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Normal Blood Counts

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 Fri. 20 Oct. 2006  Today is the 962th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,489 day's living in the "World of Cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
We haven't heard anything negative regarding the CT scan done last Friday. As a matter of fact, we haven't heard anything! No news is good news I guess *wink*. They told us that they would call if they saw anything out of the ordinary. Billy's visit to the Pulmonologist (PFT's) showed minor obstructive airway disease. If you recall, Billy has had a very bad cough recently. The Dr. attribute's it to mild asthma, and the cough has had an affect on Billy's airway. Although the cough has pretty much gone, the damage will take some time to heal. His breathing will be hampered for some time, and he will be using an inhaler, Albuterol, as needed, for the foreseeable future.
Uncle Fernando (Fern; Alicia's Brother) will be here for the weekend. He is concluding his trip to Florida, which started with a week in Miami at Ama and Apa's home. Billy will be taking up all of his time, as they have already planned out the weekend; Movie's tonight, and Beach tomorrow. Oh, did I say that the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico is still at around 83° *wink*. Fernando will head back to New Jersey, and the "real World", on Sunday Morning.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sat. 14 Oct. 2006  Today is the 956th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,483 day's living in the "World of Cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Oct. 6th Blood counts: WBC@ 8.1, RBC@ 4.12, Hemoglobin@ 12.9, platelets@ 214,000.
Thank you all for your patience *wink*, as my web site's (800+ page's / 28,000 files) propagated to their new server's. Please take note of the new URL, which is wcgowacki.com. Notice that the "M" is gone, as well as the 2 "-". My old Host was very un-reliable, so It was time for a change. My new Host is HostMonster.com, and I have un-limited bandwidth, and more web space than I'll ever need. Please change your bookmarks to reflect the change's. Billy's Page will still be as before, eg: www.wcgowacki.com/BILLY86.html; Where BILLY86.html is the latest page. As you can see by the latest blood counts, Billy's counts are just about back to mid-normal. His cough is all but gone, and he is feeling quite well. He refuses to give up his cat, so we'll just have to monitor his allergic condition for the time being. Billy had another CT Scan of his abdomen, both legs and pelvis done yesterday. This is a follow-up to his last series. Also, to get a look at how long his left leg has gotten since the last lengthening was done in July. We'll sit tight, and wait for the results *wink*.

I would like to share an email I received from Our Friend at the Pediatric Cancer Foundation with you.

Hope you are doing well! I wanted to touch base with regarding a very special event we have coming up on November 10 called The Fishermen's Ball. Each year at the Ball, our sponsor Mercedes-Benz presents the What Drives You Award to three children in celebration of their anniversaries being off treatments. We film an accompanying video segment where the child talks about what “drove” them to get through. The family is of course invited as our guest to attend the gala and the awards are presented on stage. It is really a special evening and Wade Boggs is our celebrity host this year.
We would love for Billy to be one of our What Drive You Award recipients this year – he has been such an inspiration to so many. Please let me know as soon as possible if you think he would be interested. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Orlando
Communications & Development Director
Pediatric Cancer Foundation
Funding Research. And Hope.
14005A North Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33618
What an Honor for Billy to have been chosen for this very Prestigious Award. When I asked Billy "What Drove You"?, He replied as only Billy would..........."LIFE DAD", Life Drove me; I want to Live, and the rest is "Billy's Page".

