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Sun. 10 Nov. 2002  Football
ello , and welcome back to Billy's page . Today has been a relaxing , uneventful day full of Football ! Billy has pretty much rebounded from last weeks episode with the fever , and his stay in the Hospital . Although his blood counts are down , he feels well . Billy did some of his school work today , and will be visited by his teacher tomorrow for a few hours of schooling . Billy really looks forward to the visits from his homebound teacher , they really get along well , and he is able to keep up with his school work with little or no problems . It also gives him some time to step back into the " real world " . Well , back to the game !! Have a good evening .
Tues. 12 Nov. 2002
First of all , let me thank those of you at Billy's School who have given us the FABULOUS gift certificates to our local restaurants , and shopping centers . THANK YOU ! They will surly come in handy during these difficult times when there is really no time to cook , or even think about cooking .
Yesterday Billy had a few hours of Schooling , and was able to attend the Book Fair at his School . He got a few books to read , and a CD ROM for his computer . His teacher will be here today as well because Billy will be admitted to the Hospital on Thursday , his normal day for Schooling .
Wed. 13 Nov. 2002
Hello All , and welcome back to Billy's page . Well here it is , and all too soon . Tomorrow is Thursday and Billy will be admitted to ACH once again . We are to be at the Hospital at 8:30 am for another chemotherapy session . Billy will be receiving 3 chemotherapy drugs per day over a 5 day period . One of the drugs is the one that Billy has had a difficult time with ( VP 16 ).
Alicia's Sister Ana ( Billy's Aunt ) is due to arrive tomorrow night , and spend some time here in St. Pete. , Billy hasn't seen her since last July , and is really looking forward to seeing her , as are we too ! It's gonna be kyle ( south park ) ( chilly 70 degrees ) here tomorrow , so dress warm !
Thurs. 14 Nov. 2002    ( Room # 265 bed A )
Hello , to All Our Friends . Yes , Billy was admitted to ACH this morning at 8:30 . He has already had one of the chemotherapy drugs administered , and was receiving the second one when I left the Hospital at 6:30 pm . He managed to eat something before he fell under the effects of the drugs , which is a good thing *wink* . He handled the VP-16 very well because he had a dose of hydro-cortazone and benedryl which counter-act the very bad side effects of this particular drug . These also knock him out for a couple hours too !! Speaking of " knocked out " , I'm going to try and get an hours sleep , I have to go to Tampa and pick up Ana ( Alicia's Sister ) at 10:00 tonight , she's flying in from NJ . Until next time , Be Well .
Sat. 16 Nov. 2002  storm icon
Hello All , welcome back to Billy's Page . As you can tell by the icon above , it is stormy here today . We are expecting some severe weather in this part of Florida today and tonight , due to one of a few " Cold " fronts we'll have during our 2 weeks of winter *wink* !
Ana brought with her , a wonderful gift for Billy . She brought the collectors DVD set from the Lord of the Rings for Billy , he was in shock ! He Loves the Lord of the Rings . The book , the Movie , the Video game , everything about it ! He spent most of the day with Ana watching it , as you can imagine . Thank you Ana ! Billy got another surprise in the mail yesterday from A&M in Summit , NJ . He recieved Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 which is a CD ROM for the computer in which you build an amusement park from the ground up , sort of like the one he got before he became ill . Thank you very much , Billy Loves it , and can't wait to come home to install , and play it ! 
Billy has been doing very well during the first few days of this chemotherapy session . He has a great appetite , and is eating what he orders . He knows that in a few days he'll feel pretty lousy so he is really taking advantage of the times he feels good . Today is the 3rd day of 5 , that Billy will be getting treatment . We hope to be home on Tuesday the 19th , providing everything goes well .
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Mon. 18 Nov. 2002  sunny day  ( Happy Birthday Mom )
Welcome back to Billy's page . Billy will be coming home tonight at 9:00 pm . Yes , it is kind of an odd time of day to be coming home from the Hospital . We thought it best that Billy come home , given the opportunity . He finished his chemotherapy at 3:00 , but has to be hydrated , and watched for a few hours . We asked him if he wanted to come home or stay another night *wink* , Yes , he choose to come Home !
Billy did exceptionally well this time around . He did get sick once , but it didn't last all that long . The past couple days have been good to him , and I'm glad , because he can sure use it . All of the thoughts and Prayers coming to Billy are truly being answered , THANK YOU ALL .
Billy is schedualed to be re-admitted on Dec. 4th , for the start of his next round of chemotherapy . Again , 3 days of 2 drugs , followed by two weeks off ( fingers crossed ), then 5 more days of 3 drugs . This should take us to the 1st of the year . After this session of chemotherapy Billy will most likely have about 2 months to recover from the chemotherapy , have another MRI done of his leg , and then if all goes as planed , he will have the surgery performed to replace his femur with an artificial ( expandable , titanium ) one , But lets not jump that far ahead ! Lets get him through the next month or so , and cross that bridge when we get to it ! OK , OK ! Good night , Be well .
Wed. 20 Nov. 2002  sunny day
Hello All , welcome back to Billy's page . Billy is doing very well since his release from the Hospital . His appetite is just as it always was, and he hasn't stopped eating ! Don't get me wrong , the Hospital food is Great , but you can't beat home cooking ( thanks Ana ) !
Alicia's childhood friend Wanda , and her husband stopped by today for a visit . They are visiting Orlando from their home in New York City . It was wonderful to see her again , she was a member of Our Wedding party when Alicia and I were married .
Rutger ALSO ! We received a phone call from the Childrens Dream Fund today , and they informed Billy that his wish has been granted , and that we are all to be guests of the taping of the Drew Carey Show in Burbank , California ; at the WB Studios . Billy will get to meet his favorite actor , Ryan Stiles ( the tall skinny guy ) ; and all the rest of the cast as well ! We will be going in mid January ( probably ) if all goes well with Billy's next Chemotherapy session the 1st week of December . Billy is Sooooooooooo Excited , as you can imagine . Alicia and I are as well !! *wink* , after all , I get to meet Mimi ! We will spend a long weekend there , and also get a tour of the Warner Bros' Studios .
Billy is scheduled to have his blood counts checked on Friday , and is also planning on going on a field trip with his class to Sunken Gardens the same day . Billy's Teacher will visit again tomorrow for a few hours of school work . Billy has been doing very well with his school work , and he has been visited both at home and at the Hospital by his Teacher at least twice a week , for 2-3 hours a day . Well , let me go for now , I hope you all have a great evening .
Fri. 22 Nov. 2002  ( Where were you , 39 years ago today ? )
Hello , and welcome back to Billy's page . Billy is with his class mates today on a field trip to Sunken Gardens here in St.Petersburg , Alicia went along as well . As you can probably imagine , Billy was very excited about the trip , and he can't wait to see all his Friends . They should be gone most of the day , although Billy is due at the Hospital this afternoon to have his blood counts checked .
As I've said earlier , Billy is doing very well after this round of chemotherapy but did have a few bouts with an upset stomach . He helped me pick oranges and grapefruit from our tree's Wed. , as we took advantage of the great weather . He stayed on the ground of course , as I climbed the ladder !

