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 Fri. 1 Sept. 2006 Today is the 912rd day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,439 day's living in the "World of cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Well, Tropical Storm Ernesto passed us by with nothing but a bit of rain. Sorry for the Folks up in the Carolina's, and the Mid-Atlantic for the next couple of days. We deserve a break from all the Summer storms, and this season (so far) has been a quiet one.

Billy has taken up where he left off, as far as his Schooling goes. He is once again showing Honor Roll performance through the first Month of School, and Honor's course's; and is Proud he is in High School *wink*.

Billy is scheduled to see the Hem-Onc team at ACH on the 13th, as a follow up to the tests that were done a few weeks ago, we all remember those right *wink*. Dr. Barbosa will have the Honor's this time!! To Dr. Barbosa, Billy is known as "William the Conqueror"....and Rightfully so...............

We hope everyone has a very good Holiday weekend, and please make it a "safe one".

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Wed. 23 Aug. 2006 Today is the 903rd day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,430 day's living in the "World of cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
"No News, is Good News". Billy continue's to do well. Can you believe that it has been 903 day's since Billy's "life saving" Bone Marrow Transplant? We sure can *wink*, and next month, on the 21st; it will be 4 years since Billy's cancer diagnosis. What a ride it's been.
Billy is enjoying his first few weeks of High School life, and is showing a new "Maturity". Billy has been placed into the "intermediate" group in his guitar class, as his guitar Teacher was impressed with how well Billy is playing, considering the short amount of time he has been playing the guitar. Billy had an audition last week, at which time he had to play a song for the teacher, and class. Billy chose "Sunshine of your Love" (Eric Clapton & Cream)! Billy really like the "Blusey" sounds of Clapton, and he really enjoys the songs that would fall into the "Classic Rock" category. WOW..........Just like his Parents!! I can say though, with all certainty; that Billy like's all kinds of Music, but still won't eat brussel sprouts!!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sat. 19 Aug. 2006 Today is the 899th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,426 day's living in the "World of cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Tue. 15 Aug. 2006 Today is the 895th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,422 day's living in the "World of cancer".
Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Well, the School Year has gotten off to a Great start. Billy has really taken to High School, as we knew he would, and has truly become a responsible "young Man". Billy has adjusted well, to the larger School population, and is able to get around Campus without too many obstacles in his way. Billy is permitted to use the elevator (he has a key) when his leg is bothering him, or if he has to carry a heavy load. The Staff at St. Pete High have been very accommodating, and find Billy to be "one amazing individual". Most of the Staff have been made aware of Billy, and his "special" situation, and have gone out of their way to get to know him. Billy won't talk about the last 4 years of his Life battling cancer, but he will talk about it, if he is "asked" about it. There is a Cancer Support Group at School, to which, Billy will add his insight, if asked. As a matter of fact, one of Billy's Teacher's is the Head of the Group; and when Billy revealed that he was a "2 time" cancer survivor, the entire class stood and cheered. You see, most of the kids see that Billy walks with a limp, but they don't know of his condition; and when they hear that Billy is a cancer patient, they are even "more" amazed at the "Kid with the limp".
Billy has made quite a few new Friends, as you can imagine, and he says "he's really gonna like High School". You all know how Billy has taken to the guitar, well he was able to take "Guitar" as one of his Class's. Yep...........he is learning the guitar at School too!! Billy didn't want to use the Guitar Our Dear Friend Eric Horner presented him with, or his electric guitar; so we took Billy up to Sam Ash, and bought him a nice acoustic (electric) guitar to bring to School. This was required of all the kids who are enrolled in this course.

Billy is back at physical therapy 2 days per week, and is progressing well. He was also seen, last week, at ACH by Dr. Grana, and she is "very pleased" at how well Billy is doing. She will follow-up with another clinic visit next Month. This "thing" with his liver, has EVERYONE breathing a "sigh of relief"......................

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Tue. 8 Aug. 2006 Today is the 888th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,415 day's living in the "World of cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Billys 1st day of High SchoolToday is a day we often thought about as we battled through the "world of cancer". But one, at time's, we thought we'd never see. Today is truly a milestone in Our Lives, as Our Son has officially entered High School. Although Billy was accepted to the IB Program at St. Petersburg High School (St. Pete. High); he, along with our approval, decided to enroll in the Honor's Program instead. Billy has had enough stress in life over the past 4 years, and we'd really like to see Billy have "fun" in High School. We do feel that he would excel in any program, but the Honor's Program will allow him time to enjoy school, Friends, and everything the High School years has to offer beside's "grade's". Billy's expectations are high, and he looks forward to the challenge's. St. Pete High is ranked #63 on the list of Top 100 High Schools in the Country. Yes, the WHOLE Country!

