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Sat. 30 Nov. 2002
elcome Back to Billy's Page . Here we start page # 9 of Our Journey with Billy . This entry finds Billy in good Spirits , and taking advantage of the fact that he feels fine . Ama , Apa , Uncle Juani , and Juani's girl Friend came up from Miami for the day . We'll have dinner , and they'll head back . It is a nice day , for a road trip !
As for myself *wink* , i'm taking a break to update Billy's Page . UM is playing SU now , and kicking butt 28 - 7 , GO CANES ! The Gators are in Tallahassee tonight to play the Seminoles , GO GAT-NOLES !!( I like both teams ). Anyway , back to the games ! Be Well .
Thank you Maria C. of Clearwater , FL. for sending Billy that wonderful book " 101 stories of Courage , hope , and laughter "
, he can't put it down ! Give our best to your Mom and Family .
Tues. 3 Dec. 2002
Sorry about those ' Bucs ! Yes , they blew it against the Saints on Sunday 23 - 20 , and the Gators lost one against the Seminoles on Saturday . Well , Billy and Alicia are off for a day trip to the Ringling Mansion ( Museum ) in Sarasota , with Billy's School . Billy is feeling really well , and decided to take advantage of this gorgeous day here in Sunny Florida !
Billy will be admitted to the Hospital again on Thursday for another round of chemotherapy. If you all remember , these are the 2 drugs that always give Billy the worst of the side-effects . He made a point of it to eat alot during the past couple weeks so if he has troubles again , he won't lose as much weight this time . I'll update again later , after they return from their trip . So until then , be well .
Billy and Alicia are home from their trip to Sarasota . They had a great time , but Billy was quite taken back by the " nakedness " of the Statues there ! They have replica's of the Statues of David , and a few more of the well known Roman / Greek statues . I guess he reacted like any other 10 year old , right *wink* . Again , his class mates and teachers were glad to see him . This will probably be one of the last times he's able to see anyone before his surgery in mid-January .
Thurs. 5 Dec. 2002  
Hello All ! Billy had a wonderful day at school yesterday , again seeing all his teachers and Friends was a treat . He was kind of worn out after the school day was over , but managed to come with Alicia and I to Appleby's for dinner , thanks to a few of the Staff at Lakeview Fundamental Elementary ( Billy's School ) , THANK YOU , dinner was GREAT !
Billy was admitted to ACH this morning at 9:15 AM ., for his 5th round of chemotherapy, he is in room # 276 probably to at least Monday . He had a nice BIG cheese burger when he got there , just in case *wink* .
I want to acknowledge a few cards Billy received today . Thank you Rottencat1 ( Bruce ), and Rogelio & Aurora ; Thank you sooooo much !
Alicia just relieved me at the Hospital , and will be staying the night with Billy ( Thanks Sweetie ! ) Well , let me go unwind a bit *wink* , be well and have a good 'nite .
Fri. 6 Dec. 2002
Hello All , welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy has had a pretty rough day , with the chemotherapy and eating *wink* Billy's Chemotherapy 12-6-2002. He is such a champ though . He'll look up at me or Alicia after he has a bout with an upset stomach and say , "it's alright , I'll try to eat again in a minute." We'll wipe his face , hold back a tear or two , and continue on this Journey . The image above is a 24 hour bag of one of the Chemotherapy drugs Billy will get while in the Hospital during this stay . After this bag is finished tonight he will get one more 24 hour bag followed by another chemotherapy drug . Please click the Chemotherapy link above to learn about these Chemicals , you'll be shocked as well as enlightened . You'll also learn that Adults have a hard time tolerating these drugs , which is why I have a hard time trying to comprehend what Our Son is going through . What is in his little mind that he isn't telling us ? What does he really think is going to happen to him , next week , next month , next year , ten years from now ? Can a 10 year old Boy truly know why the Prayers are coming to him from around the world , and what is the need ? Can we ?
