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     Wed. 10 Dec. 2003
    Welcome back to Billy's Page . Another Beautiful day in Paradise *wink*. If you haven't already , please click on the text above , "A Holiday Card for You" , and view a little something from Billy (Alicia and I). As always , it is best viewed with MSIE® 3+ , NETSCAPE® 4+ , at 800x600 resolution or better .

    A Special note to Our Local visitor's ! Our Pink Grapefruit are in Season now , and they are sweeter than ever ! The tree is LOADED with fruit........come and get it !!

    (photo taken by me 12-18-03)
     Sat. 13 Dec. 2003
    Hello and welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy had his counts checked again yesterday , and again they were very low . ANC @ 600 , WBC @ 1.7 , RBC @ 2.45 , Platelets @ 17. , therefore , Billy was given another transfusion of platelets .

    Mati , the transplant coordinator at ACH informed us that the person that had the 8/8 match has agreed to be tested further , and the testing was done a couple of days ago . Although the transplant team would like to get a 10/10 match , a match of 8/8 is a rare find and one they just can't pass up . The other matches so far have been 6/6 , which is still "VERY GOOD" . Most matches are in the 3/6 or 4/6 range , so we have been very lucky to have found the matches we did , in such a short time . Now , we have to hope , and pray that the next testing done will find the donor's still capable , and healthy enough to be the donor Billy needs . We were informed that if all goes well , and there are no complications in Billy's situation , that Billy will undergo one more bone marrow biopsy / aspiration before his BMT is performed in late January . Please continue to Pray for Billy , and please Pray for the persons that have come forward to donate their "life saving" bone marrow / stem cells .
     Tues. 16 Dec. 2003
    Let me start this update with a Thank you to Cathy M., Maurine & Terra , and Gisela for the Beautiful Cards we received today .
    Billy had his counts checked today after his physical therapy session . ANC @ 1,100 , WBC @ 2.6 , RBC @ 2.36 , and his platelets were up to 28. due to the transfusion . His HGB (hemoglobin) was very low @ 7.6 so , Billy will have to have a transfusion of red blood on Thursday morning , 8:00 , at ACH.

    Alicia is also feeling the wrath of the "MS Monster" . She visited her Neurologists today and she will be getting a three day dose of steroids (IV) to help ease this flair-up . The numbness in her arm and legs is beginning to be a bother , and a bit too much *wink* .
     Thurs. 18 Dec. 2003
    Thank you Eddie & Family , Celia & family , and Mati & Estaban for the cards received today !

    Billy had a blood and platelet transfusion today . When his CBC was done it showed his platelets had dropped to 15. from 28. a few days ago . The Dr.'s are concerned , but are glad that Billy has been receiving the same blood from the same donor's all along . Thank you Michelle, Kathleen, Bill S., Carol W., and Mrs. B. for the gift of Life . There were 2 stem cell transplants done at ACH yesterday , one was an 18 month old baby with yet another rare form of leukemia . Please pray for them .

    Today is Billy's last day of school until after the Holiday's . Billy's Uncle Jorge , and Fern will be arriving here in St. Pete. on Sat. evening to surprise Billy for Christmas . Uncle Juani & Aunt Guaydia , and Ama and Apa will be coming up from Miami on Wed. to be with us as well . Billy can't wait *wink* .
     Sat. 20 Dec. 2003
    Thank you to : Gail , Bobby & Family ; Pepe & Amada ; Coach Liz ; Mac & Bernie ; and Cynthia, Kate,Sherry & Joanne , for the cards we received today !
    Billy is feeling pretty good today . His color is back , and his energy level is up . His Buccaneers are playing today, so his new found energy comes at a great time *wink*. We finally had to turn on the heat , as it actually got down to 45° this morning here in St. Pete. !! Being that we are on an Island , surrounded by water , it doesn't get too cold because the water temp. is usually warm and it keeps the air temp. up . When it is 32° over the Bay in Tampa , it will be 50° here in St. Pete. !! Our winter usually lasts about a week !!
    :: UPDATE ::
    Thank you To : Tio & Tia C. for the card and Gift for Billy ; Mrs. B(Tammy) for the card & gift for Billy; Oscar(Miami) for the card; Blanca(NJ) card and gift for Billy; Andres & Ana for the card .
     Mon. 22 Dec. 2003
    Thank you to : Uncle Tom & Vanessa for the card and Gift for Billy ; The Garcia's (NJ) for the card ; Lally(NJ) for the card .
    Uncle's Jorge and Fern arrived last evening and Billy went "nuts" ! Billy last saw them when we went to Puerto Rico in August . We went out to dinner and had a wonderful time playing "catch up". Billy has been feeling pretty good the past few days , and will be having his counts checked again on Wed. , Lets hope he is able to avoid the Hospital for the Holiday's *wink*.
     Wed. 24 Dec. 2003
    Thank you to : Vincente & josefina (NJ) for the card; Kathy M. Jones & family(NC) for the card; The Adairs (Va.) for the card; Carol W.& Family for the card; The Tobin's for the card (blood *wink*); MY Sis. Nancy & Family; Dinorah & Family for the card and gift for Billy.

    The Gang's All Here !! Ama , Apa , Juani & Guaydia arrived last evening , Now there are 9 !! We went out for dinner and had a wonderful time.

    Alicia just called from the Hospital where Billy is having his counts checked , Billy will be admitted for another platelet transfusion , and possibly red blood as well . ANC @ 900; WBC @ 1.9; RBC @ 3.05; Platelets @ 16.

    updated gif Billy was having very sever pain's in his leg while at the Hospital so the Dr. ordered x-rays to be done . Everything turned out to be fine , and Billy was given some pain medication for the next few days . The Dr. thinks it could be muscle spasm's , and or cramps because Billy is using his leg more and more each day . a relief , to say the least......................

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