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bpbullit Mon. 22 Mar. 2004 sunny 80°   727-898-7451 Room # 272 A
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +18 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 5.45, RBC @ 3.12, Hemoglobin @ 8.7, Platelets @ 18,000. Billy's ANC is up to 3800 as well! Billy's White Blood Cells continue to climb, and other counts are pretty much holding steady. Billy did get a platelet transfusion this afternoon though. As I mentioned earlier, the platelets are usually the last to respond, and Billy will most likely receive a platelet transfusion a few times per week to keep the level above 20,000. Dr. Petrovic was "ALL SMILES", as she said that she was "Very, Very Pleased" with Billy's progress, and that he is doing "wonderfully Well". Billy's G-CSF will be reduced by at least half, lets see what happens*wink*. Billy slept until 2:00 this afternoon, but woke in a Great mood, as usual, and said "Bring it on". He always starts his day with those words, referring to his "cancer Monster"................Bring it On.

We would like to Thank Beth V. for the beautiful, Hand carved "Angel of Healing", Billy received today. Thank you so Much. Also, Thank you Dinorah C., your Son Sean, and all of his class mates from "Discovery Time" for the Wonderful "hand made" card Billy received today. Thank you too, Ms. Kim and Ms. Dawn *wink*. Thank you to, Haley S., and family from England, for the Beautiful card Billy received today *wink*, Thank you for always being there for Billy. Aunt Ana, Billy received the post card you sent from Peru today as well, Thank you so much, Billy say's "I Love You, Aunt Ana"! Thank you to Gisela, for stopping by this afternoon to see Billy, and for the gift you brought; It was good to see you again.

Thank you Bradley, and your friend's, for the Yu-Gi-Oh cards! Billy "freaked Out", and says "Thanks".!
Hey Deb & Michelle, Thanks for stopping by and checking up on Billy and I *wink*, It's always good to see you two!
Please Pray for Billy..........................
bpbullit Tue. 23 Mar. 2004 sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +19 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 4.85, RBC @ 2.93, Hemoglobin @ 8.3, platelets @ 65,000, up from 18,000 on yesterday. What a difference a transfusion of platelets make*wink*. Billy's ANC is at 3540 today, down just a bit from yesterday. Dr. Petrovic again, was all "smiles", and is very pleased with Billy's condition. She will cut back on Billy's IV "foods", and Billy will try to eat by mouth *wink*. Billy's mouth sores have all but gone, since his WBC have been elevated, and he should be able to eat again. We will test his ability tomorrow, and see what happens. Dr. Petrovic is very optimistic and Billy is more than ready *wink*. Today is Tuesday, and we all know that Alicia gets her injection today, Lets hope today is a good day for her. I don't know if you all are aware of the fact that 5 of our Planets will be visible in the Western sky after sunset, But I hope you'll have a look at this spectacular site.............I will, Billy's Hospital room is facing west , and I'm sure he and Alicia will as well !! Billy was in good spirits all day, and was kept busy by a great gift he received from Ellen Stehr, and Family, from Auckland, New Zealand. It is a Night Sky Projection kit, that when built, projects the constellations throughout his darkend room. The package also included alot of neat things representing Auckland, Thank you so much for you kind words as well.
Hey Eric and Debby! Billy received your postcard today as well, Thanks a bunch, Hope all is well with you guy's! Thank you too, Diane, Joe, and Kids for the card & gift Billy received today*wink*.
Please Pray for Billy..........................
bpbullit Wed. 24 Mar. 2004 sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +20 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 4.50, RBC @ 2.91, Hemoglobin @ 8.4, platelets @ 46,000. Once again, Dr. Petrovic was in total amazement, as to how Billy is doing at this stage in his BMT. She admitted to us that Billy is, so far, the exception to the rule, and with a little luck *wink* we should be able to leave the Hospital ahead of schedule. We were expected to be in the Hospital for at least 6 weeks, tomorrow will be 3 weeks since the transplant(day +21), and 4 weeks in the Hospital all total(this stay). Billy was able to eat last night, and Billy had some oatmeal, apple juice, and a banana this morning. This is a good sign, and something Billy has to do before he is able to go home. Billy was able to keep everything down, and has had no more episodes of vomiting in the past few days, and he is really feeling good about what has taken place over the past month or so. He is really looking forward to getting "detached" from all of This click the camera to see what I mean ! Later this afternoon, Billy was visited by Nurse Chris. She absolutly Adores Billy, and Billy Loves her to no end*wink*. She is one of the "FEW" people who is able to calm Billy when he is upset, and one of the "very few" nurses who Billy will allow to access his medi port. She is one Special Person, to all of us ! Thanks Chris! Click the camera to meet Billy's Nurse, Chris. We would like to invite you ALL, to listen to a Song called "Billy Makes It Rain"; written, produced, and sung by Eric Horner. Eric had an Idea for a song "especially" for Billy, and waited until he had the opportunity to meet him before he put it to words, and what a Beautiful song it is. Please click on the link below, "A Hero In The Child", and listen for yourself, "Billy Makes It Rain". What a very Special Gift he has given to Billy, his very own song; coming from the heart and soul of one very Special Person. Thank you so Much Eric. Billy, Alicia, and I will treasure this gift forever, and so will those who hear it.
Please Pray for Billy......................
bpbullit Thur. 25 Mar. 2004 sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +21 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 9.17, RBC @ 2.86, Hemoglobin @ 8.1, platelets @ 35,000, down from 46,000 yesterday, and Billy's ANC is 6500. Today is three weeks since Billy's bone marrow transplant (4 weeks in the Hospital), and although Billy had some vomiting early this afternoon, he is in great spirits, and according to Dr. Petrovic, Billy is doing "fantastic". Billy did manage to eat some cereal, have some apple juice, and a banana this afternoon, and felt pretty good about it *wink*. At this point in a BMT the patient is usually very sick, and not wanting to do ANYTHING but sleep, But Billy is re-writing the book, or so it seems. Billy's temps have been a bit elevated at 99.6° for the past few days, but all seems fine. Billy's WBC are also elevated to a point where Dr. Petrovic is going to reduce the G-CSF (neupogen) once again to gauge what Billy's WBC will do on their own. Billy's G-CSF has already been reduced by half, a few days ago, and his WBC have continued to rise.
Billy's surgeon, Dr. Letson, stopped in to see him this afternoon, and was just so happy to see Billy in such good spirits. He told Billy that "he'll have him up and running in no time, again". Dr. Letson will be re-building Billy's leg once again, probably in July or August. Believe it or not, Billy can't wait *wink*.
I want to point out a new addition to Billy's Page. A link below, "What do People Think", will give you an inside look as to what visitors to Billy's Page think about, well, Billy's Page. I have added a page to post some of the "Feed back" I have received, and I would like to share it with you. Maybe you'll see your opinion listed, either way, have a look, and if you'd care to tell us what you think, click on the "feedback" text on the image map below, and fill out the form, We'd love to hear what you think *wink*.
Please Pray for Billy......................
did you know
Some of you have asked, What does ANC mean? Well, I'll tell 'ya!
The Absolute Neutrophil Count, the number of white blood cells (WBCs) that are neutrophils.

