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Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day -1 on Billy's BMT calendar, tomorrow is the "Big" day ! Todays counts are : WBC @ 0.03, RBC @ 2.68, Hemoglobin @ 7.8, and Platelets @ .22. Billy received a transfusion of red blood this evening. We would like to thank Elaine A., for the wonderful card we received today. We would also like to thank Bob and Judy Q. for the wonderful card as well, and Mary M. and Family of MI., you are too much ! Thank you once again for the card, they are all now neatly placed on Billy's Hospital room walls !! What a day today has been *wink*. Today was called Billy's "REST" day ! .......Ha, Ha..... ! Billy's day started yesterday, as a matter of fact ! Billy had very bad nausea, and vomiting. He had a reaction to the Cyclosporine, a drug used to aid in the grafting of Billy's BMT, He gets it by infusion everyday. He had very bad burning sensations, and terrible itching, which 'ole reliable benadryl took care of !! Billy did manage to get in some more FCAT testing this morning though..........go figure ! Billy truly loves the challenge, and welcomes it.
 You just have to see this photo I took this afternoon, It is a photo of Billy and his New Friend Eric Horner, I hope you like it. Mr. Horner surprised us all this morning with a phone call to Billy's room. Alicia and I both had the Honor to speak with Him, but it was a shame that Billy was not up to it, as he was asleep from medication. Thank you Mr. Horner for your Friendship, and the hope you've instilled in all of us.
 This is another photo I took today. Alot of you have met Dr. Letson through my updates here on Billy's Page, and may have seen his photo on another one of Billy's site pages from Jan. 2003 when Billy had his 1st surgery. Well, here is Billy and Dr. Letson Today !! Dr. Letson always stops in to see Billy when he is at ACH, and today was no exception. We all Love Dr. Letson, not only is he a great surgeon, he is one outstanding Human being.

I am going to end this update at this point, although there is so much more I would like to say. We (Alicia and I) want to ask you ALL to PLEASE Hold Billy in your Hearts, and Pray for Him tonight that he will be strong enough to help his Body mend itself with this gift of "LIFE" he will receive tomorrow. PLEASE find it in your Hearts, a word of Praise for the Donor who has given of himself, this Gift of Life. Pray for Him.
bpbullit Thur. 4 Mar. 2004 partly sunny 82° "HAPPY "NEW" BIRTHDAY BILLY"
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day "0" on Billy's BMT calendar, and Billy's New Birthday. Billy's counts today are : WBC @ 0.01, RBC @ 3.58, Hemoglobin @ 10.6, and platelets @ 15.. Billy received a platelet transfusion this morning. Billy's day started as usual, he ate breakfast and immediately brought it back up. Dr. Petrovic has decided to infuse the cyclosporine over 2 hours instead of one hour to minimize reactions. Billy had a very painful reaction as he tried to relieve his bowels. He has severe diarrhea, and his colon was in spasm. Billy is very, very weak, as his counts are at rock bottom. He is totally defenseless on his own, and is being treated with drugs to aid with BMT graft, and infection fighting.
This is how Billy's Day started. Billy was visited by Father Mike from Saint Pauls Church here in St. Pete. Father Mike Prayed over Billy, anointed him with Holy oils, and prayed that this day will bring hope to Billy's successful bone marrow transplant. Father Mike also Prayed that Billy's donor would rejoice in the knowledge that he has given this gift of Life to one so desperately in need. BIlly is truly in God's hands. Please continue to Pray for Billy, that his weakened Body can accept this gift of Life. Click the photo to see a larger version.
4:27 pm : To the right you can see, and let me introduce to you Dr. Petrovic (right), and Billy's Nurse, Ethel (left). They had the honor to hang Billy's Gift of Life, his bone marrow, the red pouch on the pole top, which will infuse over 3-4 hours. You can click on this photo as well, to see a larger version. Dr. Petrovic explained to Alicia and I as they started this process, that the bone marrow was 96% viable, which means that this bone marrow consisted of almost 100% live marrow cells, which is more than anyone could hope for. This is a critical stage in the transplant, and Billy's Body will almost immediately try to reject it. With a successful BMT you hope that the radiation and chemo has weakened (crippled) Billy's own marrow, and immune system enough to enable the donor marrow to be accepted by Billy's Body as his own. For this, we Pray.
We want to thank our Dear Friend's, Mary and Family from MI. once again, for your continued thoughtfulness, Love, thoughts, and Prayers, as well as this wonderful bunch of balloons that arrived at Billy's room just in time for his "New Birthday". They just couldn't have come at a better time, as Billy was a bit nervous as to what was about to happen. Yes, click on the photo to see a larger version *wink*.

