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 Mon. 13 Feb. 2006  Today is the 712th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,239 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update finds you well. Sorry for the lack of update's, but we've been sitting on our hands awaiting the results from Billy's test's. We didn't want to worry anyone, or jump top conclusions, as we wait. So..........................We couldn't wait any longer, and made an appointment to see Billy's Oncologist(s). Billy went to ACH after School today, and was seen by Dr. Grana one of his Oncologist's, who in turn, referred Billy to his BMT Dr.. Dr. Grana looked over Billy from head to toe, and was "skeptically" pleased with how he presented. She was concerned about Billy's lack of energy, and blood-shot eye's. Enter Dr. Nader, Billy's BMT Dr.. Dr. Nader brought to our attention that this could be any number of things, including GVHD. We haven't heard that word mentioned concerning Billy, in over a year. We knew we weren't in the "clear" as far as the "C" word is concerned, but we hoped the worst was behind us. It still may be, but then again, the "what if's" are ever present. Billy's leg pain is also a great concern to all involved in his care, and we will be going to Tampa (Moffitt) on Wednesday, to see Dr. Letson, Billy's surgeon. We received a CD-ROM from ACH to bring with us for Dr. Letson to look over. This includes all the scans that were done last week; over 180 images. I hope he can find the reason for Billy's pain, it has been almost 2 month's since Billy's first complaint.
Today's blood counts are: WBC@ 5.2, RBC@ 4.34, Hemoglobin@ 13.8, platelets@ 185,000. ANC@ 2800
All of Billy's counts are down from the last check, but Dr. Grana see's no reason to be concerned *wink*. I hope Wednesday's visit to Dr. Letson proves the same. See you then.............

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sun. 5 Feb. 2006  Today is the 704th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,231 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
Billy's transplant Nurse, Nurse Ethel, will be running another 1/2 marathon this Month. She will be taking part in the Bank of America 1/2 Marathon and needs your help again. PLEASE, PLEASE.....dig into those pockets, look under those sofa cusions, and donate what ever you possibly can in support of her efforts and Her Cancer Kid's. She is a Member of the "Team in Traing" in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Her goal is a mere $2,000.00, and is at only $655.00 as of this update. PLEASE CLICK HERE and help her, and Her Kid's; We Will................

Billy just Donated $50.00...how 'bout you.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Thur. 2 Feb. 2006  Today is the 701st day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,228 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
Billy continue's to do quite well. The pain in his leg has eased a bit, but is still a bother, as he has to use his crutch at time's will at School. We haven't had any word "yet" as to the results of the many tests Billy had last week. "No News is Good News", I have always said; but at time's it is un-bearable having to wait. It is tough enough having to live in the "World of cancer". From past experiences we've learned that, if something was wrong they would have contacted us right away. So, the "no news is good news" attitude will have to do *wink*............ for now.

Uncle Jorge (Alicia's Brother), and his Beautiful Wife Yari, surprised us with a visit yesterday. They were in Miami for a week, and decided to come up to St. Pete., to spend the night and visit with us. Billy was so excited to see his Uncle Jorge!, but sad to know that they will be gone when he gets home from School this afternoon *wink*.

I would like to respond to the many inquiries about the song playing on Billy's Page, "Billy Make's it Rain". Well, early on in 2003 during Billy's cancer treatment, Debby, Eric's Wife, found my web site while researching site's regarding the topic of Vietnam. My main website at wcgowacki.com registered high on the Google™ search engine, and thus, "we were found". Debby was drawn to "Billy's Page", and was captivated. She and Eric began to read all about this now 11 year old boy in St. Petersburg, Florida who had cancer. It wasn't but a few short months later, that Eric and Debby were on their way to Florida to meet this very young and courageous "Cancer Fighter". Eric was so moved by Billy, and upon meeting him, was so inspired. Eric and Debby brought such an energy with them, that in their presence, we too were up lifted. It became a somewhat gloomy day as Eric and Debby began their good-bye's, and as I walked them out of Billy's Hospital room and to their car, it began to rain ever so lightly. Eric, Debby, and I embraced; and with teary eyes, I tried to absorb even more strength from them before they left. As I walked back to the Hospital, I turned once again to wave goodbye, and just over the tree line was a beautiful rainbow; I wiped a tear, and smiled. Eric wrote "Billy Make's it Rain" on the flight home to Nashville, that evening. Eric and Debby have been by Billy's side ever since, and have been down to see Billy quite a few time since then. Eric talks of Billy in his concerts, as performs his song. Billy Make's it Rain has been a great source of strength for all those who have heard it, as they too, live in the "World of Cancer". Eric has included "Billy Make's it Rain" on at least 2 of his most recent CD's Look Up, and Gift's; Both can be found on Eric's Music Page. I might add that, The "Gifts" CD was dedicated to Billy, and has a special dedication inside the cover. The "Look Up" CD also has a special Dedication to Billy, Alicia, and I. You are welcome (and encouraged) to pick up your own copy of these CD's, and enjoy them as we do. Eric will make a donation to the National Children's Cancer Society{NCCS} in Billy's name, for ANY CD bought from his vast collection, not only the two mentioned above. Do yourself a favor, and let Billy Make it Rain on you too. Eric's Music, as you know, has been a great instrument of strength for me, as I walk the streets in the "World of cancer".

