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bpbullit Sat. 21 Feb. 2004 partly sunny

Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page, Glad to see you made it over here, from over there *wink*. This update finds Billy in good spirits. Billy had a wonderful visit with his Friend last evening. Dyami and Billy have been Friends since pre-school, and until this past school year, have been class mates. Dyami and his Family moved to Clearwater (about 10 miles north of St. Pete) a few months ago, and now Dyami attends a different school system. Although they see each other on a limited basis, they remain good Friends, and were happy to see each other. Dyami's Mom is one of Billy's blood donors, and Dyami's Dad is a writer for the St. Pete. Times, our home town News paper.

Billy will be admitted tomorrow afternoon (4-5:00), and will have his broviac catheter placed Monday morning. With any luck, he should be able to come home Monday after he wakes up *wink*. Billy really wants to spend as much time at home as he possibly can, and so do we. When Billy is admitted on Wednesday, as you all are aware, it will be at least 6 weeks, and possibly longer, until he will be able to come home again.
Please Pray for Billy......
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Please support the National Childrens Cancer Society, We do.

bpbullit Sun. 22 Feb. 2004 sunshine 80°
Welcome back to Billy's Page. First of all I would like to Thank Billy's Friend (and Ours) Melinda, for the package Billy received, all the way from Australia ! You can CLICK HERE to have a look at the Goodies ! Billy Loved everything that was inclosed....especially the "Vegemite" ! Alicia and I really liked it too ! Thank you Melinda !

Billy was admitted to ACH at 5:00 pm, and is getting comfortable in his room. He is in a private room, so he has no room mate, and as usual, the floor is full. One day, I hope to be able to visit the floor and find it void of sick Children, I guess that would be "wishful thinking", huh. The surgery to place the broviac catheter is scheduled for around 10:00 am., and as I said in the previous update, Billy should be able to come home tomorrow after he is awake enough to.
Please Pray for Billy.............
bpbullit Mon. 23 Feb. 2004 sunshine
Hello, Welcome back to Billy's Page. Billy had a fairly good night sleep last night. He was in good spirits as he was prepared for surgery this morning. Alicia and I, along with our good Friends Debi and Michelle from the Cath Lab, accompanied Billy to the surgical waiting room. The anesthesiologist came in and informed Billy as to what he'll be doing, Billy was all ears ! After a short time, Billy was taken to surgery and Debi went in with him until he was asleep *wink*, Thanks Deb ! Alicia and I went up to the waiting room, and before we could get comfortable, the Dr. came in and said it was all over, and that Billy was to be moved to the recovery room ! It couldn't have been more that 15 minutes ! It was an hour before they came to get us, as Billy was being moved back to his room. Billy was not in a very good mood as he began to wake, and cried a bit. There was no pain, the anesthesia just got him a bit emotional...........I guess *wink*. If Billy feels better later this evening, he may be allowed to go home, if not , it will be tomorrow morning. Billy has to visit the radiation department to be fitted for his radiation treatments that will begin on Thursday morning.

 Click the camera to see a photo of the broviac. If you have a "queezy" stomach......be warned *wink*.
Please Pray for Billy..............

Billy has decided he'd rather stay in the Hospital over night because of the uneasy feeling he has. Dr. Petrovic, and Alicia and I agree, Alicia will also stay with him as she usually does *wink*. This way the radiation team can do what they have to do in the morning without Billy having to come back in from Home. So...............Billy will be coming home tomorrow for one day, and will be re-admitted Wed. evening to start "the process".
Todays counts : WBC @ 2.29, RBC @ 3.75, Hemoglobin @ 11.5, and platelets were up to 111. due to the transfusions.
Please Pray for Billy................
bpbullit Tues. 24 Feb. 2004 Sun and rain
Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. We would like to thank Carol and Edgar for the beautiful card, and generous gift for Billy that we received today, THANK YOU. We would also like to thank Diane, Joe, and the "kids" for your beautiful card, and the words that followed it to us today, THANK YOU. We really appreciate every thing we have received for Billy, and most of all, so does Billy.