We had a bit of a scare, I assume we will have quite a bit, but Billy woke about half way through the BMT and had to urinate. Billy began to urinate and there was alot of blood in his urine. Billy yelled out, "It's Blood", and Dr. Petrovic, and Nurse Ethel assured him that this was the bi-product that the body must dispose of, which is why Billy MUST try to urinate at least every half hour. I must admit, Alicia and I were also scared *wink*. Billy will receive extra fluids to aid in the disposal of these waste cells.
By The Way : Billy was 75 lbs., 53 inches, and a head full of (short) hair *wink*
Please Pray for Billy.................

10:15pm Alicia had just called me to inform mr that Billy's urine is just about as clear as it should be , and all tests show that there is no bladder problems, and the blood is just as we thought the waste product that needs to be removed. Billy is also awake, and in great spirits *wink*.
Pray for Billy...............
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Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day "+1" on Billy's BMT calendar. Billy's night was quite uneventful, both Billy and Alicia rested "pretty well" *wink*. Billy's day started with a bit un-easyness, as he had a few bouts with vomiting. Billy had a good breakfast and managed to keep most of it in his system, and he is drinking plenty of fluids. Dr. Petrovic is easing up on Billy because of his excellent attitude, and the fact that he is so far, responding so well. Billy will, in fact , have some very bad days in the near future as his body and his new bone marrow "fight it out". Billy is beginning to show signs of mucusitis, in which he will probably get some very painful mouth sores, and it will be almost impossible for him to eat. He is prepared *wink*.
Here is a wonderful photo I took today of Billy and his Math Teacher Tammy B.. Mrs. B. came in today to see Billy.!! We can't say it enough, and not because he is Our Son, but because everyone agrees, Billy is one amazing Child. After all he has gone through, and given the option to not take this intense testing, he refused to give in, and welcomed the challenge. Billy always finds a way to bring a tear to the eyes of those who thought "they were cried out", namely, me !! You can click on the photo, as usual to see a larger version.

Here, to the right please let me introduce you to Billy's Nurse Ethel. Billy is, and I quote, "the reason Ethel has elected to remain at All Childrens Hospital". Ethel truly Loves Billy, and we Love her. I must say, that every single one of the staff at 2SW have grown to Love Our Son, and we appreciate every one of them. Billy is in "good hands", and we know it. Thank you ALL.
Dr. Petrovic is very happy with the state of Billy's condition at this point in his transplant, and it seems to be mild reactions at this early stage. She too, prepares us for the days to come, and some will inevitably be pretty bad.

Eric Horner's web site ! A Must see ! Billy's Friend, Country Singer and Patriot, Eric Horner, surprised Billy once again this morning with a phone call. Billy felt fairly well, and was happy to finally be able to speak with him. After his conversation, Billy told me that he had "goose bumps" just like me ! Billy commented that it was a great feeling that this Person wanted to be his Friend, and took the time out of his very busy schedule to call him, Billy was in awe *wink*. Thank you again Mr. Horner, for once again putting a smile on Billy's Face. The image here is a link to Erics web site, Please do yourself a great favor, and visit this outstanding performer, and hear for yourself, what he has added to our lives. Sign his guest book, and tell him I sent you ! You can even sample his music on his site, and bring the kleenex!!

Can you believe that there have been over 1,125 (as of 8:00pm today) visitors to this single page in 3 days ! It is just amazing that so very many people are Praying for Our Son. Thank you all so very much, Alicia and Bill {Billy's Parents}, and Family.
Please Pray for Billy.....................Click here for : A Father's Prayer By: Mr Eric Horner

Alot of you have been asking if you can send your cards and gifts to the Hospital, I am happy to say, "Of course you can Silly " !! Below is the address :

Wm. Alan "Billy" Gowacki
C/O 2 South West (Rm. 272 A)
All Children's Hospital
801 6th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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