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Sat. 19 Oct. 2002
elcome back to Billy's Page . Let me start by saying that I have added a couple nice photo's to Billy's Page . You can find one Click for photo, and the other one Click for photo. You can also get to them from the links on the opening page . It is labled " new " towards the bottom of the page .
Well , as you know , Billy is home . He spent a nice relaxing day in his own surroundings . He played some play station games , watched some football , and talked to a few of his Friends on the phone . He got another hat and T-shirt in the mail from South Carolina , and California , " Thank you " ! I want to acknowledge all of the Gifts Billy will receive by saying which State and or Country they were sent from . I won't use the names of the senders for privacy reasons , so if you see your State , and you've sent something to Billy , it's probably your gift I am referring to ! OK ! OK !
I also added a page that has a flag from all of the Countries of the people who have signed Billy's Guestbook and or Guest map . You can find that page Click for listed Countries , or you can find a link to it on the opening page as well . If you have signed Billy's Guestbook and or Guest map , and don't see a Flag representing your Country , let me know and I will get one posted ASAP ! i want to give a " Special " Thank you to Vikki ( aka Angel ). I had the Honor of talking to her on the phone this afternoon . She is the Founder of the Universal Angel Foundation here in Fla . She has organized some very nice things that will be happening for , and to Billy in the next couple of weeks . I promised I'd keep it a secret though ! So , I'll fill you all in as they happen ! Let me close now by saying , on behalf of Billy and his family , THANK YOU , and Good Night .
Mon. 21 Oct. 2002
OOOOPS ! I missed a day ! *wink* . Not really , we had a wonderful day , we didn't miss a thing ! Yesterday was Sunday and we all know what that means ... FOOTBALL ...!Billy spent most of the day glued to the TV as did I , and most men around the Country ! Although Our favorite teams didn't win , we did , for being able to spend the day together . After the games we installed a new program to Billy's computer . It is a program that enables you to build an amusement park from the ground up , everything from trash cans to cotton candy ! It is really something else , it is called " Roller Coaster Tycoon ". Billy has control over the price of admission , as well as what is offered at the concession stands ! If I can get him to take a break from it , maybe I'll give it a try !