Well , Alicia and Billy made it home in one piece !! Billy's blood counts were right on target , We have to continue his GCSF injections though , until his counts are checked again on Tuesday . I had talked to Alicia on the phone and she had told me that Billy was able to handle an Alligator , taranchula , and a Madagasgar hissing cockroach !! Yes , he had all his fingers when he got home ! They had a wonderful time , and he was so happy to see all his Friends . I want to thank all of you from Billy's School who sent something home with Alicia . Your letters , cards , gift certificates , food , and even money are all very much appreciated ; THANK YOU ALL !
Sat. 23 Nov. 2002
Hello , all is well ! Just wanted to say that we just had the most PERFECT view of the Space ShuttleSpace Shuttle take off ! It is a perfectly clear night here in St.Pete. , and we can see the launch from our front yard when it goes up . Billy is amazed at the fact that it is launched from 150 miles to the east ( Cape Kennedy ) , and we can see it ! We can also see it during the day if the skies are clear . Good Night !
Mon. 25 Nov. 2002  Sunshine
Football  Go Bucs ! Football

Hello All , welcome back to Billy's Page . What a great end to a fabulous weekend , The Tampa Bay Bucaneers Kicked it up a notch , and whooped the Green Bay Packers 21-7 ! Although jumping up and down was out of the question , Billy showed his " Team Spirit " by numerous high fives , and sudden out-bursts of joy and excitement ! What a Game !! Billy also received a package from Military Moms Online today , it included a Cleveland Cavaliers hat , and numerous stickers and ornaments . Thank you D. Weller ( Owner ), and all M.M.O. who have contributed to this package ! Billy has had this hat on ALL DAY ! Hey isn't Drew Careys' show in Cleveland !!
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Thurs. 28 Nov. 2002   " HAPPY THANKSGIVING " 
Hello to All Our Friends , Welcome back to Billy's Page . Let me say to All of you who recognize this day as a day we reflect on the things we are thankful for , Happy Thanksgiving . On this day we ( My Family ) can honestly say that we are thankful for All Of You . Thank you All for your thoughts , Prayers , Love , and Support ; You are the Strength behind Billy's Page . I hope you all can find in your hearts something you are Thankful for .

Because Billy's blood counts are so low , Alicia , Billy , and I will be spending this day together at home . We will enjoy a Ham Dinner with all the trimmings , and of course some Football ! Please have a Safe and Secure Holiday , surrounded by those you Love .
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