Hello, and thank you for taking this "brief" detour on Billy's Journey. We assure you, you will be happy you did *wink*. I have sat down taken a deep breath, and I hope this update will be as rewarding for all of you who have been following Our Son for the past 32 months, as he has fought to defeat the cancer(s) that have interrupted his life as it has been for Alicia, Billy, and I.

As you are all aware, we were invited to attend a very Special Concert this past weekend, performed by Mr. Eric Horner in Titusville, Florida, at the 30th Annual Indian River Festival on the east coast of our state (approx. 150 miles from here in St. Pete). We were honored to have this opportunity, and of course we went. We left home this past Friday afternoon, and made our way across the state, and arrived in Titusville around 3pm. We were welcomed with open arms, and arranged for all to meet for dinner at the Durango Steak House, a few blocks from our Hotel. There were 12 of us for dinner, and we exchanged pleasentries, and caught up on the time since we were last together. It was a wonderful evening, to say the least. As we prepared for after dinner desert, we were surprised when the wait staff approached our very large table, singing Happy Birthday to Billy, carrying 2 very large cakes! You see, Billy's Birthday is Today (18th), and he was surprisingly presented with this early Birthday treat! Yes, Eric and Debby had secretly arranged for this surprise. As you all are aware, Eric and Debby seem to amaze us with what they are able to do for us, and all others for that matter. They are truly a God send. Well, we were also finally able to meet the other "pillers of strength" that have been an intricle part in our Journey to a cure, they are Arnie, Robin, and their Son Kenneth. Three of the Most caring, warm, and compassionate people you would ever hope to have in your life.

After a long dinner, and conversation, we all called it a night, and agreed to meet at the Hotel conference room to give Alicia, Billy, and I the opportunity to meet the rest of Eric's band members; something we were truly excited about.

11:00 Saturday morning, we agreed to gather in the lavish conference room for formal meeting, and were greeted by a very supportive Hotel staff, that went above and beyond in all their efforts (you'll meet them later *wink*). We were all seated around what was arranged as a semi circle, as a video camera was set up to the side. It seemed to be a very cordial gathering, and I can admit now, that I was a bit nervous, and proved later to be justified.

Alicia, Billy, and I were introduced to Eric's Band, as well as other's in attendance. Eric's presentation started at one end of the semi circle, and continued around to the other. We all shook hands, and gave hugs, where appropriate. Eric commenced to reveal that there was a gentleman in the circle that was to audition for the drummer position in his band. He was Identified to us as someone who had something in common with Alicia, Billy and I, as he was once a bone marrow donor. He then proceeded to say that he was from Rochester, Minnesota and his name was George H.....! There was an eerie silence in the room, as Alicia, Billy and I then realized that this person, accompanied by his Beautiful Wife Monica, was in fact the very same George H. that is responsible for saving Billy's Life with his donation of bone marrow. Alicia, Billy, and I embraced him and cried like babies. We were not expecting this to have ever taken place this soon, let alone without our knowledge. Eric and Debby had contacted George and offered to fly them down to Florida for the concert, and to meet Billy, Alicia, and I; but agreed to come, and were more than happy to pay their own way to have the opportunity to meet Billy. Alicia, Billy, and I did everything possible within the hour or so we had at this gathering, to express our sincere gratitude for what he has done for Our Son, but always finding that what we wanted, or tried to say just didn't seem to be enough. We then realized, that it is an impossible task to ever thank some one enough for the fact that saved the life of the most precious thing in our lives, Our Son, and only Child.

We all spent the day together, and attended the concert that evening, which I must say was a very moving experience. Eric, besides being a Christian recording artist, he is also a very Patriotic individual and his concerts reflect that. This concert was one to represent, and thank those True American Hero's; Our Military, Police, Fire fighter's, and all those in uniform. A special treat was that this concert also drew attention to the return to space, and the space program itself. Eric was commissioned to write a song to hopefully be adopted by NASA to be the song to represent the return to space. Eric performed the new song at the concert, and it was received very well. The song, as well as all of Eric's songs can be heard at his web site by clicking HERE!. I might also add, that Eric has agreed to make a substantial donation to the National Children's Cancer Society in Billy's name, for any CD bought from his vast collection. Just include the name "BILLY" in the subject field when ordering. The CD LOOk UP, is his latest, and includes the song he wrote for Billy called "Billy Makes It Rain". This fantastic production has also been dedicated to Billy, and you can read all about it on the inside cover of the CD. So, if you are thinking of sending Billy any sort of gift for his Birthday, or for any other reason, please consider buying yourself this very up lifting CD, and having a donation be made to a very worthy cause in the National Childrens Cancer Society.

Below is a photo of Billy and George, which I am so very happy to share with all of you who have waited for this moment for just as long as we have. I am sure you will take notice of the fact that there is a certain resemblance. We too are in awe at the fact that they look so much alike.

But first, we would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, all those Beautiful people who have made this union possible, and were able to keep it from us *wink*:
Eddy Weiss & The IHI Group Staff
Marsha Gaedcke - Titusville Chamber of Commerce (and Barbara!!)
Arnie, Robin & Kenneth Puckett
Titusville Hampton Inn Staff (a must stay if you are in the area)
Tommy, Lisa & Kara Herrlich
Eric Horner's Band: Jim & Gail Pace, Jerry Gowen, Kelly Back & Family, Mike Bush
Bob and Diane Sanchez
And last, but not least:
George & Monica H.
(Billy's donor, and his beautiful Wife) :-)

Now, let me introduce to you, Billy and his Best Friend for Life, George H.

scroll down !!

I have included a "feedback" type form for you, Billy's Friends, to fill out, and send to George. So very many of you over the past months have asked if We would pass on your words of Thanks to Billy's Donor. Well, now you can tell him yourself, just how you feel about what he's done for Billy.
Please understand, and respect his privacy, as this has also been a very emotional time for him, and those close to him. The idea of this feedback response to George was my idea, and I also ask that you understand that George has asked for absolutely nothing from Billy's Family for the life saving gift he has given. This is simply another way to Thank him for what he has done.
If you would like to send George a Special note, simply CLICK HERE!, and fill out the form. You can click your browsers "back button" or click the button on the page to return from the page you were on. Let me say "Thank You", in advance, for your continued Support, Thought's, and Prayer's.

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