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(info updated 6-6-2007)

Name : William Alan "Billy" Gowacki
Age: 15 (age at diagnosis:10)
Birth Date: April 18, 1992
Born in: New Jersey
Lives: St. Petersburg, Florida
School: St. Petersburg High School/ Honors Program Grade 10 (Aug. 2005) return to "real School"
(homebound studies while in cancer treatment)
Grades: Honors Student/Principals List (A/B)
Favorite Subject: Science/Geography/P.E.
Pets: Cat (Kitty)
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Sport: Football / Tennis
Hobbies: Building things ( Models ), Play Station II, game cube, game boy
TV Show: " Who's Line is it anyway "
Artist: Elvis, Green Day, "Ozzy"
Food: Anything but brussel sprouts !

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This page will host the Information as to Billy's cancer type and treatment protocol. By sharing this information with you we hope to bring light to the fact that, "you Never Know"; listen to your Children, if they hurt there's a reason.

Ewings Sarcoma:
  Refers to several types of cancerous tumors, and found in the body's bones and soft tissue. It is most frequently found in the long bones of the legs, spine, ribs, or the pelvic bones. But can be found in any bone of the body.
  The most common symptom of Ewings tumor is Pain at the tumor site. Also a fracture is present at diagnosis, because the tumor has weakened the bone. More than half of the children diagnosed with a Ewings tumor are 10 - 20 years old and caucasian, and in males more often than females.
  There are typically three types of treatment; Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation. Billy will be having Chemotherapy followed up by an extensive, radical surgery of his Femur at which time it will be removed along with some soft tissue and muscle. followed by at least 10 months of additional Chemotherapy.

 Billys Hematology / Oncology Team:
The Doctors:
   J. Barbosa M.D.  [ Medical Director ]
   Nanette Grana M.D.
   Alexsandra Petrovic M.D. (took over for Billy's BMT)
   Carol Kerr M.D.
   Irmel Ayala M.D.

Pediatric Surgeons :
   G.Douglas Letson M.D.  [ Billy's Surgeon ]
Assistant professor of Oncology & Surgery
Program Leader , Sarcoma program
Director of Rehabilitation
Musculoskeletal Tumor and Reconstructive Surgery

   Richard Harmel M.D.
   Gail Kay M.D.
   Andre Hebre M.D.

Clinical Nurse Specialist :
   Sharon McNeil

Floor Nursing Director 2SW :
   Cheryl Shepherd

Charge Nurses / Staff Nurses :
   Laurie Barrett  / Holly Gullett
   Kathy Zolis  / Renee Rice
   Jean Bruce  / Sonja Steinbrueck
   Brenda Klarich  / Amy bambery
   Nancy Melley  / Denise Dipaolo

Billy's Protocol: V.A.C.I.M.E. (chemotherapy drugs)

   Etoposide (vp-16) {gave Billy MDS Oct. 2003}

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