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     Wed. 4 Feb. 2004 sunshine

    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page.................are you OK? I asked Alicia, as she entered the room. She didn't have to say a word. As she lay down I held her close, and tight. She began to shiver, and her teeth chattered. "I'll be alright", she said, as I rubbed her brow. 30 minutes later she was asleep, her reaction over, until next week.

    Alicia just did make it home, it was 10:30 pm, and her reaction to her Avonex injection didn't show it's ugly face until 6 hours after the shot, she came home as to not let Billy see her like that, it really scares him. As I was leaving home this morning to go to the Hospital, Alicia whispered to me, "Thank you sweetheart for Loving me". I actually left the house with a smile on my face.

    As I entered the corridor, and approached Billy's Hospital room, I noticed the door open and the light on. I entered the room, cut my way through the crying of the 5 month old baby that now shares Billy's room, and around the only barrier...........a fabric curtain. Billy was lying in bed, his dark sleepless eyes wide open. He said, "Dad, get me out of here". I felt so bad for him. It's hard enough to sleep in a Hospital, let alone with a crying baby. The baby was all alone, the pacifier was on the floor, and no nurse. To make a long story short, the baby was moved to a room with another baby.........and Billy will be coming home tomorrow.
    ANYWAY.....................Billy did manage to get some precious sleep later this morning. He woke in a better mood, and we had some breakfast. Alicia came to the Hospital around noon, and we accompanied Billy to the Audiology Dept., where he had his hearing checked. We were told TODAY.......that this next round of treatment may cause some hearing loss in Billy. What else is going to happen to Our Son to get rid of this Damn cancer? Deep breath ...........

    Alicia left the Hospital around 3:00 or so to run some errand's. Billy's lunch came and he let out a sigh.*wink*. "I love the way the Hospital makes meat loaf", he said ! I must say, so do I ! Billy enjoyed his lunch, as I drifted in and out while sitting in his chair. Alicia called, and asked me when I was coming home. She asked if I could come home earlier than 6pm (curious), I agreed. I arrived home at 5:30 pm, and as I opened my car door, I caught a "wiff" of my favorite dish.............Stuffed Peppers !! Alicia's "errand" was to go home and cook dinner, what a fantastic surprise, and dinner !! Thank you Alicia ! It was nice to have dinner together, but was short lived, as Alicia was off to the Hospital for yet another 'nite. As I said, Billy will be coming home tomorrow. Lets hope that we can spend the next few weeks at home before Billy's BMT process begins. It would be nice........................

    ................ Please Pray for Billy, good 'nite.

    Oooooops, almost forgot ! Click this camera to see Billy walk !!
     Thur. 5 Feb. 2004 sunshine  84°
    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. First of all, I would like to thank Mary M. and Family from Michigan, for the card Billy received today, that was very sweat of you *wink*. Billy was removed from IV fluids at 2pm yesterday. He managed to drink alot of fluids on his own, as directed by Dr. Petrovic. Billy knows he must drink at least 96 ounces of fluids (not soda) each day, he's off to a great start. So................................being that Billy was not receiving IV fluids, he was not attached to his pumps last night. The nurses didn't have to come in and do "there thing" last night. No beeping pumps, no bothersome interruptions, no room mate, Alicia and Billy got a good nite sleep, right? All except for the fire alarm that sounded for 20 minutes at 2:00am, and the 2 "code Blue's", at 3 & 3:30 am. I must say though, that the code blues were uneventful, and all was OK. One last sleepless night in the Hospital, Billy was released at 2:00 this afternoon*wink*, and he is resting comfortably in his own bed. Billy will be on an oral antibiotic (twice per day), as well as his normal doses of diflucan. We will be at the Hospital tomorrow morning to have Billy's counts checked, and possibly a platelet transfusion. Billy's incision is healing very well considering his platelet counts are so low. Billy will be de-accessed tomorrow as well, but not until after he receives platelets (if he does).

