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Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day -5 on Billy's BMT calendar. It would have also been Billy's Grand Father's (my Father) 73rd Birthday, Happy Birthday Dad. First of all, We would like to thank Caren T. and Family from Arizona, for the wonderful card and A Spiritual Gift of Healing Mass at the Corpus Christi Church, Phoenix, Arizona. Also, Father Mike, from St. Pauls, visited Billy yesterday and blessed him, and his crucifix that he has in his room with him, he also gave him communion. He couldn't anoint Billy with the oils because Billy is not allowed contact with oils during his radiation treatments. Father Mike will come back next week with the oils.

Today's update finds Billy in great spirits. Todays counts are : WBC @ 3.60, RBC @ 3.10, Hemoglobin @ 9.3, and platelets @ 48.. Billy had his 5th and 6th TBI sessions today beginning at 8:30 am., this concludes his total body radiation, and Dr. Cotman said he did just fine. Billy is showing some side effects from the radiation, he is beginning to have some annoying itching of his skin, for which he was given some ointment. We were also told it could also be because we had to wash Billy after each radiation treatment. We had to take Billy in a wheel chair, through a tunnel that runs between All Childrens Hospital and Bay front Medical Center, where the radiation chamber is located. Due to the fact Billy was subjected to all sorts of "germies" to and from Bay front, we had to give him a bath upon each return. Since the radiation is now over, we only need to give Billy a bath once per day. We use a Special foaming cleanser on him because he can't be subjected to the contaminant in a shower yet. Billy's appetite is still very good, and he is eating well. Billy is also doing a wonderful job in drinking alot of water, this will come in handy when the nausea starts. Billy knows, from past chemo experience's, that it is best to keep fluids in his stomach, than to have an empty one *wink*. Speaking about stomach's..............Alicia made one of Billy's favorite dishes this evening, Zucchini Pie, and is about to surprise him with it ! He's gonna flip !!

Billy will start the chemotherapy drugs tomorrow morning. Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) will be infused over 2 hours, and ATG (Antithymocyte globulin) will be infused over 5 hours. Billy should be feeling pretty "yucky" after tomorrow, as far as statistics go, But then again, we're talking about Billy here !! He may not feel sick at all *wink*.
Please Pray for Billy.............
bpbullit Sun. 29 Feb. 2004 sunshine 80°
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day -4 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are : WBC @ 2.78,RBC @ 3.27, Hemoglobin @ 10.1, platelets are @ 49.. As expected, today started out as uneventful as the past few days. I managed to get a good 6 hours in on some much needed yard work, you all know how proud I am of our lawn *wink*, so, Alicia put in some "overtime" in the Hospital this morning till I was able to get there, We really got the "team work" down to a science !

YUK yes, you may click the photo to see a larger version. Billy's chemotherapy started at around 1:00 this afternoon. Billy was infused, over 5 hours, with the ATG (antithymocyte globulin). Billy started to show some of the tell tale side effects towards the end of the infusion. Billy started to show signs of "hives" on his cheeks, and chin, but this soon cleared, and gave way to nausea. Billy knows this is going to be tough, so before it was to get any worse we ordered a late lunch of Chicken soup. Billy enjoyed his lunch, and managed to keep it down *wink*.

To the right, you can see a photo of the "pumps" that are used to infuse Billy. You can click on the photo to see a larger version, and read a bit about what you are looking at *wink*. I'm sorry if I'm getting a bit "technical", but I want you all to experience for yourself what is happening to Billy, as effectively as I can bring it to you. At about 8:00 this evening, Billy was infused with the 1st of what will be two doses of Cytoxan (Cyclophosphamide). This is a very intense, high dose of a chemotherapy drug that will, in all aspects, "kill" Billy's bone marrow, and immune system. It will be infused again tomorrow as well. Billy's body will be utterly defenseless as these drugs do "their thing". Billy will be given an enormous amounts of drugs, which I'll name at a later date, to protect him against all of the things that will try and take Billy over, namely......infections. Billy's Body is beginning to be prepared for the new bone marrow that will hopefully be accepted by his weakened immune system (Body). We are now only 4 days away from the transfusion day.
Please Pray for Billy..............

10:50pm......Alicia just called and Billy's fever has spiked to 102.5°. He is having some very bad side effects from the chemotherapy. I just spoke to him on the phone, and he said that he feels really bad but "he'll get through it". After I hung up the phone I put my head in my hands and shed yet another tear, I'm sure Alicia did as well. I Love you Billy...........more than you can imagine.
Please Pray for Billy..............
bpbullit Mon. 1 Mar. 2004 sunshine 80°
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day -3 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays count will astound you : WBC @ .73, RBC @ 3.15, Hemoglobin @ 9.7, and platelets are down to .15 from .49 yesterday. The chemotherapy drugs, and the ATG have really depleted Billy's immune system practically over night. Billy's infection fighting white blood cells are almost non existent, as are his platelets. Billy will receive a platelet transfusion this evening, Dr. Petrovic wants to keep the count above .50. Don't forget, the average counts are 150.-450.. Thats 150,000 to 450,000 !

