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Sun. 13 Oct. 2002
ello , and welcome back to Billy's Page . Alicia and I are home ( together )*wink* . Ama is spending the night at the Hospital with Billy . Today was a very stressful day . Billy's fever never went below 101 today so this afternoon he was given Hemoglobin ( cells that carry oxygen in the blood ), and Platelets ( the clotting elements of the blood ). He was also given a transfusion ( Blood products added directly to the body ) of 1 pint of whole irradiated blood . Billy handled this procedure fairly well . Billy did manage to eat some today , although his jaw is very painful and his mouth is sore ( side effects of Chemo ). It doesn't look like Billy will be coming home tomorrow , and I guess it is just as well . He is better off in the Hospital where he is in the best hands .
Billy's Hair is really starting to fall out *grin* ( get those hats in the mail !! ), so when I got home Alicia cut off MY hair ! I couldn't convince her to do the same though !! I kind of like it ..................NOT ! I hope Billy likes it !
Mrs. C . , Billy's Kindergarten teacher visited him this afternoon as well . He was really happy to see her , he was one of her favorites . Thank you Mrs. C. for coming , it meant alot to Billy ( and us ). Until next time , Good night .
Mon. 14 Oct. 2002
Hello to all Our friends . I am including the snail mail address once again for all of you who have inquired as to where you can send your " hats "*wink*.

Wm. Alan " Billy " Gowacki
4013 Bluefish Dr. SE
St.Petersburg , Florida   33705

Thank you all for your kindness . It will be great to have something Billy can put his hands on from all of you around the world who have kept Billy in your thoughts and Prayers .
Billy's fever has not gone down to the point that the Dr.'s are comfortable , so he is receiving another transfusion today along with some morphine to help with the pain he is feeling . I am at home today , I feel as though I am coming down with something , so it is best I stay away from Billy . It's going to be very tough to not be able to give him a kiss goodnight or goodmorning . It's very tough to be away from him , I can honestly say " I can't stand it ". He is in such a fragile state now , and he really needs all the support he can get . I will try and write some more later when Alicia updates me as to Billy's condition .
Well , Alicia just stopped home to bring Ama . She said that Billy is still very uncomfortable with his mouth pain , but it seems to be easing up a bit . I talked to him on the phone as well , and he seems to be in good spirits , and can't wait to come home *grin* . His fever has also eased up a bit , it was at 100.5 at 4:30 .
I hope you all have a good night , until next time .
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Tues. 15 Oct. 2002
Hello again to all our Friends . Billy had a surprise this morning , he was given an Autographed hat from the Florida State University Football coach Bobby Bowden . ( com ' on Gators , *wink* ) Billy is a BIG fan of ALL Florida College Football teams . He is also to be visited by the Childrens dream Fund later today .
Thank you all at WA and UWAG for your Thoughts and prayers , I knew I could count on you *wink* . I spoke to Billy a couple time already today , he is in good spirits but has to remain in the Hospital a few more days until he is more stable . He is scheduled to start his 2nd Chemotherapy session on next Tuesday ( the 22nd ) , so I truly hope he can come home for a few days before then . He will have to spend at least another 6 days in the Hospital for this treatment as well , so you can see why it would be nice to have him home . He has only been home 4 days in the past 3 weeks .
Well Alicia is home for the night . Ama will be spending the night with Billy . Before she went to the Hospital , Ama made stuffed peppers for dinner , mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !! Thank you Ama ! Billy's fever has been around 100 for most of the afternoon , which is a good sign . He managed to eat some as well . He really doesn't like the fact that his hair is just about gone . He doesn't want to be seen *grin* . Wait till he see's me !! I hope to get to see him tomorrow , I miss him . Be well , good night .
Wed. 16 Oct. 2002
Hello , welcome back to Billy's Page . I have just returned from the Hospital , yes I visited with Billy today ! You didn't think I could stay away another day , did you ? Billy was in such a great mood , smiling and laughing for the first time in I don't know how long . It was so nice to see him this way ( as a tear rolled down my cheek ). His fever had leveled off at about 99 or so , with any luck we should be able to take him home tomorrow ( fingers crossed ). As I said earlier , at least he'll have a few days at home before his next chemotherapy session . Below is a photo of Billy , Alicia , and Ama (right). I took the photo while visiting today ( sorry for the Hospital lighting ). Billy has managed to get a few smiles out , and as I said , he is feeling much better . He won't take that hat off though !! His Blood cultures all came back clean , which means that a virus , and or infection didn't cause the high fevers he's had . They were in fact just the side effects of the chemotherapy as expected . His white blood cells are on the rise as well , which means his body is recovering from the chemotherapy too . We will have to have his blood counts checked twice per week to ensure that they are recovering . When they reach the normal levels , he will be ready for his second treatment , and we do this all over again *grin* . I'm ready , are you ? Alicia is at the Hospital for the night . She had a good night sleep last night at home . To the left is Alicia , Billy and me with my new hair style !! I still can't talk Alicia into doing the same *wink* . Again , sorry for the Hospital lighting . I'll try and get some better photo's posted , but I just wanted to get something posted for you all to see . Please be sure to have a good night , until next time .
Thurs. 17 Oct. 2002
Hello to All Our Friends ! I have just returned home after a day with My Son . He was in such a good mood to hear how much everyone was thinking about , and Praying for him . He just can't get over the fact that persons from around the world are getting to know him , and now consider him a member of their extended Families . He said , " I have more Friends than anybody " ! I told him that he is a very Special Boy , and that the Love for him is Greater than any Love . Thank you all , for putting a smile on Billy's Face .
Billy wasn't able to come home today , although his blood counts are on the rise , Maybe tomorrow . The make a wish Foundation met with Us today . Billy was asked what he would like to do . He wants to meet Ryan Styles , the tall skinny guy on Drew Carie and "Who's Line is it anyway". He really likes his humor , and they are going to try and set up a meeting in Cleavland for Billy and Us to meet him , and possibly the rest of the cast ! Can you believe it ! Out of all the things a child can wish for , he chose this ! Thats why I love him so much .
A lot of you have asked for certain information about Billy , so I've included all this information on the Info " page " . Here you can learn a bit more about Our Precious Son . Also the Hats are starting to arrive ! Thank you so much ! A few T-Shirts arrived as well ! Not to mention the many Cards Billy gets daily ! We can't thank you all enough , perhaps one day we can . Until next time , be well .
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Fri. 18 Oct. 2002
Hello All ! How 'bout an early update today ? Good ! It is 1:25 pm , we just got home from the Hospital , Yes , with Billy ! He is soooooo Happy to be Home . As we walked out of the hospital into the Florida sun he almost cried . It feels so good , he said . The sun on his face .
We have to be back at the Hospital on Tuesday for an MRI of his leg . They want to get a picture of what the Chemo has done to the tumor's . We are schedualed to be re-admitted on Thursday to start his second session of chemotherapy , and another week in the Hospital . Billy's blood counts were almost at normal levels , and rebounded nicely . We still need to be cautious with what he comes in contact with , and who . Billy had a chance to review his guestbook , and website . He just can't get over all the many people from all over the world who are holding him in their thoughts , hearts , and Prayers . Billy says " Thank you so much ". " Thank you for taking this Journey with me , it's scary all by myself ". Billy's Mom and Dad say , " Thank you too , with all our hearts ".
Billy coming Home ( 18 Oct. 2002 )

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