Sat. 7 Dec. 2002   [ A Date which will live in Infamy ]
Hello , welcome . Well , Billy's chemotherapy will be over tonight at 11:30 , and he should be able to come home in time for the Buc's game at 1:00 ! Speaking of Football ,"GO CANES"! The Miami Hurricanes have won the right to go to the National Championship of College Football AGAIN this year ! They kind of had me going NUTS today watching the game , The score was 56 - 45 ! Also , Our Gators will be playing in the Outback Bowl here in Tampa on New Years day......GO GATORS !!
Billy received a package from Kathy in North Carolina today . Billy hasn't seen it yet but she has told me it is a hat from her Son Scott , who is one of the US Navy's Finest ; a Navy Seal . I can tell you all now that Billy will have a new favorite hat !! Thank you Scott , and Thank you Kathy .
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Mon. 09 Dec. 2002  storm icon  Home !  ' GO BUCS ' Football
Hello All , welcome back to Billy's page . Yes , the Bucs won yesterday 34-10 ( 10 - 3 ) . What a great game it was to watch ! Billy was soooooo excited ! Billy was released from ACH yesterday , and is home now . We should find out this week what the next path will be . Dr. B informed us yesterday that we should wait a few weeks before the MRI to get the full effect of the chemotherapy . We will know then if Billy will receive more chemo. or not , before his surgery next month . If all goes as planned ( fingers crossed ), Billy will have an MRI in 3 weeks , followed by surgery to replace his right femur in mid-January . In any case , we will follow what the Dr's advise .
I was hit hard with a terrible cold yesterday , and Alicia is showing signs as well . I have never washed my hands so much in my life ! As you all know , we can't take a chance on Billy getting sick so we have to keep our distance as much as possible . We have surgical masks to wear when we are in close proximity to Billy to lessen the chances . Billy hasn't shown any side effects as of yet from the last chemotherapy session, besides the expected episodes of nausea . Have a great day , I'll update again this evening if possible .
Tues. 10 Dec. 2002  Medic
Well , I never got the chance to update last 'nite *wink* . I am really not feeling very well . Alicia too , is a bit under the weather but is doing somewhat better than I *grin* . Billy is in good spirits , and says hello to all his Friends . Billy received a package today from Maria F . in MA. It was a hat from the Boston Bruins ( Hockey Team ), and it was signed by some of the players ! In the package was also the 2002 - 2003 Team Yearbook ! " What a GREAT hat " , is what Billy expressed !! It's the only hat from a Hockey Team he has , and what a Great team . Thank you Maria , and Yes , we will tell Ana you asked about her .
Billy's teacher came today , and spent a few hours with Billy . I am truly glad he has this opportunity for home schooling when he is not feeling well , and can't be around others . She will come back again on Thursday for more lessons . Ama and Apa are do to return today from Miami . They will be spending the 'nite on their way back to New Jersey tomorrow .
Thurs. 12 Dec. 2002  storm icon
Hello all . We just returned from the Hospital , Billy had his blood counts checked . His red blood cells were extremely low , as were his hemoglobin counts , so we are going back tomorrow for a transfusion . Billy will receive at least one pint of blood . We also learned that Billy will undergo surgery the week of the 13th of January , which means Billy's trip to California on the 10th of January should go as planned ( fingers crossed ) .
Billy's teacher came again today for a few hours of schooling . Billy is doing very well , but really wishes he was attending class with all his friends . He hopes they all don't forget about him before next school year ( sixth grade ) starts . I told him " your friends will always be your friends , and that they all miss you too " .
Sat. 14 Dec. 2002  [ 500th guestbook entry ]
I hope this entry finds you in good spirits . Although Billy's counts are very low he is being visited by his friend from next door . They are playing one of their computer games and catching up on what they've been up to . Earlier this day , a few of his other friends from down the block came by and asked for Billy to come outside and play . These boys haven't been by in some time , and were unaware of the fact that Billy had cancer . The few times they came over , and Billy wasn't feeling well , I had told them that Billy was not feeling well and couldn't come outside . I had always figured they knew of Billy's condition . I was once again put in the position to explain to the three of them that Billy had a very serious condition , and that he would require some serious treatments over the up coming months . As shock came over their young faces , I found myself humbled by their comprehension , and concern . I explained Billy's disease to them in a way that they could understand , and found myself fighting to control my emotions . I didn't want to bombard their minds with too much with all the bad that Billy has endured over the past 3 months , so I cut it short and invited them back anytime as long as Billy was up to seeing anyone . Without warning , as they turned to leave , they turned back and said , "we'll pray for Billy to get well" . I almost lost it , but regained my composer and said goodbye . It sure doesn't get any easier explaining to people Billy's condition .
