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    Tues. 22 July 2003

    Billy had his blood counts checked again today . His ANC was at 16,000 , and all his other counts were at the "above avg." level , which is a good thing *wink* . Since his counts are at a high level , so is his attitude . He is in a great mood , no more GCSF(shots) until after his next chemotherapy session which should start about the 30th of this month , a 6 day session . Billy's eye brows are beginning to show themselves !! He also has a bit of "fuzz" on his head too !! I guess since he is no longer receiving the Doxorubicin (48 hour chemo drug), his hair has a chance to rebound ! It would be nice to see Billy with Hair again *wink* . It has been 10 months since Billy's cancer was diagnosed , can you believe it .
    Thurs. 24 July 2003
    Billy is feeling Great, ............. so Great that he and Alicia are on their way to Miami for the weekend ! They will spend the weekend at Uncle Juani'e house , and visit with Alicia's Uncle L. , and Aunte T., who are in Miami for vacation as well . They haven't seen Billy in about 2 years , so it should be a nice visit . Yes , I wish I could have gone too , but "Duty Calls" !! They should be back home on Sunday evening . I'm really happy that Billy was able to take this trip with his Mom .
    Mon. 28 July 2003 Thanks for the Memories Bob Hope (1903-2003)
    I Just heard from Alicia and Billy , they are on Alligator Alley (I-75 east west rt. across Florida ) on their way home *wink* . Uncle Juani really enjoyed his weekend with Billy , and had a chance to spend some quality time with him . Alicia also enjoyed her time with her Brother , and the chance to visit with some old Friends , and her Uncle and Aunt as well . Boy , I really missed them too !! Billy really needed this time away , as did Alicia . Billy will be admitted on Thursday the 31st , for his next round of chemotherapy .

    THEY'RE HOME !! Billy and Alicia are now home , and I can stop worrying now *wink* .

    Also , Billy received a very nice card from Scunthorpe , in England today . Thank you Anne-Mare and Finn , that was so very thoughtful of you guy's .
    Wed. 30 July 2003
    First of all , I'd like to say thank's to a special Friend who signed Billy's guestbook today ; Thank you Taylor , it was so wonderful to see your entry in Billy's Guestbook . Taylor is a very special kid you see because he , most of all , knows what Billy is feeling in the days and nights in his fight to beat this terrible thing called cancer . You see , Taylor's big Brother Kyle Antony Lee passed away last month after his battle with his "cancer monster" ended . I'm so very sure that Taylor will always have nothing but the best of memories of the short time he had with his big Brother . I truly hope that Billy can draw on your strength . THANK YOU .

    Billy will be admitted tomorrow morning for another 5 days of chemotherapy . His counts are high enough this time to not cause any "surprises" in the admission process *wink* .
    Fri. 1 Aug. 2003    ( 727-898-7451 / Room #260-B )
    Welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy is doing well on his 2nd day of 5 in this round of chemotherapy . He has a bit of a cold as well , and is a bit restless because of it . Billy was visited by a Family friend who is in town visiting from PR. They haven't seen Billy in 2 years or so . Billy was very happy to be able to visit with them even if it was for a short time . We are heading to PR at the end of the month to attend Uncle Juani's wedding ( Alicia's Brother ), so Billy will have a chance to visit some more .

    Here are Our Friends from PR with Billy !

    Billy was also visited by his Surgeon , Dr. Letson , who was in the Hospital to perform yet another surgery on another "Cancer Kid" . Dr. Letson was amazed at Billy's progress so far , and attributes it to his positive attitude in all his efforts in beating this "Monster" . He is very proud of Billy , as are we *wink* .
    Mon. 4 Aug. 2003
    Whew..............what a weekend *wink* . Billy is doing very well with this latest round of chemotherapy . He has been eating good , and so far has had no adverse effects . I managed to see Alicia for 10 minutes today ; add that to the hour or so for the weekend and it don't add up to much *wink* , I've been doing the day shift at the Hospital , and Alicia has been coming in for the night shift *wink* . Alicia is not feeling well , she has acquired a bit of a cold and will be heading to the Dr. tomorrow morning after Billy is released .

