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Tues. 1 Oct. 2002
ello to all Our Friends . We had a bit of a set back today , I'm sorry to say . We were re-admitted to the Hospital to begin Billy's Chemotherapy , and had a conference with Billy's Oncologist . He informed us , as Billy listened , that he is almost certain that Billy's cancer had Metastasized .
What is Matastasis ?
It refers to the Spread of a tumor from it's original location to other parts of the body . Because Ewings tumor often is not diagnosed quickly , matastasis is found in approx. 30 % of patients at initial diagnosis . Half are found in the lungs , and half in other places , most often the bones . Which accounts for the other tumor found above Billy's knee . The Dr. also said this could be a " skip leision " , but is as rare as Billy's cancer . Therefore , the Dr.s have informed us that they are treating this as if it has spread and are going to take a more aggressive approach . The Dr.s are really baffled as to how this tumor is presenting itself . It is certainly rare for a Ewings tumor to act like this . Billy will be given a greater amount of chemotherapy drugs to ensure that any cancer cells outside the main tumors will be killed . Billy was a bit upset as we listened to what the Dr. had to say , but agreed with the protocol and said , " Just Kill it ". I ran home to get this posted for you to see , I know you were all concerned as well . Billy is in Room 261 , and should be in the Hospital for at least 7 days for this treatment .
Well , let me go for now . I have a bit of a headache and i have to get back to the Hospital *wink* . Oh , Billy has a roommate ! Another Boy his age . I'm not sure what form of cancer he has , but I heard it was lukemia . Have a great night , until next time .
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Wed. 2 Oct. 2002
Please forgive me if I ramble a bit . Billy started his Chemotherapy this morning . As I stated yesterday , he is getting a very Aggressive treatment , and we had a bit of a scare this afternoon . The nurses were administering one of the drugs , and had to watch Billy for an adverse reaction to this particular drug . As luck would have it , Billy certainly had a allergic reaction to it . The nurse was quick to act and gave Billy something to counter-act the drug . Billy couldn't breath and scared the heck out of me *wink* . Alicia was out of the room at the time , otherwise she would have " freaked out ". Billy slept for sometime after this ordeal , and when he woke up it was dinner time and he ate like a horse ! This is a good thing !
The school administrator met with Alicia and I today . Billy's schooling is being so that he won't loose any time , or the 5th grade . He will be schooled at home and or at the Hospital . This was a major concern for us , and seems to be one of this Hospitals highest priorities . They are truly seeing to it that we are shown the comfort and compassion needed to overcome the obstacles which lie ahead . It is a very somber sight here at All Childrens Hospital on the Oncology floor for Children . There is so very much pain and suffering , and these little people ( Our kids ) are all " Champions " in their own right . They are so very Brave , and at times oblivious to what is going on to , and around them . I'll look in amazement as I see an 8 year old " Bald " child walk down the hall with a smile from ear to ear . They are so very brave , and just for that reason should be allowed to LIVE . Good night .
Thurs . 3 Oct . 2002
Welcome back *wink* . Billy is on his second day of five for this treatment of chemotherapy . He got sick a few times last night , but held his own today . He was in very good spirits and was awake most of the day after waking up around 10 am .this is how Billy spent some of today Below is what happened when he is given one of the many drugs for his treatment ! Notice all the IV lines that are attached to him . There are 5 pumps feeding 2 IV's . Also notice his stuffed Dalmation under his arm ! That is his Buddy " Sparky " , whom he's had for quite a few years now . It is his security blanket . That Black looking thing on the rail of his bed is a stuffed lemur ! It was given to Billy by Father M. from St. Pauls Church . He came today to anoint Billy , and give him Communion . Billy was very happy to see him , as was I . I had also asked the Web masterarranged at the American Cancer Society If I could add a link on Billy's Page to their very informative Website and was given permission . Here is a quick link to their Page on Ewings Sarcomas. Please visit this Website and learn how you can help the cause . Alicia managed to get home this morning and grab a few hours of sleep after spending the night in the Hospital . She is able to sleep , but Billy is tended to every hour or so and it is really difficult to sleep , as some of you know ! I spent all day with Billy , and ran home to update you all , and cut the lawn before the sun went down ! I managed to get it done and a few other chores .
