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 Thur. 29 Sept, 2005 
Today is the 574 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
We hope this update find's you well. Billy has resumed his physical therapy session's 3 day's per week (one hour per), and is feeling a little sore. He is not "complaining", but has drawn our attention to the discomfort he is feeling in his hip area. Billy has been walking without his crutch's for a couple week's now, and this may be the cause of his pain. We will bring this to the attention of his Dr's when we visit ACH on Wednesday.

We received a package yesterday, from our Friend Mitzi (International Communications Coordinator) from the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa. It contained a few photo's of the photo shoot we had for this year's publication of "Today's Tomorrow's". This is the Inter-National publication I told you about, that feature's Billy (front cover, story on page #4), and his cancer treatment's received by Moffitt and All Childrens. I Have included a link to it's PDF format on their website, you can Click Here to read it. They have also included some very nice photo's of Billy, his Oncologist Dr. Barbosa, and his surgeon Dr. Letson.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sun. 25 Sept, 2005 
Today is the 570 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
We hope this update finds you well. I have been in Miami for the past few day's. I returned yesterday afternoon to some Great new's *wink*, Billy received his 1st semester report card, and we are so Proud to say that Billy earned 5 A's......and 1 B for his 1st 6 weeks back at "real School". We knew there would be some adjustments to be made, in Billy's approach to School. These "adjustments" were handled very well by all those involved, and Billy's Grade's prove that the transition to "real School" has been met. Billy is so very Proud of himself, as are we, and all of you, who have traveled the many roads in the "World of Cancer" with us.

We now have a "firm" date for Billy's next surgery (lengthening), and it is on the 7th of next Month, just 11 day's from today. Billy will be admitted to ACH, for what we hope to be a 1 day stay *wink*. Dr. Petrovich will do another Bone Marrow Aspiration after Dr. Letson perform's the lengthening process. Billy will make a "pre-op" visit to ACH on Wednesday the 5th, and be seen by Dr. Petrovich for some test's, and blood work.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sun. 18 Sept, 2005 
Today is the 563 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
First of all, I would like to refresh your collective memories, and rewind to this day 3 year's ago. On this day, we were informed by Billy's pediatrician (after review of his x-ray), that Billy's leg pain's were caused by an 8 inch cancerous tumor in his right leg (femur); the day we entered the "World of Cancer".

On a lighter note *wink*, we would like to share with you, our wonderful evening spent with George, and his Beautiful Wife, Monica. As you know, Alicia, Billy, and I took a ride up to Orlando yesterday and met up with George and Monica who were in town for a Convention, sponsored by George's Employer, IBM. We spent a few hour's together, and caught up on the past few month's over dinner and desert. We are truly Blessed to know these two wonderful Human being's, they are the most Humble couple you'd ever want as part of your life. You all know, we could never thank George enough, for the fact that he saved Billy's Life, but we are so Honored to be able to try every chance we get. George has genuinely befriended Billy, and their visible bond bring's tear's to OUR eye's. It is a sight you'd have to witness to understand, although most of you have a "grip" on our unique situation, and can "relate" in your own way. You can say, that George "adore's" Billy, as though he is his 'lil Brother; they have so much in common, and can converse on an "even plane"......................and do!
Thank you so very much George, for the person that you are. Thank you as well, Monica, for your sincere affection. We Love you both, more than you know.

On an even lighter note!! We would like to announce to you ALL, that George and Monica are expecting their 1st child! We are so very happy for them, and their Blessing. The Baby's due date is on the very same day Billy's due date was to be, April 14th.; what a coincidence *wink*.

Below are a few photo's of our visit yesterday we'd like to share with you.
click for photo Billy, Alicia, George, and Monica!
click for photo 'around the Dinner table!
click for photo Billy and George !!"strategizing"!!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

 Sat. 17 Sept, 2005 
Today is the 562 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
We hope this update finds you well. Billy is doing fine, and send's his Love to all. Alicia, Billy, and I are taking a "road trip" up to Orlando this afternoon to spend a few hour's with George H., Billy's Donor! George had told us, back in April, when we had the pleasure of meeting him and his Wife{thanks again Eric, and Debby!}; that he would be coming to the area for Business, and would let us know when. Well, they will arrive this afternoon, and we'll be heading out that way to spend some time with them today. George told us that this trip will keep him pretty busy, and tied up for most of the time, but would love to see Billy if only for a few hours *wink*. We'll post a photo on the next update!
Speaking of photo's, click below to see a photo of Billy taken for his 8th Grade School picture.
click for photo Click for photo!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

 Mon. 12 Sept, 2005 
Today is the 557 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
We hope this update finds you well. Once again *wink*, let me apologize for the "lack of update's", things have been very hectic around here and we've been very busy. As alway's, No New's, Is Good New's. Billy is doing very well medically, and we await word as to his next lengthening, which should be sometime this month. Billy is also due for another Bone Marrow Aspiration, to be done at the same time as the lengthening.

It has been difficult, at time's, to coordinate Billy's need's as a "survivor", out of the "daily picture" in the world of cancer. We have to, at time's, call the Dr's to ask what need's to be done, what does Billy need, does he need tests, why haven't we heard anything from the Dr's. I guess we should be happy to be out of the "big picture", but we're really not out of it. At time's we feel as though we are on our own, until we call the Dr's and say, "Hey.....remember us", and then something is done, or scheduled to be done. We are still waiting for an appointment with Billy's endocrinologist, for over a month and a half now. Billy hasn't had physical therapy for over a month because of the change in his schedule (school), and the availability of a therapist to visit Billy at home. We get upset at all that is neglected in Billy's "follow-up care", take a deep breath, and say........"Things could be worse".

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

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