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Thur. 26 Jan. 2006  Today is the 694 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,221 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
Another busy day for "Our cancer Survivor". As planned, Billy's Friend Michael accompanied him to the Hospital to resume his tests. Billy had another MRI done of his leg, as well as a CT Scan of his chest, and a total body Bone Scan. Billy also had his CBC's done and the counts are: WBC@ 8.1, RBC@ 4.22, Hemoglobin@ 13.0, platelets@ 227,000. ANC@ 4.800 (normal counts are lower left of this page)
Billy's Dr's are pleased with these count's, and that's good enough for us *wink*. The result's of the test's already done, have yet to be revealed to us, so stay tuned *wink*.
Billy received his Honor Roll Certificate yesterday, for last semester's Grade's. He also received his Mid-term reports for this semester, and we are Proud to say that he is on his way to his 4th consecutive Honor Roll!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Wed. 25 Jan. 2006  Today is the 693 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,220 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
Billy had a pretty busy day yesterday. His leg is really bothering him as well, which only compounded the issue. Billy received the IV only to have the MRI radiologist say that it wasn't needed. Yes, we were a "little bit" upset. While at the Hospital, Dr. Letson, Billy's surgeon called and requested an X-ray be done on Billy's right leg as well to see if the cause of his pain can be revealed. We'll just have to "wait and see". The MRI was done, and we'll hear some results in a day or so *wink*. Billy has an appointment with his Dentist today, and the CT Scan, and Total body Bone Scan will be done tomorrow. Billy has an early dismissal (11:00) tomorrow, so his day won't be all that bad. Billy's Friend Michael asked if he could come to the Hospital tomorrow with us to see the tests being done, and Billy jumped all over the opportunity. Michael's Mom, Michelle; was one who regularly donated blood for Billy during his BMT, and his cancer treatment's, surgeries, and whenever else blood was needed *wink*. Thanks again Michelle! Billy say's that Michael could actually be his Brother, due to all the Blood he has from his Mom!! Having blood from regular donor's during Billy's cancer treatment's, and not from the general population, was a "main" reason for Billy's uneventful transition from Cancer Patient, to Cancer Survivor "time's two".

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sun. 22 Jan. 2006  Today is the 690 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,217 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
Billy is enjoying the day with his Friend Michael. Billy has a full week of tests coming up including:

We are also gonna try *wink*, to get Billy's immunizations up to date. You all know how that went the last time we tried!
Billy is still experiencing pain in the knee area of his leg, and we are waiting to hear from Dr. Letson (Billy's surgeon) as to what we are going to do about it. The MRI, and Bone Scan should tell us if there is anything there causing the pain.
Please keep Emily and Mia in your Prayers, as they are having some difficulties regarding their treatments.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

Although he arrived 2 weeks early, Alicia's Brother Juan, and his Wife Guaydia say...............................

 Sat. 14 Jan. 2006 
Today is the 682 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,209 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update find's you well. Yesterday's visit to the Dr. resulted in the following blood count's: WBC@ 9.3, RBC@ 3.70, Hemoglobin@ 11.6, platelets@ 297,000. ANC@ 5.000
Billy was supposed to get caught up on his immunization's yesterday, thus the Dr. visit; but he couldn't get them due to the fact that we needed a clearance letter from his Oncology team, that all is "OK". Well, all "is" ok, and we'll try again next week *wink*. Dr. Petrovic wants Billy to get a flu shot as well, and take part in a study of immuno-suppressed individuals. I mentioned this a few weeks ago, and we are just now getting to it. We voiced our "opinion" that it is kind of "late in the season" to be getting a flu shot, and Billy really doesn't need to get sick. Billy has been doing very well, and his leg pain has eased up quite a bit. His physical therapy session's, twice a week have helped in easing the pain as well as taking part in Phys-Ed at School.

Don't forget to take part in Billy's Page newest Poll. You can find it to the right, on this page *wink*.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Fri. 6 Jan. 2006  Today is the 674 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,201 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Baby it's cold outside!!! At least, for Florida standards!! It was only 58° today, and it's expected to get down to 35° for a few hours tonight and tomorrow night! I guess that'll do it for our two weeks of Winter *wink*.
.........On a warmer note, We are proud (once again) to say, that Billy has made the Honor Roll for the 3rd semester (4 A's - 2 B's)! He has made the Honor Roll for ALL 3 of the Semesters, with 3 to go!
Billy has been feeling very well of late, although he is having some painful discomfort in the area of his knee. The incision itself isn't the issue, it is a "deeper pain" Billy call's it. We will make the Dr's aware of it, and take it from there. Billy has been quite active, and does walk quite a bit while at school. He has to navigate a few flight's of stars daily, as well as take part in Physical Education for the remainder of the School year. Billy has also grown another inch (or so), and is now as tall as Alicia *wink*, at 4' 10 1/2" !!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Mon. 2 Jan. 2006  Today is the 670 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,197 day's living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update find's you well, and that your New Year's celebration's were "without incident" *wink*.
Back to the "Ole Grind"! Oh..........and before I forget.........................

......That's right! The Florida Gator's BEAT the Iowa Hawkeye's 31-21 this afternoon across the Bay in the OutBack Bowl!! Go Gator's!!
Billy had a pretty good day today. He was glad to have a few days off his feet before the re-start of School. Although his leg was only lengthened a little over 1 centimeter, it put's quite a bit of tension on his muscle's, tendon's, and ligament's; and take's a few days to adjust to the procedure.

Billy started this new semester, which now includes Physical Education. He is really looking forward to being able to participate in some "outdoor activities". Although he is unable to run, he is excited to just be "involved". There will be plenty for him to do, without having to run around *wink*. Billy will have a few day's off from his Physical Therapy appointments, until his incision heals a bit.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

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