I would very much like to thank Mike W. for your call this evening, and your words of encouragement, Thank You. We would also like to thank Eric Horner, and his beautiful Wife for the Gift package Billy received today. Billy was awe struck, as were Alicia and I. We are certain to have many endless hours of inspirational listening. You are truly one very gifted individual, and I implore Billy's Visitors to visit your wonderful web site to meet you themselves. You can click here to see the gift package Billy received, and read a bit about this wonderful Human being. Billy also received a wonderful card, and gift from Kristy C. and her Son Michael, from Columbus, Georgia. Included was a gorgeous photo of her furry Ferret Friends ! Thank you guy's so Much Billy Just Loves the photo so much, he taped it to the wall by his bed. We will be decorating his walls with all the cards and well wishes he receives, and I'll take a photo in a few weeks to show you all......so keep those cards coming !*wink*! Also, We want to thank the Wonderful "Diva's Of the Net" for their continuing support, thoughts, and Prayers, as well as their latest addition to Billy's "get well Web site" ! Please CLICK HERE to see their lastest creation ! Thank you Diva Peg ! I can't wait to show it to Billy !!

Billy's day didn't get off to a very good start today. He was unable to keep ant food down, and felt terrible all day. He is having bad headaches, and just an all around uneasy feeling. The ATG was started around 2:00 this afternoon, and it's effects were immediate. He was pre-medicated with benadryl, Tylenol, and solumedrol (a steroid). Toward the end of the day Billy showed some signs of anxiety, and was a bit troubled. Today was one week since Billy's broviac was placed, I included a few photo's for you to see as his dressing was changed. If you are a bit queezy in the stomach, I don't advise viewing these photo's *wink*. You can click here to see one of the photo's, and if you like that one, this one will be of interest to you as well. . Billy was visited by Dr. Anderson, the psychologist, but he was asleep at the time. She really wants to work with Billy through this process and will return later in the week. Billy started to feel a bit better as the day wore on, and was able to eat some soup this evening. He is being closely watched as to his urine out put, it is very, very important that Billy removes these toxins from his Body as to not damage his liver, and kidney's. The final dose of Cytoxan was to be infused this evening, and the final dose of ATG will be infused tomorrow. This will be followed by numerous drugs to alleviate pain, fight infection, and just keep Billy comfortable.
Please Pray for Billy...............
bpbullit Tues. 2 Mar. 2004 sunshine 82°
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day -2 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are : WBC @0.14, RBC @ 3.20, Hemoglobin @ 9.5, and platelet's are @ .42 after a transfusion last night. Billy had a very tough night, as he was woke up every hour to urinate. He had a fever of about 104° for a time last night as well. As you all know, his kidney function plays a major part in removing all of the "poisons" that are running through his body, as well as his liver. Billy is running borderline toxic levels. Billy had a very poor day today as well..................BUT, believe it or not, Billy even took the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive assessment test). Billy's Teacher came this morning, and was amazed that Billy actually wanted to do it !!

Today was Billy's last day of the ATG, and he handled it fairly well. His nausea, and vomiting is kept to a minimum, and he is drinking plenty of water. It is his "output" of urine that is a concern, and it is being dealt with. Billy will have what they call a "Day Off" tomorrow. Tomorrow the bone marrow donor will make the donation by having his hips tapped with a large syringe, and about a liter of bone marrow will be extracted, a very painful process. The marrow will be air lifted to All Childrens Hospital tomorrow night. The transplant is scheduled for around noon on Thursday.

I had the special opportunity to speak by phone, to Eric Horner, the gentleman Who, along with his wife, sent Billy that Special package that I mentioned in yesterdays update (above). What a gracious person he was, and so very happy that he could do this for Billy. He has also touched me in a way that few ever have. He addressed on of the many Music CD's he sent in the package to me. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I listened to it, over, and over, and over again. If you are an American Veteran, and Proud of your service, and yourself, you'll be even more so if you heard what I did on this music CD, and all the other CD's he's produced. Please do yourself the best favor you ever can, and visit this site and listen to what is offered on these discs.Click here for Eric Horner's Music . It is some of the most powerful interpretation's of a true Patriot's feelings I have ever heard. His many other recordings will also capture your heart's emotions, have a listen.
Please Pray for Billy.....................

Oooooooops ! The photo can now be seen *wink*, It was a long day.......sorry !
You can click here To see how Billy's day was. He is such an Angel.
Please Pray for Billy...................

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