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Welcome Back! On this Page, I will open your eyes to what Billy's Visitors think about Billy's Page. As I've said from the Beginning, Sept. 21st, 2002, Billy's Page was started for two reasons, and two reasons only. First and foremost, Billy's Page is MY way of dealing with the fact that My Son Billy, has cancer. If you are a cancer patient, the parent of a cancer patient, or a Family member of a cancer patient, you can understand the "shear Agony" of this terrible situation, and the reason behind Billy's Page. The second, is that Billy's Page is to keep the countless numbers of you, Billy's Friends, informed as to what Billy is going through, including his progress and setbacks. I truly hope that Billy's Page helps in your comprehension of the world of "Cancer", It sure helps me.
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This has been a great way to stay in touch. You have added a lot to the process with you candidiness.

Bill As you know I am a regular visitor to Billys Page,I found it quite by accident and fell in love with your heart warming entries. I have shared the story with family and friends who have all taken Billy, yourself and Alicia to their hearts. I always check the site at least twice a day and am always glad to read the up-dates. I look forward to meeting you all some time when Billy finally beats the monster! HayleyX

Ever since Billy was diagnosed with cancer, I have made a concerted effort to be more loving to my children, fuss less, hug them them all the love I can, because you never know what lies ahead. As I read each new entry, I become MORE DETERMINED than ever to be a more patient and loving Mom. Thank you for showing all of the parents who read your entries how we SHOULD be treating our precious gifts from God.

Hello, I have been following Billy's page off and on for almost a year. I hadn't read much since before the holidays. I was SHOCKED of the news of Billy's Myelodisplasia. I cannot thank you enough for letting me be a part of this and sharing your most private thoughts and fears. Three years ago, my dad died from Myleodysplasia. Within 6 months of diagnosis, he developed acute leukemia. He was gone within hours of the diagnosis of the leukemia....don't forget~my dad was 73 years old. Billy is young. I am so thankful that donors were found. I have been contemplating becoming a donor for quite some time. I can now assure you that I will~ for Billy and my dad. I had never heard of MDS before my dad's diagnosis. Billy, and both you and Alicia will be in my prayers everyday. I am definitely going to check this sight weekly. You have all been through so much. You are strong! If I can ever do anything, please email me and let me know. Love and Prayers, Kathy

I am a friend of Beth Verville and have been following Billy's saga for months. My heart goes out to each of you as you live through this and the decisions required. You and your family are being prayer for daily by me and weekly by my study group at the First United Methodist Church of Inverness. Billy is in God's care! Keep us informed.

Bill... you continue to do a GREAT job with Billy's website. I know it has to be very difficult for you at times. I really admire you, Alicia, and Billy for the strength I see day after day after day. God bless each of you. I continue to keep all of you, along with Billy's doctors, in my prayers daily.

What you are doing through this is absolutely incredible!! Your strength, your faith, your love shine through gallantly! May the Lord continue to give you, Alicia and Billy strength to endure what yet lies ahead. I have been deeply touched by the loving entries you have put in and it brought tears to my eyes. We live our lives blithely not realizing the struggles and pain of others around us -- We take so many things for granted. You have brought a lot of feelings buried deep inside me, to the surface! God Bless!

You and your family have been through so very many ups and downs since this all started. You have been so wonderful to let so many of us share in the ongoing trials you face. Thank you for doing what you do in writing and putting together so much (tests, photos etc) in "Billy's Page". It has been very important to us and has helped you as well. Our prayers and thoughts are with Billy, you and family at this time.

Bill, I think this is wonderful that you are able to share this. It shows how great your faith is as I am sure it is good therapy for you also. It has helped me to pray more and I strongly believe in the power of prayer. I have been following Billy's page since last year when his Aunt Ana told me about it. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers. It is also a great feeling of unity with others all over the world.

I think this is a great a survivor of two bone marrow transplants, I can imagine what you all are going through, especially Billy. What a great kid he is! And what a fantastic dad and mum he has! Your loving thoughts about your son often bring tears to my eyes, and make me wish there was something I could do to help, even though I live on the other side of the world - literally! Keep up the great work, and remember - you don't always have to be strong. Tears are as much a part of the healing/coping process as laughter and joy. Keep being there for Billy and remember to let him be there for you too :) Good luck with the transplant and all the best for your family.