The ANC is not measured directly. It is derived by multiplying the WBC count times the percent of neutrophils in the differential WBC count. The percent of neutrophils consists of the segmented (fully mature neutrophils) + the bands (almost mature neutrophils). The normal range for the ANC = 1.5 to 8.0 (1,500 to 8,000/mm3).

Sample calculation of the ANC:
WBC count: 6,000 cells/mm3 of blood
Segs: 30% of the WBCs
Bands: 3% of the WBCs
Neutrophils (segs + bands): 33% of the WBCs
ANC: 33% X 6,000 = 2,000/mm3
ANC of 2,000/mm3, by convention = 2.0
Normal range: 1.5 to 8.0 (1,500 to 8,000/mm3)
Interpretation: Normal
Neutrophils are key components in the system of defense against infection. An absence or scarcity of neutrophils (a condition called neutropenia) makes a person vulnerable to infection. After chemotherapy, radiation, or a blood or marrow transplant, the ANC is usually depressed and then slowly rises, reflecting the fact that the bone marrow is recovering and new blood cells are beginning to grow and mature.

In practical clinical terms, a normal ANC is 1.5 or higher; a "safe" ANC is 500-1500; a low ANC is less than 500. A safe ANC means that the patient's activities do not need to be restricted (on the basis of the ANC).

Hope this helps *wink*
Please Pray for Billy......................
bpbullit Fri. 26 Mar. 2004 sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +22 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 7.83, RBC @ 2.71, Hemoglobin @ 8.1, platelets @ 29,000, and Billy's ANC is 5559. Billy spiked a fever last night of around 101.6°, and felt pretty lousy. Blood tests show no sign of infection, so we can attribute the "spike" on the BMT meds., and just part of the process *wink*. Dr. Petrovic is still quite amazed at Billy's "lack of symptoms", and +like us, hope's that Billy will continue to prove the statistics "don't apply", and will need to be reworked*wink*. As you all know, this is a quite rare situation that Billy is in, and a whole new outlook can be derived from what has taken place thus far in Billy's case study. Lets just hope that all will continue amaze and astound. Billy had a pretty good lunch this afternoon, Sliced turkey roast with broccoli and yams! He really enjoyed it, and it really agreed with him as well !

Once again, we want to thank Mary and family, from the "Soo", for the card Billy received today*wink*. Billy also received a package from His new Friend Brionna, and Family from Mentor, Ohio. The package was just "FULL" of really neat things, all of which Billy is already enjoying, Thank you so much! You can click the camera below to have a look at all the goodies! We would also like to thank Tim and Barb Ivens, from NJ, for the wonderful book collection that Billy received today. You can click the camera below, to have a look!

 Click here to see the Goodies from Brionna!!
 Click here to view the Books Billy received from the Ivens!!

Just a point of interest to bring to your attention*wink*. Did you notice, that this page has already seen over 1100 visits? It's incredible, isn't it!
Please Pray for Billy......................

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