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     Fri. 28 Nov. 2003

    Welcome back to Billy's Page , I hope you found your way here with no problems *wink* . I also hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving , We certainly did . As you know from the previous page (# 26), Ama and Apa (Alicia's Parents) are here and it made Our Thanksgiving that much better *wink* . Dinner was fabulous (Turkey and all the trimmings), and the atmosphere jovial . Thank you all , once again , for your good wishes , thoughts , and Prayers .

    I would like to point out one addition to Billy's Page . At the top of the page you can see a "counter" . This lets all of you know just how many times Billy's Page's have been visited . Each time someone views the page the number increases . There is a counter on the bottom of the "Main Page" to Billy's web site (CLICK HERE) that show's the Total visitors that have come to Billy's Page via the "Opening Page" . To date , there were over 11,700 visitors to Billy's Page via the Opening Page . One more statistic I would like to share with you is that there have been OVER 825 of you who have taken the time to sign Billy's Guest Book , and let him know that your Thoughts and Prayers are with him . I just wanted to point out these things to those of you who are unaware of these facts , and to let you ALL know that this is what I am Thankful for ; Your continued support , Thoughts , and Prayers for Our Son Billy .
     Mon. 1 Dec. 2003
    Hello everyone , welcome back *wink* . Let me get this out to you first because so many of you want to know what Billy wants for Christmas . Billy is 11 years old , 4´7" tall , 80 lbs. a size 12 regular in pants (slacks), a medium , size 12-14 in shirt . He likes lego's (the more difficult the better !), Play Station II , Game Cube , Mad Lib's , Lord of the Ring's , anything challenging . You can go to Billy's Info Page to see Billy's demographics . We've even had ton's of phone calls regarding Billy's Christmas . You can find Billy's address and phone # on Billy's Info Page as well . Thank you ALL , in advance .

    Billy had his counts checked again today . His ANC is @ 500 . WBC were very low @ 1.5 , RBC @ 2.22 , hemog. @ 7.6 , and platelets have dropped to 16. (150 - 450 is normal) . Dr. Barbosa said that even though Billy's counts are very low , he doesn't want to risk the chance of rejection of the BMT by transfusing Billy with Platelets and or blood at this time , although he needs them . Billy's energy level has been steady , although he tire's easily when he exerts himself . His bruising is more evident now , and he needs to be very careful . The slightest bump can produce a very nasty looking bruise .
    We haven't heard any more new's about the match's that were found regarding Billy's BMT . We do know that more extensive tests are being done though . Please Pray for Billy .
     Tues. 2 Dec. 2003
    Welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy got a wonderful surprise in the mail today ! The UPS truck pulled up to the house (as he does quite a bit lately !), and handed me a box addressed to Billy of course ! Inside the box was a half dozen Filet Mignon's , BILLY'S FAVORITE ! Billy's Uncle Tom sent them from New Jersey via Omaha Steaks ! Thank you Uncle Tom , we'll each be having one for dinner this evening !
    Billy also got a 1 year subscription to Nintendo Power magazine and Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine !!! He also get's a collector's Zelda disc with the Ninetendo subscription !!!! This gift is from Our Friends the Lee Family , who's Son Kyle Looks on us from Above , and guides us on Billy's Journey to defeat cancer . Go back and click on Kyle's name and read about this brave young man , and know that he is one of the brightest Stars in the sky . Thank you Mark , Aileen , Taylor and Cody .
     Wed. 3 Dec. 2003
    Billy had his counts checked again today . ANC was @ 800 , WBC @ 1.8 , RBC @ 1.96 , and platelets are down to 14. Even though the Dr.'s are trying to avoid transfusion's Billy's counts are too low to wait , so Billy will be at ACH tomorrow for platelets and red blood transfusion's .
    Here are the NORMAL ranges ::
    NORMAL white blood counts :: 4.0 - 10.5 K/ul
    NORMAL red blood counts :: 4.20 - 5.60 M/ul
    NORMAL platelet counts :: 150. - 450. K/ul
    Billy received a very Special gift from his "fish'in buddy" ! Remember the gentleman who accompanied Billy in the Fishing Derby (see previous page) last month ? Well , he makes custom fishing lures and he surprised Billy with his very own set of custom lures ! Billy was speechless to say the least ! Thank you Mr. Russo , Billy can't wait to get them in the water !
     Fri. 5 Dec. 2003
    Alot of you have been asking for an address , name , and phone number (locally) of where you can get in touch to have yourselves tested for possible match , and or adding yourself to the Registry . I have a direct line to the person you would need to contact at :
    Florida Blood Service's
    Katrina Holly
    She will be more than happy to help steer you in the right direction . You can also go to the National Marrow Donor Program and there you will find ALL of the information you'll need to help Billy , and or some one else in need of a LIFE SAVING bone marrow / stem cell transplant .
     Sun. 7 Dec. 2003  "A Date which will live in Infamy"
    Hello , and welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy is in great spirits today as we settle in for a day of Football *wink* . Alicia and I managed to get in some shopping yesterday , there haven't been too many days lately that we can spend some time together , and it was nice to "get out" *wink*.

    There have been SO MANY of you asking "what does Billy want for Christmas" ? At this time , all I can say is , if you are wanting to get Billy a gift please consider a gift certificate to one of the major stores like Target , Wal Mart , Toys R Us , Best Buy , etc. and let Billy pick out a gift . From all of your gifts there are sometimes 2 and 3 of a kind , and we all know how much things cost these days *wink* . Billy will truly be grateful for anything he may receive , and as always , I'll add the receipt of the gift to Billy's Page , so look for the mention of your gift in future updates .

    One gift that Billy never gets tired of receiving , is the messages he gets in his Forum , and Guest Book .42 pages , 833 entries ; this means so much to Billy , you can't imagine ( or maybe you can ), so keep those entries coming ! The biggest gift of all will continue to be the Thoughts , Prayers , and Love you all have shared with Billy over the past 15 long months . PLEASE continue to keep Billy in your Hearts , it is your strength that will give all of us the power we need to overcome this . Pray for Billy .
     Mon. 8 Dec. 2003
    Hello , and welcome back to Billy's Page . We received a formal letter from The National Marrow Donor Program informing us that the transplant Center at All Childrens Hospital (ACH) has requested that the potential donor's that were found for Billy be tested further . So far 2 have agreed to undergo the tests required to become Stem Cell donor's for Billy . The ongoing formal search will continue to compare Billy's typing against more than 5 million donor's in the computer data base , and the 7,000 that are added each week . We were told that one of the donor's was a 27 year old Female , and another was a 25 year old Male , both here in the United States . THANK YOU .
    Billy will be going to ACH tomorrow afternoon after his class's and physical therapy to have his counts checked .
     Tues. 9 Dec. 2003
    Billy had a great day at physical therapy today after he was finished with his class's . His Therapist is really happy with Billy's progress , and at times , is quite amazed at what he is capable of doing at this point with his leg . We headed over to the Hospital after PT to have Billy's counts checked . As expected , his counts were up do to the fact he had the transfusion's on Friday . Billy's ANC was @ 900 , WBC @ 3.3 , RBC @ 2.63 , and platelets @ 25. . Billy will have his counts checked again on Friday .

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