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This is Billy with his "Best Friend" George H., his bone marrow Donor. We had the Honor to meet him and his wife Monica, on April 16th 2005, a year after Billy's bone marrow transplant while we were in Titusville to see Eric Horner in concert. Eric and Debby had "secretly" arranged for George and his wife to come down to Florida and meet Billy, Alicia, and I. We will never forget this moment, for as long as we live.
Pictured here, is the actual bone marrow infusion on March 4th, 2004. Dr. Petrovic (right), and Nurse Ethel, prepare the bone marrow for the transplant into Billy. The bright red marrow is pictured on the infusion poll, 96% of which was viable (living cell's), and took all of 1 hour to infuse. This is what saved Billy's life. George saved Billy's Life.
Billy and his bone marrow donor George Hansen in 2005
Nurse Ethel and Dr. Petrovic do the bone marrow transplant infusion March 4th 2004