Tomorrow will be the 3rd day of Billys Chemotherapy , and the day when he should start feeling pretty lousy . His hair should start to thin as well . YES........he likes Hats ! ( hint ) ! Oh , before I forget , Billy's room mate dosn't have lukemia , he has Osteosarcoma ; the other Bone cancer . he has already been through the process a couple years ago but his cancer re-appeared in his lungs . He too , is such a Brave boy . Include him in your Prayers if you'd be so kind . Well , I'd better tend to my e-mail . I have 106 yet to look at and or reply to . Billy will get a chance to review the e-mails as well when he is released next Thurs .( we hope ) . Billy's email address is : if you'd like to e-mail him directly instead of through me . Well , please check back tomorrow and continue your Journey with Billy . Good night .
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Fri . 4 Oct . 2002
First of all I would like to say that this Website is Reality and is presented as such . No beating around the bush , this is the way it is . I just want to get that point across to those who may take offense to any part of this Website . As stated in the opening statement on page 1 , you are in no way forced to read any part of this Website . I am doing this as an outlet of sorts , and as a way for Friends and Family to keep up to date on the Progress of Our Son ; Good and or Bad . With that said here is some good ! Billy having Lunch 4 Oct. 2002 Here's a Photo of Billy having some lunch today . He woke up after one of his treatments , with a hunger that wouldn't quit ! He did pretty good too . As expected , he started to feel some of the side effects of the Chemotherapy . His jaw started to hurt , and tounge and lips were beginning to get sore . As of 7:30 pm he was in good spirits , although noticably affected by the Chemo . Alicia managed to get some much needed rest at home this afternoon as well . Her Brother Juan is coming up from Miami tomorrow to spend the weekend with us and Billy . Billy is really looking forward to his arrival , so is Alicia and I , *wink* ! Alicia's Mom ( Billy's Ama ) is coming down from Jersey on Sunday as well . Yes , Billy is anxiously waiting for her too ! as are we ! Well , I'm gonna see if I can get to sleep early , I'm kinda beat *wink* . I hope you all have a good night , and i'll see you back here tomorrow ; OK.....ok !
Sat . 5 Oct . 2002
Hello , I hope this entry finds you all in good Spirits . Billy had a day pretty much as expected , he got sick a few times . Sorry , for those of you who visited Billy today *wink* .Billy with a couple of his buddy's Johnaton and Andreas Here are a couple of Billy's Buddy's Johnathon and Andreas . They came up this afternoon , and brought Billy some Play Station games ! Did I tell 'ya that Billy brought his Play Station to the Hospital ? Well , he did , and they hooked it up for him so he could play while he is there . They really make the kids feel at home . Billy's appetite is pretty much gone , but he knows he must eat in order to maintain his strength . His Jaw is really bothering him as well . They've given him a pain killer for the pain . Tomorrow is the 5th and final day of this Chemotherapy session . Billy will be able to go home probably on tuesday , depending on how he feels . The Dr. advised us that he most likely will get a fever of at least 101 . If it should be higher , we will have to re-admit Billy to the Hospital . This too is expected to happen . Billy's blood count will be monitored to rule out infection of any type . All in All every thing is going as expected , and the fact that Billy knows what to expect makes it alot easier on him too . I noticed a few hairs on his pillow today , I guess his hair is starting to thin out . I plan to cut off my hair as well to possibly make Billy more at ease with his baldness . What the heck , right !! Billy also had his blood type drawn up for when he undergoes surgery . He may need a blood transfusion , and our friends are already lining up to donate . I may be a bone marrow donor for him , so they can't use my blood for fear of his body rejecting the bone marrow .
Alicia was called upon last night and today to translate for a Spanish couple who's daughter is in the room next to Billy's . She wasn't given a very good prognosis , and I commend Alicia for helping the parents in their time of need . It must have been a terrible thing to have to help someone through especially having your Son in the very next room . Thats why I Love her so very much , She is always thinking of others . I love you Billy's Mommy , with all my heart . Good Night .
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