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Fri. 29 Sept. 2006  Today is the 941th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,468 day's living in the "World of Cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Once again, We find ourselves putting on our "bragging" hat's *wink*. Billy received his report card for the year (1st of 6), and we are once again, so very proud to say that he hasn't missed a beat. Not only are we Proud of our Son for his academic accomplishments, but we are Proud of him because of what he's done in spite of his Mental, and physical challenge's. No, there is nothing wrong with Billy "mentally", so to speak; other than the fact that he live's everyday, knowing he has cancer; and we all know his physical challenge's. He has NEVER given in to cancer, never shown sign's of weakness that cancer is known to exploit; and has refused to stop living. People ALWAYS ask us (Alicia and I) how does Billy do it, and why is he doing so well, when other Kids with the very same disease(s) are dying all around us everyday? What has he done to survive, and also excel? There are hundreds of questions that have been asked of us over these past 4 years regarding Billy, and his dealing's with his cancer diagnosis. We are quick to point out that, every cancer diagnosis is different, and should be treated as such. Billy's condition, his treatment, and his prognosis; should not be looked at as the "Norm". From the beginning (Sept. 21st, 2002), Billy's condition was said to be "out of the ordinary", and from the beginning, Billy's attitude has NEVER changed. Billy had cancer, and he wanted it "GONE". We didn't know anything about cancer, other than the fact that it will kill you......"IF YOU LET IT". That is what stands out in our minds, it will kill you, "IF YOU LET IT". From that very 1st day, Billy readied his MIND, and BODY for the fight of his life. He knew what he had to do, and we knew what we had to do. He filled his thought's with LIFE, and Alicia and I could only think of death. The 3 of us listened to "statistics", and they were all against us. The cancer Billy had, what the cancer did; and what the cancer treatment ultimately lead to (another cancer), stacked the odds AGAINST us: < 25% survival rate, over 5 years. Yes, the chemotherapy,multiple surgeries, and life saving bone marrow transplant (Thank you George) removed the cancer from Billy's body; but it is OUR belief, that if you "want to live, and fight to Live".........you will Live. Billy's MIND remained STRONG in spite of all the adversities. Billy's BODY remained STRONG in spite of all the poisons that flowed through it. Billy's STRENGTH came from within his soul, and we truly believe that the THOUSANDS of you that have held him in your PRAYERS, became his Soul. Billy's "wanting to live" is why Billy will live. Billy's Life will be full, because there is so very much to live for.

    Billy's Grade's (HONOR ROLL 3.857 GPA)
  • Honor's Biology 1 .....A
  • Honor's Geometry .....A
  • Honor's English 1 .....A
  • Bus. System Tech. .....A
  • Per. Car. Sc. Dev. 1 .....A
  • Guitar 1 (intermidiate) .....A
  • Spanish 2 .....B+
  • **Absent - 1 day (Doctor visit)

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Wed. 27 Sept. 2006  Today is the 939th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,466 day's living in the "World of Cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Today's Blood counts: WBC@ 18.6, RBC@ 4.63, Hemoglobin@ 14.3, platelets@ 315,000.
We took Billy to his Pediatrician this morning, as a follow-up to his last appointment. There is still a concern to all involved, as to why Billy's WBC is still quite elevated. For those who are not familiar with what white blood cells are, I have compiled an answer:

Part of the CBC is the blood differential test that measures the relative numbers of white blood cells (WBCs) in the blood. WBCs (also called leukocytes) help the body fight infection. These cells are bigger than red blood cells, and there are far fewer of them in the bloodstream. An abnormal white blood cell count may indicate that there is an infection, inflammation, or other stress in the body. For example, a bacterial infection can cause the WBC count to increase or decrease dramatically. There are five types of white blood cells: neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils, basophils, and monocytes. Each has a different job.
The two major types of WBCs are neutrophils and lymphocytes. Neutrophils play a key role in the body's defense against invading bacteria by destroying invading organisms. Someone with insufficient neutrophils is at risk for developing serious infections.
Lymphocytes produce antibodies, specific proteins that attack and help destroy specific germs. They are especially important in fighting viral infections, like colds and flu. People with advanced HIV can have low lymphocyte counts, increasing their risk for developing certain infections.
Eosinophils and basophils in the blood may be increased in allergic conditions. Monocytes, the largest white blood cells in the bloodstream, remove dead cells and organisms from the blood.
We have, on numerous occasions, had to search for a reason as to "WHY" Billy's blood counts were "off the charts", so to speak. The last few time's were do to some sort of infection he had acquired. But one time truly stands out in our recent memory, and that was when Billy was diagnosed with MDS. We have called Billy's Dr's at ACH, and asked that they please follow-up on these results, as they have also raised concern with his Pediatrician. We are certain, there will be no stone left un-turned until the cause of this latest episode is exposed. So, once again, we wait for answer's. Such is the life in the "World of Cancer".

On a lighter note, we would like to share with you, Billy's School Photo for this year! You can CLICK HERE!, and have a look! I think this is one of My Favorite photo's of him to date, I hope you agree *wink*. BTW: He love's his hair!!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Fri. 22 Sept. 2006  Today is the 934th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,461 day's living in the "World of Cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Billy stayed home from School again yesterday, as per Dr's order's. Billy had a follow-up appointment this morning at 8:00 with his Pediatrician, and was cleared for School. There are no sign's of Whooping Cough, and if he did have it, his "new" immune system (Thank you George) is now strong enough to fight it; with the help of anti-biotics, of course! The chest x-ray does show inflammation in Billy's lungs due to the constant cough he has had. There are sign's of "mild asthma", which is probably the trigger of the coughing. Billy will continue the Nebulizer every 8 hours or so, for the next week; it seems to be working.