Billy was released early this afternoon, and is now at Home. Billy visited the room where he will receive the total body radiation, and was "fitted" for positioning, all went fairly well. There may be some issues concerning Billy's leg, and the fact that he can not move it very well, or support it's weight, Special accommodations will have to be made. Dr. Petrovic, and the bone marrow transplant team, is as ready as ever to begin this very delicate procedure, I just wish I was *wink*. We are going to take advantage of every minute we have by keeping Billy home till the very last minute. Billy will be admitted to All Childrens Hospital tomorrow evening around 8:00 pm, at which time he will be prepared for the long term stay in the BMT ward of the Hospital. Billy's room will be a very Special "Clean" room. The air in the room is triple filtered, everything that enters the room must be dis-infected, including the people. Every precaution will be taken to ensure that the room is kept "germ free". A special note to all of you who always visit Billy while he is in the Hospital, Please be aware of all these precautions. You are still more than welcome to visit Billy when he is up to visitors, just understand that we have to be "very careful", I know you will ! We don't have the room number as of yet, so I will post it to Billy's Page as soon as I can, as well as the phone number. There is a bit more room in these BMT rooms, so Alicia and I invested in an inflatable mattress so each of us can sleep more comfortably during the nights we spend with Billy. Alicia has been spending the nights with Billy fore the past 18 months while he was hospitalized, and the "chairs" that are provided by the hospital aren't very comfortable at all *wink*, but we managed. Not knowing what will happen, will cause the two of us to spend as much time there as we possibly can, and being comfortable will be an issue.
Please Pray for Billy.............
bpbullit Thur. 26 Feb. 2004 partly sunny    727-898-7451 Room # 272 A
Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. Thank you Ms. Lima, for the card Billy received today, Billy missed you too *wink*. Today is Day -7(minus 7) on Billy's BMT calendar. The transplant team will count down to Day "0", which will be the bone marrow transplant day, Thurs. the 4th of March, Billy's new Birthday. From that day forward, the days will be counted as "+1" (plus 1), and so on. Alicia and I managed to keep Billy at home for just one more day because we wanted to have dinner out at Billy's favorite place "Out Back Steak house". We had a quiet dinner, and ended it with cheese cake with razzberry sauce for 3 ! So, we put off admission until 8am this morning. We got the room right next door to our good Friends Katia, and her parents. Katia is responding very well to her transplant.........Prayer truly works.
 The 1st of what will probably be many photo's. This is one of Billy's TBI (total body radiation) that was done at 9:00 this morning, and again at 4:00 this afternoon. I truly couldn't stand to see Billy in this situation, but the worst of it is still to come. The TBI will end on Saturday afternoon, and the High dose Chemotherapy will start on Sunday, and run through Tuesday afternoon.

Billy is now situated in his "clean room", all of his things have been dis-infected by Alicia and I. Tomorrow I will bring his new TV, and hook up his PS2 and game cube. He will have all the comforts of home to ease the ugly feeling of chemotherapy treatment. We will have to bath Billy twice per day with special cleansing formula. He can not be subjected to the germs of the shower, so we will have to wash him in his bed. His bed will be changed a minimum of 2 times per day, and more if he is to get sick *wink*. Billy has agreed to wear the hospital gown for the first couple weeks until the side effects of this treatment subsides. This way he wont have to change his cloth's 3-4 times per day. One of the MAJOR side effects of all these drugs is diarrhea, and vomiting.

One of Billy's teachers, Mrs. Baker, stopped by to see Billy and bring him some of his favorite treats, "slim Jims, and beef jerky" *wink*. He was so happy to see her, as was Alicia and I.

The Areo Bed turned out to be just perfect for the room, and will be so very much more comfortable than the "sleep chair". Alicia just left to go back to the Hospital, it is 9:00 pm, we had a very long day......as most are *wink*.
Please Pray for Billy.............

I almost forgot. Billy received his report card today for this marking period (semester), through all that Billy has been through, all the pain, all the anguish, all the sleepless nights, he still kept his grades up, and his studies as "priority one". We are so very proud to say that Billy, once again received "Straight A's", Principal's List. We also thank Billy's teachers for their Guidance, and patience. We are sooo Very Proud of Billy.
Please Pray for Billy................
bpbullit Fri. 27 Feb. 2004 partly sunny   727-898-7451 Room # 272 A
Hello, and welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day -6 on Billy's BMT calendar, 6 more days to Billy's BMT. Today's counts are : WBC @ 3.04, RBC @ 3.52, Hemoglobin @ 10.9, and platelets @ 68..
On behalf of Billy, we would like to Thank Sandra and her daughter Michelle, from El Salvador, for the beautiful card they sent for Billy. Thank you both very much, Billy just Loved it !
Billy had his 3rd and 4th radiation sessions today, and is not showing any adverse reactions as of yet. Billy's nurse today Ethel, said that he is doing really good at this early stage, but will soon be showing some symptoms to the radiation, and other meds. Not all children respond the same, so we'll hope Billy's symptoms are mild ones *wink*. Billy ate very well today, he had some baked chicken this afternoon that was really good. Billy always has a good appetite while he is in the Hospital, except for those days when the "chemo" gets the best of him *wink*. Billy knows there will be some "not so good" days ahead, and says, "bring 'em on"!!

Alicia had a fairly good night last night, the Areo bed was just fine, no major complaints *wink*. As a matter of fact, she had no back ache !! Alicia and I cleaned up Billy's games, PS2, game cube, and a few other things last evening so I was able to bring all Billy's "stuff" with me to the Hospital this morning. We brought Billy's TV too, and it worked out just fine. There is plenty of space in his room, and he is happy to have plenty to do !! Two phones, and three TV's !!
 Here's a photo I thought you'd like ! Billy hard at work ! No, not really, just playing one of his 'puter games !!

Billy has another radiation session tomorrow morning at 8:30am, and His final one will be around 2:00pm tomorrow. No more radiation, can you believe it? We just started radiation, and now it's all over (almost)*wink*. Billy's chemo. starts Sunday morning bright and early *wink*.
Please Pray for Billy...........
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