    Billy received a package in the mail today , it was a DVD Movie (Daredevil) sent by the Lee Family . Thank you very much . The Lee Family has also fought a tough battle with ewings sarcoma that took their precious Child this past June , click here to read about their Son Kyle Antony Lee . Billy also received a very nice monetary gift from Jack (Garrett's Grad Father). Garrett is another boy Billy's age , who is being treated for osteosarcoma at ACH as well . Thank you very much Jack and Family , it is truly appreciated .
     Tues. 5 Aug. 2003  Home !
    Well , it took a bit longer than expected for Billy to be released from the Hospital today . He was released late this afternoon . Traces of Blood were found in his urine so Billy was given an extra dose of mesna for his bladder . These chemo drugs are very irritating to the bladder , liver , heart and kidney's so other drugs such as mesna are given to ease the caustic effect's the chemo drugs have on the body . Billy is fine , and very happy to be home *wink* . As always , it's great to have him home (and Alicia too *wink*). Now , lets hope the "dreaded fever" doesn't cause a return trip to the Hospital any time soon *wink* .
     Fri. 8 Aug. 2003
    Billy had a fine workout at physical therapy yesterday , and was able to get his knee bent to 95°. His physical therapist has given Billy some additional exercises to get used to doing as well *wink* . Billy had his counts checked again today . His ANC was "0" of course , but his platelets were at a good level . Billy also had a CT scan of his face (sinus) today as well because of the cough he's had for the past couple days . We haven't heard back from the Hospital yet with the results . Alicia too , has been a bit under the weather with the same symptoms . Billy has yet to get a fever from the last round of chemotherapy , so we'll keep our fingers crossed !

    ( 6 pm. ) Dr. B's office just called with the results ..............Billy has a sever sinus infection , and will require some additional anti-biotics which Alicia is on her way to get . I hope I don't catch it too ! Oh Well..........
     Wed. 13 Aug. 2003
    I'm Baaaaaack ! The thing is , I never left ! just been real busy around here . Billy is doing very well , and as of today fever *wink* . Billy had his blood counts checked again yesterday , and of course they were very low , his ANC was "0" . His platelets were also borderline but he didn't require a transfusion this time . He'll have his counts checked again tomorrow , and if he needs blood he'll go in on Friday .
    Billy's Teacher is coming tomorrow to set Billy up with all his supplies he'll need for the next 5 months or so . We figure it will probably be sometime in December before Billy will be able to attend class in his new school . Everyone is really looking forward to meeting Billy ; they've all heard so much about him . His Friends are also looking forward to Billy's return .
    Alicia is feeling better today , and is on the mends . She now has to go to the Dr's office once a week to get her shots (avonex). She has given herself weekly injections for the past 6 years , now they make her drive to her Dr. and have him do the shot *wink*........go figure .
     Fri. 15 Aug. 2003
    Had a rough couple of days here in Paradise ! Truck broke down , electric power cables sparked and broke due to a brief storm , cable went out , computer (cable modem) went down as well *wink*. We are back on dial-up as we await a fix to cable . Boy , I forgot how SLOOOOOOOOOW dial-up was compared to braudband *wink* . My truck was repaired , and the power lines we repaired today . Cable is back on (TV), but not the 'puter . Oh Well....................

    Billy is in the Hospital receiving a transfusion of red blood . His counts were on the rise , but his red blood counts were too low , and he was very weak . Billy started his schooling today . He is in tele-conference (TC) class's while he is home schooled . It is really "cool" as a matter of fact ! Billy call's in on a phone the school system supplies , and is part of a class of children that is also home schooled for illness reasons . The teacher and kids are all in a conference call for their 1 hour lesson's . Billy has a couple classes per day , in different subjects . Yes , he wishes he was in "real" school , but this will have to do till he returns to "real" school !!

    Billy is happy to have his Teacher from last school year as one of his Teachers this year as well . She came by yesterday to bring Billy his needed supplies , and to say Hello to her favorite Pupil !! Thanks Tammy !!

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