Unlike the Fundamental School System that he was enrolled in through elementary and Middle School, he has less restrictions imposed on him; one, being able to wear shorts and sandals to school. School starts at 7:05am, and ends at 1:30pm. He is also able to ride the bus to school, but since it comes at 6:05am we'd rather him get the extra sleep; so we'll take him, and pick him up as well.
Billy was all smiles (photo) as he readied himself for the 1st day of School, and is "Glad" it is finally here! ..........and so are we *wink*

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sun. 6 Aug. 2006 Today is the 886th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,413 day's living in the "World of cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.

"Holding your child while she takes her last breath is the most unnatural thing on earth.
Her suffering is over and mine is just beginning"
Above is the last entry on Our Dear Friend Mia's website, a quote from her Mother. This precious Child passed away yesterday afternoon, cradled in her Mother's arms. Mia's life here on Earth has ended, but she will live in My Heart forever. We Love you Mia, Sleep Well Sweet Princess. Please visit her website (to the right), and please leave a word or two in her guest book.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Tue. 1 Aug. 2006  Today is the 881th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,408 day's living in the "World of cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
I am so sorry about the server problem, it has never happened before to my domain. The thousands of hits on Billy's Page crashed my site, "so they say"; wink*. After climbing the walls for the past week, we finally got "the call" early this morning, that Billy is STILL cancer free, and still in remission. The "2 spots" on Billy's liver are classified as hemociderosis in the liver, an Iron overload; due to (probably) the many blood transfusions Billy had during his cancer treatments, and bone marrow transplant. This, along with a very MILD hepatitis, is probably the reason for Billy's problems of late. Dr. Grana has assured us that Billy's cancer HAS NOT returned, and this last episode is nothing to worry about, needs no medical treatment, and the "scars" on Billy's liver will probably dissolve.
Maybe we'll be able to sleep tonight...................how 'bout you?

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sun. 30 July, 2006  Today is the 879th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,406 day's living in the "World of cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
{click image to see larger version} Just a quick update to acknowledge receipt of a GREAT gift package from Our Dear Friend Chris M. in Kentucky. Billy spent the day at his Friend John's house, and when he came home around 10pm, he found a package on his bed. We all know what a BIG BUC fan Billy is, and when he opened the box, he was all smiles!! I truly believe, it is through acts like these, that these seriously ill children gain strength from. Through all of Billy's cancer treatments, almost 4 years now, he has looked forward to hearing from those who were thinking of, and Praying for him. Just to know that there are literally thousands of people around the world, he doesn't even know who are with him, gives him all the reasons he needs to beat this demon in him. We see this not only in Billy, but in every single Child we've known who are also in cancer treatment. The countless cards, and letters of support were a God send, and the time it take's these "Cancer Kids" to read them isn't time spent thinking how sick they are. These Kids ask for nothing, other than to "not be sick any more". We asked for nothing, other than "your Prayers". We are Grateful for each and everyone of you, appreciate each and every one of you, and Love each and every one of you. You all should be Proud to know that Billy, Alicia, and I are "survivor's" because of you, and even if it is a package from some one we only know through the www; it is "SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO". Thank you Chris M., for making Billy's day.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sat. 29 July, 2006  Today is the 878rd day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,405 day's living in the "World of cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well. Blood counts: WBC@ 8.9, RBC@ 4.37, Hemoglobin@ 13.6, platelets@ 332,000. ANC@ 4200

......"after almost 4 years, I find it very unlikely that cancer has returned, it has to be something else, Ewings sarcoma doesn't effect the liver."
......"I don't think it has anything to do with Billy's bone marrow transplant, but it could be Metastatic disease."
......"the way it light's up on CT scan, it is more likely cancer, it could be Ewings sarcoma has returned as metastatic disease in Billy's liver."
......"Pathology shows that it IS NOT Ewings sarcoma. It show's to be viral in nature, and will need to be analyzed further."
This is what we were hearing for the past week, from the Doctors associated with Billy's care. Billy underwent surgery, in the process called a Needle Biopsy. 4 pieces of the "suspect" lesion was removed while Billy was in the CT scan machine, and under general anesthesia. The surgical assistant came through the door, about 10 minutes into the surgery, passed Alicia and I as she said; "here is the 1st biopsy, good luck", as she rushed it up to pathology. When she returned to the surgery room, she said to us that they will call in about 5 minutes with results. Alicia and I stood outside the door, with our ears to the wall. The phone rang.............we couldn't hear anything. Our Friend Deb, who was inside with the surgical team, came out and said that they needed another sample.....then another..........and yet another. After a short while, the phone rang again. Once again, we couldn't hear a thing. After 4 samples of the "suspect lesion", and about 45 minutes in surgery, the Surgeon came through the door, with a big grin on his face, and said that "It's NOT cancer, it looks viral."
We were with Billy when he woke up. We told him that it was not cancer, a tear rolled down his cheek as he said, "I told you so."
Once again, the wait is on. We will be expecting a "call" on Monday with what we hope, will be the cause of the 2 "spots" (1cm and 2cm) on Billy's liver, and what we will do about them.

Thank You ALL, for your continued Support, Thought's, and Prayer's.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

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