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     Tues. 6 Jan. 2004

    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. This update finds Billy in good spirits. Billy has been feeling pretty good since his infection "episode" began on Christmas Day. Alicia and I have been doing a fine job in "playing Doctor" as well *wink*. Billy returns to the Hospital tomorrow to have his counts checked, and you can believe our fingers are crossed for some positive results.

    Hey Taylor "Tay" Lee...................Billy received the Zelda Game in the mail today !! He hasn't stopped playing it since he opened it !! He wanted me to tell 'ya "THANKS , YOU GUY'S ARE THE BEST"
     Wed. 7 Jan. 2004
    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's page. It is about 1:30 pm, we just returned from the Hospital where Billy had his counts checked. Although all of his counts remain in the low end of the charts, his Dr. is very pleased at the level they are after this serious bout with infection. WBC @ 1.6, RBC @ 3.85, Hemoglobin @ 10.8, and platelets are @ 25., and ANC is 900.. Dr. Barbosa is very pleased to see that Billy is re-gaining the strength in his leg, and there is little or no pain. Billy was de-accessed (catheter removed from medi-port), and there is quite a bit of bruising due to the trouble they had accessing his medi-port last week. Alicia and I get an A+ for the great job we did in administering Billy's antibiotics over the past week *wink*. We have an appointment (Fri. the 9th) to talk with the BMT transplant team, mainly Dr. Petovic, who will be performing the transplant, and taking over Billy's care for the next year or so. The transplant is still on schedule for the end of this month.
     Thur. 8 Jan. 2004
    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. Just a quick note to Our Local visitors : "Click Here" to have a look at the pink grapefruit our tree has produced this season ! The tree is 20 feet tall, and LOADED with 100's of pieces of fruit ! Come and get 'em ! They are extra sweet this year !!

    Thank you Anne B (from PR) for the gift Billy received today, he will surly make good use of it *wink*.

    Billy is feeling pretty good today, and received some more "great news" in the mail. Billy's grades are in and he once again got "STRAIGHT A'S" on his report card ! This is the second time this school year, and he made the "Principal's List" as well !! A "BIG" Thank You to all of his teacher's for their guidance and patience. We know that you'all are just as Proud of Billy as we are, and once again Thank you for your support, Thoughts, and Prayers that give Billy the strength he needs to achieve all that he has.
     Fri. 9 Jan. 2004 
    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. We just returned from ACH where we had a conference with Dr. Petovic, the Dr. That will be overseeing Billy's bone marrow transplant. We learned of all that will be taking place over the next year, and most of all, the immediate future. Billy will undergo numerous test's next week besides the normal blood tests. These tests will give the Dr's a greater idea as to Billy's physical condition in preparation for his transplant. Billy's heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys will be examined, as well as another bone marrow aspiration where a large needle is inserted into Billy's hip to draw out some bone marrow for testing. We were informed that the donor has tested further and is indeed a 8/10 match. Dr. Petovic told us that everything is looking very good so far in the process, and that everything that is needed to go well, has. We were also told of the possibilities that things "may not" go well...........................but we "won't go there" *wink*. Depending the outcome of the up coming tests, Billy's BMT will be done at ACH in mid-February. Please continue to Pray for Billy.
     Mon. 12 Jan. 2004
    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. "Let the testing begin"*wink*. Billy had his counts checked today : WBC @ 2.5, RBC @ 3.56, Hemoglobin @ 10.6, and platelets are down to 19.. Billy had his medi-port accessed again as well, and 14 tubes (40cc) of blood was drawn for the numerous tests that need to be done. Billy will probably need platelets in the next few days, so the catheter was left in. Billy's bone marrow aspiration is scheduled for this Friday, the results of this test will show us if the MDS has advanced, and or, if it has entered his blood. If you recall, the previous bone marrow aspiration showed that the MDS hadn't progressed, and was not present in the blood. We can only hope and Pray that this Friday's test will show the same. On Thursday Billy will be visiting the dentist to be sure his teeth are in good shape and cavity free. This is a very important part of the evaluation process, the slightest infection can turn into a "Big Problem" before, during, and after the bone marrow transplant.

