years , 12 Wonderful years ( we've been together 14 years ) . Billy has been the best part of the past 11 ; on this we both agree !
Wed. 30 Apr. 2003
Hello all , sorry for the lack of up-date *wink* , been pretty hectic around here . Billy is doing just fine since his last chemotherapy session . Billy gets his blood counts checked again tomorrow , and hopefully his counts will be up a bit more than the last few days . He really can't do very much , or be around any one when his counts are this low , this keeps him isolated which he really can't stand *wink* . Billy was visited by Officer Smith of the St. Petersburg PD again today to finalize his course in the D.A.R.E. Program ( He did very good ) , and pick up his essay to be graded by his school teacher . Graduation from the program is next month before School Graduation . Billy will be attending BOTH !!

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