The mail has just arrived , and I would like to acknowledge that Billy has received a Beautiful Painted Angel , with a Certificate explaining it's meaning ! It is from Vero Beach , Florida . Thank you "Angel" *wink* . Also Billy received an Great looking hat from his new Friends in Seneca Falls, N.Y. , The hat is of the Syracuse University Orangemen . Thank You to the " A " family !
Tues. 22 Oct. 2002
Welcome back to Billy's Page . Yet another uneventful day at home for Billy ! He is feeling much better , and has re-bounded quite well from his chemo treatment , just in time for his next chemo session . We are to be at the Hospital tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 for another MRI of Billy's tumors . His blood counts will also be checked at this time .
Billy was visited this afternoon by his gifted program Teacher Mrs. R. She brought a video tape of his classmates , and their get well messages to him . We ( Billy's Mom and Dad ) want to thank all of his class mates , for all of the cards and letters of support that have been sent home to Billy , he truly appreciates them and the sentiment behind them . So , to all the Kids at Lakeview Fundamental Elementary School , " THANK YOU SO MUCH " ! Give yourselves an A + for Friendship .
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Thurs. 24 Oct. 2002
Welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy was re-admitted to All Childrens Hospital this morning ( rm # 265 ) . We had a bit of good news as well . Billy had an MRI yesterday to see if the Chemotherapy had any effect on the suspected tumor in his lower femur , just above his knee . The image was not changed in structure or density , so they are treating that lesion as a possible cyst ( benign ). But..........they are still going to treat Billy as though the Cancer has spread , just not as aggressive as the first session of chemotherapy . Billy will receive the Chemo in 2 stages , Today begins the the 1st . He will get a 3 day session of 3 of the chemo drugs . He will be allowed home when he feels good enough to go home . Billy will return to the Hospital in about 2 - 3 weeks for a 5 day treatment of the other 2 drugs . This is the very same treatment he had in his 1st chemo session , just split up into 2 visits . This , they say , will be easier for him to handle and he shouldn't get as sick *grin* .
Billy will be in room # 265 at All Childrens Hospital until at least Saturday ( 727 - 898 - 7451 ) .
Fri. 25 Oct. 2002
Hello All . Well the second day of Billy's chemotherapy came with the usual side effects . Billy was unable to keep any of his food down , although he tried . He is feeling pretty " Blah ". His Home-bound Teacher did bring Billy's 1st semester report card to the Hospital , and Billy made the Honor Roll once again ! We're so proud of him . Three A's and two B's ! Way 'ta go buddy !
Billy received a Beautiful Ornament of St . Peregrine , Patron of Cancer Victims ( 1260 - 1345 ), Feast Day , May 1st ; from Mr. B. and Family , THANK YOU ! He also received a package from Huntsville , Alabama , THANK YOU ! Billy also received Cards from Bardstown, KY. , Miami , Florida , and St. Pete., Florida . THANK YOU ALL ! Yesterday Billy received a package from Somerset , NJ ; THANK YOU Too .
Sat. 26 Oct. 2002
Hello All . As one would have it , Billy fell into the " when am I going home category " ! Billy is still in the Hospital until at least Tomorrow mid day . Billy had 2 sessions of a 24 hour drug , and the second one was started at 9:30 pm yesterday , which runs untill 9:30 tonight . Soooooooo ! If all goes well *grin* , he should be home tomorrow .
Billy did very well today with his food . Yes , he got sick , but cleaned himself up ( with a little help ) and finished his lunch . He felt much better . Alicia came home this morning , and Billy and I watched College football all day !! Miami won , but Florida State got beat up pretty good by Notre Dame .
Ama and Apa got Billy the new Lord of the Rings CD for Play Station today ! Billy was so surprised , and yes , he is playing it ! In case you don't know , Billy brings his Play Station II to the Hospital with him when he is admitted . They bring in another TV so he can hook it up to .
Billy's Uncle Fernando ( Alicia's Brother ) is due to arrive tomorrow night from North Carolina . He is stationed there as a Marine , at Camp Lejeaune . Also his other Uncle Jorge ( Alicia's Brother ) and Apa , Alicia's Father ( Billy's Grandfather ) are due next weekend . Ama will be spending the night with Billy tonight , which allows Alicia to have a good nights sleep at home . Thanks Ama ! Good night , Be Well .
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Sun. 27 Oct. 2002
Welcome back to Billy's page ! yes , Billy is home !! Billy was released this morning , and came home to a great surprise . There was an " Angel " waiting here for him . The Angel was Vikki Wells aka " Angel " , the Founder of the Universal Angel Foundation. She had driven from Vero Beach , on the east coast of Florida to bring Billy a box full of things sent to her by persons wanting to give something to Billy . I would like to acknowledge all those who have thought enough of Our Son to not only include him in their thoughts and Prayers , but also send him something he can put his hands on . From Vikki's Angel Garden , Billy received 2 very Beautiful Stone Angles . There was a shirt autographed by all the Members of Indian River County Dept. of Emergency Services . A shirt from WGYL , a soft rock radio Station which was autographed by the show hosts ! A shirt from the Universal Angel Foundation , autographed by All the Members , Joe (vet66a),Angel,BJ,Jeannie,Louise ! A hat from the LA Dodgers . 20 Stuffed collectable Bears ! A bag full of Miami Dolphin Memorabilia ! A beautiful brass Angel , with alot of Pocket Angels for Billy's Friends at the Hospital .
Thank you sooooo much Vikki , for thinking so much of Our son to do this for him . He has had such a tough time these past 6 weeks , and things such as what you've done give him the strength to fight even harder than he does . I know it's not much , but I would like to invite all of you who follow Billy's Journey with us to Visit the Universal Angel Foundation Website , and possibly make a small donation in the name of Billy so that this wonderful program can reach out to other children as it did for Our Son Billy . You can visit Billy's Links Page , or click on the link above .
Thank you All at the Universal Angel Foundation !

Billy also received a hat from The University of Alabama ! Thanks "D"., and a great Fleece jacket from NJ ! Thank you F and P !
Mon. 28 Oct. 2002
Wow , What a day it's been ! We watched the 7th game of the World Series last night , The Angels Won !! and today Billy received 3 packages from La Habra ,California (thank you Mary Dee ) which included an Angels Hat , an LA Kings hat , and THUNDER STICKS !! Billy was floored ! He Loves the Color red , it is his favorite color !
Billy and Michael , Oct. 28 th 2002To top off the day , Billy was visited by one of his best friends Michael Williams . Michael used to live across the street from us but moved to Wisconsin last year . You see , Michael's Dad is Tyrone Williams , # 37 on the Green Bay Packers Football team . Michael brought Billy an autographed photo of his Dad and a signed Plaque of the one and only Brett Favre # 4 , the Quarter back for the Green Bay Packers !! Thats not all...........As Billy and Michael were sharing in old times the phone rang ; yep , it was Tyrone Williams and he wanted to talk to Billy !! Billy talked to him on the phone , and Tyrone wished Billy the best of health . Billy told Tyrone that he was a Bucs Fan !!( Tampa Bay Bucaneers ). It was so great to have someone of his stature to take time out and call Billy , and wish him well . Billy is still in shock , but most of all , he was so happy to see his Friend Michael again , he will be heading back to Green Bay tomorrow . Thank you all again for keeping Billy in your Thoughts , Hearts , and Prayers . Have a great evening .

P.S.   I left out one very important thing ! Billy was visited today by his home bound teacher . They spent a few hours together which very well . Billy's teacher , Mrs. B , really likes Billy , and admires his attitude . She said that Billy will have absolutely no problems keeping up with his school work.

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