Here is my story.
It all started out when I first heard about Locks of Love. I thought it was a great organization and I wanted to try it out.Locks of Love is an organization that gives wigs to kids who can't afford them. You have to grow your hair more than 10 inches. Then they put your hair in a pony tail and they cut above the hair tie. Then it is done!!! I think my dad sent you a picture of me.

My name is Kara Herrlich. I am 9 years old and in the fourth grade. I go to Laurel Oak Elementary School in Naples, Florida. My brother Thomas Herrlich is 13 years old and is in the eighth grade. He goes to North Naples Middle School. My dad is a retired New York City Fire Lieutenant (FDNY), and my mom, Lisa, owns Music Together of Naples. We met you, Billy, and Billy's mom at Eric Horner's show near the Space Center last year.
Tell Billy I said hello!
"I am going to do Locks of Love for the rest of My Life!!"


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