    I would like to ask all of you, Billy's Friends, to say a Special Prayer for Our Special friend Katia. Katia received her very Special gift of Life this afternoon at All Childrens Hospital, in a room 2 doors down from Billy's room. Katia received a bone marrow transplant that she has been waiting for since Aug. 2003, she has AML. Katia is 4 years old. Our thought's and Prayers are with you Katia, and your Friends and Family.
     Fri. 6 Feb. 2004 Home !
    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. Let me first say thank you to Annie B. from PR. We received your very thoughtful gift in the mail today, you're too kind, Thank You. This update finds Billy in good spirits. Billy took part in his studies today, for the first time since his surgery one week ago today. Billy visited the Hospital this morning as well, to have his counts checked : ANC @ 2100, WBC @ 3.2, RBC @ 3.67, Hemoglobin @ 10.5, and platelets are down to 31.. We were met in the hall by Dr. Barbosa (director of the Hem/Onc Dept.), and he was almost in tears as he watched Billy walk the 100 feet to the Clinic office, he told Billy that he had the drive and determination like no one he has ever met, we were glowing with Pride. Dr. Petrovic saw Billy today, and decided not to transfuse Billy with platelets today, and would much rather hold off as long as possible. She commented that Billy's surgical incision is healing Very Well. Billy will revisit the Hospital on Monday, for yet another check of his counts. Billy has held to his promise to drink at least 96 ounces of fluids per day while he is home, and drew applause from Dr. Petrovic as well. *wink*. We are going to try and get Billy to the movies later today, he wants to see the LOTR movie once again before he re-enters the Hospital. Dr. Petrovic has given her OK being that Billy's ANC is up, and as long as he stays away from infectious threats.
    Please Pray for Billy.............
     Sun. 8 Feb. 2004
    Hello, welcome back to Billy's Page. Thank you all for your cards and letters to Billy, they are really appreciated. The phrase, "There's no place like home", has taken on a whole new meaning, or maybe the same meaning, but a whole new outlook *wink*, know what I mean?! Billy Has caught up on his studies, and is just relaxing his mind. Billy's leg, although very unstable at the knee, is healing very well, and Billy will finally be able to get into the shower, instead of getting a sponge bath..*wink*. Billy continues to keep up with his fluid intake, and tomorrow's CBC check (blood counts) should show it. Billy's appetite has been very good, as usual, and he's showing no signs of kidney trouble's. Billy's medi-port was de-accessed on Friday, but will need to be accessed again on Monday, if he needs platelets and or blood.
    Please Pray for Billy......
     Tue. 10 Feb. 2004
    Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. Once again, I must say that this update finds Billy in great spirits *wink*. I would like to thank Our Dear Friend Melinda, from Australia, for the "box full of goodies" Billy received yesterday, he knew it was coming, and couldn't wait any longer !! Thank you Melinda, and the "vegemite" isn't all that bad..........I kinda' like it! A visit to the Hospital for counts yesterday showed Billy's counts at : WBC @ 3.2, RBC @ 3.57, Hemoglobin @ 9.9, and Platelets are down to 30. Once again, normal levels are :
    WBC : 4.0 - 10.5
    RBC : 4.20 - 5.60
    Hemoglobin : 12.5 - 16.1
    Platelets : 150. - 450.
    So, you can see that Billy's blood counts are still very, very low. Billy's ANC was at 1600 which was high enough to allow him to Visit the movie theater yesterday evening to see The Lord Of The Rings once again ! Billy will be returning to the Hospital tomorrow morning to have his counts checked again, as well as some more blood tests. We were informed by Dr. Petrovic that she is putting Billy's BMT off one more week to further insure that Billy is ready for the process. Billy's admittance will now be on Feb. 23rd, and the transplant will be on March 1st. Billy has no signs of the fever, and infection that caused the removal of the prosthesis, but he still needs to keep flushing his kidneys, and liver with at least 96 oz. of fluids per day to rid his body of the toxins from the large doses of the vancomycin he received. He is doing a great job *wink*.

    Once again, I will be up-dating the look of Billy's Page beginning with the next page (#34). It will be a more "mellow" design, one I think you'll like, and find interesting*wink*.
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