    I don't have to tell you that the next 6 months to a year are going to be very difficult on Billy, Our Family, and all of you who have followed Billy on his Journey, but I will anyway. When I tell you that Billy's life depends on this bone marrow transplant, I truly mean that. Please understand that Billy is in the fight of his life, and the effects of the next few months will weigh heavy on all of us, especially Alicia and I, and our immediate Family. Those of you who have been with us from the beginning know that I will do my very best to keep you all up to date on Billy, and his condition. During the trying times of Billy's battle with bone cancer I had some very difficult moments, and found it very hard to live this, and write about it as well, so Please forgive me if a day or two will pass without an update. You all know how we feel about your steadfastness, support, Love, thoughts, and prayers; we just couldn't do it without you. The whole reason behind Billy's Page was to keep you all informed , so you wouldn't feel as though you are a "bother" to us by calling and asking about Billy. You are still more than welcome to call, please understand that. The cards, letters, and well wish's are what make's Billy's day, so, keep 'em com'in !! To tell you the truth, they make Our day as well *wink*. Thank you all (in advance) for your continued devotion to Billy, he needs you now, more than ever.
     Thur. 15 Jan. 2004 
    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. Billy has been having some discomfort in his knee, and is showing signs of fever once again. This morning his temp. was at 99.6°. We informed the staff at ACH, and was told to bring Billy in after his dental visit this morning. Of course, Billy is upset again about having a fever, and does not look forward to being re-admitted to the Hospital. We feel so helpless at times, and hurt so much for Billy. How do you tell a child not to worry, when his whole life has been laid out in front of him? Our Pain is magnified 100 times in his mind, and he is not blind to it. The strength of my hand, and the softness of Alicia's touch seems to be as temporary as an aspirin at times, as his thoughts overwhelm him. No Child deserves this.................

    Billy's blood counts were very "strange" today, in that they were all up
    and his fever was gone :
    WBC@4.4, RBC@3.35, Hemoglobin@10.1, and platelets were up to 40.
    The Dr's are going to review them to figure out why.............
     Fri. 16 Jan. 2004 
    10:00 am.........Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. We are preparing to leave for the Hospital where Billy will have a 3rd bone marrow aspiration done. We are also to meet with the head Nurse of 2SW (the cancer ward at ACH) to go over all of the procedures for Billy's 1-3 month stay in the Hospital. I will update this entry this afternoon.
    updated 7:00 pm  ( 727-898-7451 Room # 264 )
    Wow......700 visitors to this page already, Thank you all *wink*. Billy was admitted to ACH this afternoon, his fever (100.5°)continued to rise, and his blood counts are low. Platelets fell to 22., from 40. on Wed., so Billy received a transfusion of platelets as well. Billy's bone marrow aspiration was not done today because of the fever, and low platelet counts, they will try and get it done on Monday. Billy will once again receive antibiotics via IV for at least 7 days, maybe longer. Billy will be in the Hospital until at least Tuesday, and will receive additional antibiotics at Home by Dr. Alicia, and Dr. Bill *wink*. Billy will need to return to the Hospital on Wed. (providing he is able to come home) for an EKG, and chest X-ray. An MRI may be done on Billy's leg depending on what Billy's surgeon is able to diagnose as to why Billy's leg is painful, and weak.
    Our meeting with Dr. Petovic went well, and everything is a "GO" for mid February, baring any unforeseen set backs. Mati also met with us and went over a few important things regarding the transplant process, and our meeting with the 2SW head nurse was very informative. We have a "Long Road" ahead of us, and the first 3-4 months are going to be crucial, and full of "twists and turns" *wink*. Please Pray for Billy.
     Sun. 18 Jan. 2004 sun and rain
    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. As usual, I arrived at the Hospital bright and early to relieve Alicia, who, as you know, spends the nights with Billy while he is in the Hospital. Billy was in good spirits considering the time it was *wink*. I did notice that Alicia was not herself though, something was amiss. As I walked Alicia out of the room, to see her to her car, she broke down and started to cry uncontrollably. I tried to calm her as she said, "Billy is going to lose his leg". I couldn't believe what I just heard, as she began to explain through her tears. Dr. Barbosa was in very early this morning to see Billy, and was quite concerned about Billy's leg. He informed Alicia that he has had a consultation with Dr. Letson (Billy's surgeon), and there is a good possibility that Billy will lose his leg if this infection can not be controlled. Billy is on heavy antibiotics, and will be for months. They assured us that everything that can be done, will be done to save his leg. I don't think I've ever touched Billy as much as I did today. Every chance I got I touched him, hugged him, rubbed his hair, and held his hand. He asked me a few times,"what's wrong Dad"? I almost broke down. I had to leave the room a few times to compose myself, I can just imagine what Alicia was going through at home. She called me, crying, and asked me not to mention anything to Billy, I promised I wouldn't. Up until now, We've never kept anything from him since this "whole mess" started. After all the pain Billy has gone through with his leg to get himself back to normal, how are we to tell him that he may now lose it, not to cancer, but to an infection.

    Billy will most likely have the bone marrow aspiration done tomorrow morning, along with a few more needed tests. Dr. Petovic will also be in to see Billy, and go over a few details with Alicia and I. We are hoping that Billy can come home and continue his antibiotics, instead of spending any more time in the Hospital than he has to before he is admitted for his BMT. Please Pray for Billy.

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