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    Thurs. 1 May 2003

    Welcome to Billy's page I hope you like the new look . I've been working on a new layout that I thought would be appealing to all Billy's Visitor's , and I think you'll all be pleased with this design , I am .

    Welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy had his blood counts checked again today and his counts are still very low . We will be returning to the Hospital tomorrow morning for a transfusion of platelets . Alicia's Sister Ana , and her Husband Frank are on vacation , and are due to arrive here at our home tomorrow , and stay a few days . We are trying to make some plans that include Billy ( and Busch Gardens ) for the weekend , but Billy's condition dictates otherwise *grin* . We'll just have to wait and see . Billy's Friend Bradley wants to visit Billy on Saturday as well . I really hope Billy's counts are up , and that he has a Great weekend *wink* .
    Sat. 3 May 2003
    Wish you were here !!Well , so far so good !! Billy's Friend Bradley is here , along with another one of Billy's friends Jarred from next door . They are having a blast on the play station ! What about the photo of the Beach , you may ask !! Well , thats where Alicia , her Sister , and her Sister's Husband Frank are !! Yep , I'm here at home with the kids !! Oh well , at least the weekend has gotten off to a great start . Maybe we'll be able to get out for dinner tonight after all *wink* .
    Mon. 5 May 2003
    Well , another end to a pretty good weekend ! Billy had a wonderful time with Aunt Ana and Uncle Frank . They spent some quality time together , and enjoyed each others company . Putt-Putt golf was Saturday , and the Movies Sunday night ! Ana and Frank did manage to get a couple good days in at the Beach as well !! Now they're on their way back to NJ , but get to take a nice tan back with them *wink* ! Thanks guy's , we enjoyed your company .

    Billy will be having his blood counts checked again tomorrow afternoon after his physical therapy session . He is getting around fairly well around the house without his brace , but still with the help of his crutches . Day by day he is regaining strength in his leg , but knows he still has a long way to go . The Dr.'s were kind enough to schedule Billy's next chemotherapy session on the 20th of May , after his Graduation Ceremony at School the same day . We are so glad Billy is able to attend his Graduation to the 6th grade . We'll just keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't get the "dreaded fever" .
    Wed. 7 May 2003
    Well , at least Billy has been without fever thus far . Billy is at the Hospital this afternoon to receive a blood transfusion ( 1 pint ). When he had his blood counts checked yesterday , his hemoglobin was quite low , so he is receiving some much needed red blood cells . This procedure is all done through his chest port , so he doesn't have to get "stuck" every time he needs to be transfused , or given meds .