Sun. 15 Dec. 2002    ' GO BUCS ' Football
Well , the Buc's won again 23 - 20 , but we had to watch it in the Hospital . Billy was admitted again today with a fever of 101 1/2. He also has a very sore throat . He had an x-ray done of his chest , blood cultures taken , was given anti-biotics , and platelets . He may also need another transfusion . We were all kind of hoping that we didn't have to be admitted again until his surgery date in mid-January , but I guess we lucked out *wink* . Billy should be in the Hospital at least 3 days during this stay if all goes well .
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Mon. 16 Dec. 2002
Hello all , welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy is still in isolation at All Childrens Hospital. He received 2 pints of blood today along with anti-biotics . He was in good spirits all day today , he ate well and was able to keep his food down . We are waiting for word from Dr. L ( Billy's Surgeon ) as to the EXACT day of Billy's surgery , so his trip to California won't interfere in any way . Billy is really looking forward to this trip ! You can't imagine .
Alicia and I , and of course Billy , would like to thank the 2 Friends that have donated blood this time for Billy , THANK YOU ! He will probably need at least 3 pints of blood for his surgery next month . Those of you on Billy's list can contact Alicia for information regarding blood donations .
Tues. 17 Dec. 2002
Boy , what a difference a day makes . Well , and a visit by the Tampa bay Buccanneers !click here to see bigger photo As you can see by the photo here , Billy was visited by some of Our Hometown Professional football team !! Click on the photo to see the bigger photo ! What a surprise ! I was at the Dr. at the time they visited so I missed them ! BUT, as Alicia and I were getting off the elevator guess who we just happened to bump into ?? Go ahead..guess ! I'll give you a hint ! He is Billy's favorite Buc ! give up ? Thats right , as the elevator door opened , standing right in front of us was # 40 , the "A Train" , MIKE ALSTOTT !! can you Billy and Mike Alstott # 40 click on photo to see bigger photobeleive it ! Alicia about fainted ! She said " oh please , you have to come see your biggest fan " , our Son Billy ! How could he resist ! He followed us back to Billy's room ( click the photo to see a bigger photo ). Billy's curtain was drawn so he couldn't see us come in ! Billy's teacher was there with him , we came around the curtain and Billy freaked out ! It was his most favorite football star , in the flesh , in his room ! He was in shock , as Mike reached out to shake his hand ! They had a short visit and talked , Mike signed his hat and banner , wished him a very happy holiday , and told him to get better soon . Mike shook Alicia's hand then mine , and wished us the best as well . It was very nice of the team to come see the kids in the Hospital , and spend some time with them . THANK YOU FELLA'S ! now let's WIN the Super Bowl !
Wed. 18 Dec. 2002  Home !
Welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy was released from ACH this afternoon . His counts are still low , and he has an infection in his mouth , but we can take care of this at home ! The mouth sores are part of his reaction to the chemotherapy , and we have a mouth rinse and antibiotics for this . Billy will get his counts checked again on the 23 rd , and we should have a date for the MRI of his femur by then . His surgery date has been set , and will take place on January 17 th.( book mark that date ) . His prosthesis has been ordered , and should arrive in the next couple weeks for fitting . The surgery will be about 10 hours long , and will be done at ACH by Dr. L .
As you can imagine , Billy is glad to be home . He really missed his cat ( Kitty ), and she was at the door when we walked in ! You can also imagine that Billy is still flying high over meeting the Buc's , and most of all Mike Alstott # 40 . He can't put the photo down !

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