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 Tue. 18 Apr. 2006  Today is the 776th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,303 day's, living in the "World of cancer".

Happy Birthday Billy
NJHS LogoWe are, once again, so Proud to share with you Billy's latest achievement. As you know, Billy was nominated for membership in the National Junior Honor Society a few Months ago. Well, Last night, {PHOTO!} Billy was inducted into this very Prestigious organization along with 13 other 8th Grade Students of Southside Fundamental Middle School.
Membership is based on Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship. Acceptance is no small feat, and is a "hard earned" recognition. All of these Students should be Proud of themselves's, as this membership will begin to open the "many" doors necessary to succeed in higher education.
This Ceremony was filled with emotion, and Pride as the Staff and Guest speakers spoke highly of the Honories and their achievement's. You could see the Pride in their face's, as the Students absorbed the accolades.

Happy Birthday Son, We Love you and We are so very Proud of you.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sun. 16 Apr. 2006  Today is the 774th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,301 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
First of all, we'd like to wish all of Billy's Page Visitor's a very Happy Easter, and hope that you are all surrounded by those you Love. Don't be shocked by the photo of Billy's Birthday cake *wink*, We had a party here at Home yesterday for Billy. Billy and his Friend Michael D. arranged it, and I must say that everyone had a GREAT time!! We took a bunch of photo's, and I have included a couple HERE for All to see! We would like to thank all of Billy's Friends who came to his Party, as well as those who were unable to come; for making "Billy's Day" a very Special one. Billy would like to Thank you all, for the Gifts; and said that he'll see 'ya 'all tomorrow in School!!
For those who are still confused, Billy's Birthday is this Tuesday, the 18th! He really wanted to have a Party, so Saturday was his day as well!! Billy would also like to thank everyone for all the cards and gifts he has received through the mail *wink*.

We would also like to mention that Billy's Donor George, and his Beautiful Wife Monica, are now the very Proud Parents of their 1st Child Joshua. Born Monday the 10th. 7 lbs, 11oz. 21 inch's. I'd like to add some figures of my own: George is 14 years older than Billy, Billy is 14 years older than Joshua, and Joshua was born 8 days shy of Billy's Birthday. What a coincidence *wink*.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Mon. 10 Apr. 2006  Today is the 768th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,295 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update finds you all well. All is well here in Sunny St. Pete.! Billy is just about all caught up on his immunizations, and is doing very well. He still needs to get a couple more shots, but his Dr's are very happy that this next milestone has been reached, and passed. We still don't have a date for the next lengthening. Billy's leg is still giving him some trouble's, in that it is very stiff at the knee joint, and a bit painful. Billy has grown some, and maybe this is causing some excessive stretching of the muscles.

If you remember, a few weeks ago, I told you that Billy was nominated to join the ranks of the National Junior Honor Society (requirements), Well, Billy was accepted, and will formally join this very prestigious group in a Ceremony next Monday the 17th of April at his School. Once again, we are just amazed at all Billy has accomplished in light of the fact he has been fighting cancer for the past 3 1/2 years. He has not slowed down one bit, in his intellectual growth, and will gladly wait for his body to catch up.

We are also proud to say that We have an appointment tonight with the Staff of Saint Petersburg High School's IB, International Baccalaureate Program (CLICK HERE!). This is one of the Advanced Programs Billy has applied to for his next 4 years of School. He really wants this seat, and his chances are VERY GOOD, that he will be accepted! Keep your fingers crossed, and wish him luck!! Oh..........Billy received his report card today, for the 5th semester (1 more to go), and he made the Honor Roll once again, with 4 A's, and 2 B's. We are sooooooooooooo Proud *wink*.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sat. 1 Apr. 2006  Today is the 759th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,286 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update finds you well. We had a wonderful time in Miami, but we are soooooooooooooo glad to be home! We went down to Miami to visit Ama and Apa, and while we were there we surprised Billy by taking him to see the King Tutunkhamun exhibition in Ft. Lauderdale. You all know how Billy is such a great fan of Egypt, and Egyptology. He was in awe, as we walked through the exhibit, and explained all the artifacts to us. There were over 100 piece's in this exhibit, and everything was incredible. It was hard to believe that these things were over 3000 years old........amazing. Billy was also excited to receive 2 very nice replica papyrus drawings of King Tut's burial mask, and an Ankh (life symbol), from Ama and Apa's Friend Eileen. She brought them back from Egypt a few Months ago, and couldn't wait to give them to Billy.

We also spent some quality time with Alicia's Brother, his Wife, and Billy's newest Cousin (see image above) Daniel, who is 2 months old already, and pictured with his "big sister" Adriana; who is 2 years old already *wink*. Click the photo to see a larger version!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Mon. 20 Mar. 2006  Today is the 747th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,274 day's, living in the "World of cancer".


Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sun. 19 Mar. 2006  Today is the 746th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,273 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
Billy Alicia and Jane Snow at the Pier for the Bone Marrow drive, click to view a larger image We hope this update finds you all well. What a Beautiful day for a Bone Marrow / Blood Drive! Today was the anual Bay to Bay 12k, 5k, 1 mile, and Kids run in St. Pete., which all ended at The Pier in Downtown St. Pete.

Today was also another very important day at the Pier. Our Dear Friend Jane Snow (Mom of Casie) sponsored, yet another, bone marrow drive. Emily's Aunte Mary Ann, played a critical roll in the Bay to Bay run as one of it's organizer's in Honor of Emily. As you know, Emily is in Memphis at St. Jude's. She was also a very critical part of these events while she was here at home. We had a chance to talk to her this morning on the phone, and told her that you ALL were thinking of her, and praying for her. Jump on over to her site, and tell her that you heard all about the Bay to Bay Run, and the bone marrow drive. Don't forget to tell her Billy sent 'ya! Today's turnout was GREAT, and over 50 more people were added to the bone marrow registry! THANK YOU!! and THANK YOU Jane for all that you've done for the cause, Casie is so very Proud of you, this is for certain *wink*. By the way, the Casie Snow Fund paid the registration fee's for the 50+ people who joined the bone marrow registry today, 32 people yesterday, and 21 people on Friday.

me giving blood..when was the last time you did It was also a Great feeling as I am also a blood donor. If, for what ever reason, you haven't donated blood, or become a bone marrow donor registrant; I urge you to join the ever groing ranks of those who are. I can only imagine how George H., Billy's donor feel's. It must be such a rewarding feeling to have said that you "saved some one's Life". I truly hope that one day I will be able to experience what George feel's. I have been on the bone marrow registry since it was initiated, but have yet to be called. My registry info was also updated when I was tested after Billy was diagnosed with MDS. I would consider it an honor to be able to be a donor........would you?

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

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