    Billy had another good day of lessons yesterday with Ms. Baker his homebound Teacher . He has done very well in his studies while being treated , with only the minimum of un-provoked interruptions . He has just one more week of schooling for this school year , and is already looking forward to the 6th grade !
    Thurs. 8 May 2003
    Billy and Mom on their way to Billy's Class party , May 8th , 2003Hello all , welcome back to Billy's Page . Here is a photo I took this evening of Billy and Alicia ( Billy's Mom , my Beautiful Wife !!) on their way to Billy's School party at the St. Petersburg Yacht club . Billy is so very glad to be able to attend . Billy had a bit of an accident today after his field trip to his new middle school ( South side Fundamental ) . He was accidentally triped when they returned to Lake View Fundamental , and he fell . He did sprain his ankle on his right leg ( yes , that leg "grrr" ) , but he is feeling much better now . It was an accident , and he felt just as bad for the kid that triped him . All is well though *wink* .
    Oh yea , did you notice how tall Billy is getting ? Well , Alicia is only 4'11 !! Billy is 2 inches shorter and growing !!
    Sat . 10 May 2003
    Alicia , 8 May 2003 Hello , and welcome back to Billy's Page . I just had to post this photo of Alicia . I took it the same day as the photo above , and I just Love it *wink* . Alicia doesn't really care for it , but I feel it really shows Alicia in another light , one she is rarely seen in . Maybe you can see it as well , or maybe it's just me . Anyway , Billy is at home and is feeling very well . His ankle is feeling just fine as well , and he is putting more and more weight on his leg as the days pass . We were visited yesterday by some good Friends from PR , they were really grateful to be able to spend some time with Billy , as well as Alicia and I . We too , were happy to be able to spend some time with them . They were in town visiting with their daughter who lives in Tampa . It was a pleasure to visit with them , if only for a short time .
    Mon. 12 May 2003
    Billy at Home 5-12-03Just got home from the Hospital where Billy had his blood counts checked . Although his counts are still on the low side , Billy is feeling very well . He is eating good , and is maintaining his weight at about 69 pounds . Billy weighed about 80 lbs when he became ill , so 11 lbs really isn't all that bad....right , *wink* . Here to the left Billy is just relaxing in his favorite chair (mine) . You can notice the beginning of the incision on his leg in this photo . The incision is looking very good , and believe it or not , it is already fading a bit ! Billy is really proud of it !!LOL!! Alicia is having a bit of an attack , her right leg is giving her some trouble , and will be starting a three day IV of steroids tomorrow . She has been going non stop since Billy got sick , and it is starting to catch up to her , but " Mother's will be Mother's " right !! She'll be just fine , and will be out and about as usual !
    Billy's D.A.R.E. Graduation is on Wed. this week . He is one of the speakers , and is really looking forward to it . I'll try and get a photo *wink* .
    Wed. 14 May 2003
    Hello all ! Today was Graduation day from the D.A.R.E. Program , and I took a few photo's for you all to see click the camera ! Click for photo . Billy was assigned the task to announce the Guest speaker , of which he did a great job !! All of the Children from the 5th Grade had a big part in the program , and they All deserve a "Big hand" ! Congrats' Kids !!
    Billy spent the whole day at school , and enjoyed it totally ! There are only 4 more school days left in the school Tues. is Graduation Day !
    Thurs. 15 May 2003
    Today was Billy's final day of Schooling (home bound) , and Ms. Baker , Billy's Teacher expressed her great appreciation for Billy's positive attitude , and just plain hard work . Billy and Ms. Baker were really good Friends as well as Teacher-Student . Billy invited her to his Graduation on next Tuesday at Lake view , we hope she can make it *wink* . Billy said that he'll miss her and hope's she'll be his Teacher for the beginning of next school year . Billy will he starting school after his chemotherapy is over sometime in October , The regular school year starts in August .
    Billy had a good session at physical therapy today , and is really trying to walk without the crutches , but with his brace on . He is really proud of his accomplishments , as are we .
    Billy will be spending the day tomorrow at school. There are only 3 more school days left , and I imagine he isn't about to lose them !! His Friends have really been supportive of him , and are eager to help him in any way the can . Thanks Kids !!
    Sun. 18 May 2003
    Hello all , and welcome back to Billy's Page . Well , another end to an un-eventful weekend *wink* . Uncle Juani stopped by on his way back to Miami , and we all went out to dinner and had a wonderful time . Billy will be heading off to school tomorrow . The 5th grade graduating class is going to a skate party at a local skate rink , Billy included !! I hope to have a photo or two for you all to see ! And don't forget ............................ Tuesday ( day after tomorrow ) is Graduation day !
    Tues. 20 May 2003     "Graduation Day"
    What a day ! Billy is now a Graduate of the 5th grade , and will be going to South Side Fundamental Middle School next year as a 6th grader !! We are so very Proud of him and all his accomplishments . You can click this camera Click for photo to see a photo of us , and Billy's Diploma *wink* . Billy was so excited about the day and all it involved ! He was even given "Special Mention" , and Awarded a montage signed by all the Students and Teachers admiring his courage , strength , and ambition . He received a standing ovation from all in attendance which made him feel 10 feet tall ! Thank you all so very much for helping to keep a smile on Billy's face .

    OOOPs !! In all the excitement of the day , I forgot to mention that Billy was admitted to ACH this afternoon . Thats right , after Graduation and school , he was admitted for his next round of chemotherapy .

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