You asked about Billy's progress with his Guitar...................Well, it has only been a little over 4 months since he picked it up, and he can now play just about any tune he hears (by ear). It is incredible to see (and hear) just how well he performs. Also, his progress report from his Guitar class at School has him at 100% (A+) for the 1st Semester.

FYI: Some of Billy's Page longtime visitors (2-4 years) have suggested that I start a Forum so that they, and other visitors, can interact with each other on a personal basis. I have created a "special forum" called the Children of Cancer Forum. <- You can click this link, or use the one on the right, or left menu's. We really encourage you to take advantage of this Forum, to not only meet each other, but get a better understanding as to what it's like "living in the World of cancer". I will be moderating the forum, and would appreciate it if you ALL would register, and get involved. I know that there are hundreds of reasons for this type of interaction, I just hope you will join us, and take advantage of it. So, click on the link, take a look around, have some fun, learn something new, meet Billy's Friends, give advice, seek advice, and interact with people you wish you met long ago. We hope to see 'ya there!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Wed. 20 Sept. 2006  Today is the 932nd day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,459 day's living in the "World of Cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Today's Blood counts: WBC@ 19.9, RBC@ 4.33, Hemoglobin@ 13.6, platelets@ 408,000. ANC@ 8100
365 times 4 equals 1,460. Why the math test? Well, tomorrow will mark the 4 year anniversary of Billy's cancer diagnosis. Today found us in the very same room at Billy's Pediatrician's office. Alicia was in tears, as she remembered, so vividly, the events that unfolded that day 4 years ago. We kept Billy out of School today so that he can go to his Dr. Billy has had this awful cough, as you know, and it is only getting worse. The last diagnosis, was something "Viral", and he was on a course of steroids, as well as an inhaler. Billy hasn't had a good night sleep in over a week now. Today's Dr. visit included another chest x-ray, as well as a culture taken of his throat. Billy eventually ended up at the Hospital (ACH), for more tests. This brings us to the latest possible reason for his "intense" coughing episode's.............Whooping Cough. Look at how high Billy's WBC and platelets are, compared to "Normal" counts, and his last counts taken last week. Billy has to stay home from School, for obvious reasons, as we await the results of the tests done today. Billy is also having treatments every 6 hours with a Nebulizer, to hopefully ease his cough and help him breath. Alicia asked the Dr. to call us no matter what the tests show.......so here we wait......again.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Wed. 13 Sept. 2006 Today is the 924th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,451 day's living in the "World of Cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Today's Blood counts: WBC@ 11.7, RBC@ 4.30, Hemoglobin@ 13.4, platelets@ 240,000. ANC@ 6100
Yes, Billy had a visit to the Hospital this afternoon. Today was a scheduled visit with the Hem/Onc team; Dr. Barbosa felt a need to have a Sinus CT Scan done, as well as a chest x-ray. Billy still has a very "rough" cough for over 1 1/2 months already, and nothing seems to help relieve it. Billy has been taking a prescribed medicine for over a week now, and it hasn't helped at all. The results of the CT scan showed no evidence of infection, or obstruction. The high white blood count (above) indicate's something. We haven't received the chest x-ray results "yet", and we hope, and pray that it too, is clear.
Please take a few moments and visit Mark's web site (top right), and leave a note of encouragement in his Guestbook, this Family is in need of support. Tell 'em Billy sent 'ya.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Thur. 7 Sept. 2006 Today is the 918th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,445 day's living in the "World of Cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
It is with a heavy heart that We pass on to you, the loss of yet another Precious Child, to this terrible disease. Bailee passed away late yesterday afternoon, surrounded by her Friends and Family. Bailee lived a few miles from us here in St. Pete., and was treated at All Children's Hospital, and Sloan in NY. Please visit Bailee's site, and leave them your Thought's and Prayer's.

Sleep Well Bailee, you will live in Our Hearts Forever................We Love You.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Tue. 5 Sept. 2006 Today is the 916th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,443 day's living in the "World of Cancer".

Welcome back to Billy's Page, we hope this update finds you all well.
Remember that cough Billy had a few weeks ago? well, it's back. Billy has had that persistent cough for a few days now, and after school today we took him to his Pediatrician. Billy's Dr. checked him for Strep Throat, and the test was negative. She believe's it is Viral, and will run it's course; but gave him a prescription for some cough medicine anyway. Other than the cough, and redness in his throat, Billy is feeling pretty good *wink*, and enjoying a sense of "normalcy".

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

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