Hi Bill Thanks for writing back to me after I wrote to you on Billy's site. I really have been touched (and amused...and saddened...and amazed...and strengthened...) to read your postings about Billy, yourself and your wife. As a leukemia (and BMT) survivor, I guess I know a little of what Billy's about to go through, and even though I'm in Western Australia, if there's anything I can do that will help make things easier on him, please let me know. Is there anything that he might like that I could send from "down under"? If you could let me know the "rules" of his BMT room, it would be great, so I don't end up sending him something he can't have in his room. I wouldn't want to upset him - or you, for that matter! I really wish you all the best for the next few months and beyond. Billy is such a great kid, and I just know he's going to do well with this transplant, because he has everything he needs to get through it - a positive attitude, great supporting and loving parents, a sense of humour, and a determination not to let that MONSTER beat him! Also, a 10/10 match is totally awesome!!! It's funny, sometimes. I just "happened" upon Billy's site one day, and started reading, and now here I am halfway across the world, wishing for the best for someone I've never met, and marvelling at the love that a family can show each other. The internet is a wonderful tool for bringing the world together. Billy is so lucky to have you and Alicia. My mum and dad freaked when I got sick, and dealt with it by not coming to see me, because they never knew how to handle me/the disease/what I was going through. Although I understood this, even at the time, it didn't make things that easy. Billy is so lucky to have you! Anyway, if there is anything I can do or send to cheer him (and you!!) up, then please let me know. I am happy to help out in any way that I can. Thanks, and looking foward to hearing from you, Melinda

Every morning when I get to work the first thing I do is check my E-Mails and log on to Billy's page to see how he is doing. Billy's Page is a great way to keep in touch with every one who cares about him. I work with Giovanna and my self and people here in the office are keeping him in our prayers! Sincerly, Jessica

I love your page..You are so great at updates.. I am Maddy from ND's Auntie Pam.. She has Ewings .. tumor grew out of her ribs.. she is 3.. Your "page" is the page I found and read the day she was diagnosed. I just wanted to let you know that prayers come every day from ND for Billy. I think he is so dog gone handsome! And very brave!

I have been following Billy's page since the beginning and this is a great way to be up to date regarding Billy's condition. I have faith that he will be ok, because Billy is in God's hands. God Bless you All!

The page is a "good thing"! I recognized its cathartic affect for you, Bill - I tend to write for release too. I think it's a wonderful way for you to express yourself and keep "us" up to date, because "we" care. And I'm positive the strength you, Billy and Alicia gather from the positive messages you receive help. And PRAYER is powerful - you've got a lot going for you here. love, peace, friendship, and hugs to all of you, Jeanine

You are an incredibly strong family. I visit Billy's page daily and continue to pray for him. You have found a 10/10 match.. it is obvious that God is with you, and will continue to be with you. Stay as posotive as you possibly can. You are in my thoughts every day. Marcy Light

Bill, You have done an outstanding job with Billy's journel. I know how hard it is to let your feelings out and share your heartache with strangers. But we, all of us who read Billy's Journel are not strangers, we have become part of your family and part of this journey. He is such a special child and has touched the lives and hearts of many. I feel he has people opening their hearts to our Lord through prayer who have not prayed in along time. I truly feel something very special is planned for your Billy. I will continue to check on him daily and pray for a complete healing. God Bless You, Mary

I really can not thank you enough for the updates you have done and the knowledge. My nephew has osteosarcoma cancer and has been fighting it since October of last year. I did find this site to be alot of help. I have said many prayers for Billy and will continue to do so.

I enjoy reading Billys updates, the site is a wonderful way to keep those concerned about him aware of his progress, and by reading what has been updated so far, sounds like he is on the long road to recovery. GBU Billy and your family.

Dad, I think that you are doing a BANG UP JOB!!! not only in putting "Billy's Page'' together, but as a parent, It breaks my heart to hear the things that Billy has to go thru, but he is so lucky to have the mom and dad that he does, and the extended family which gives such enormous support . Beth


I think it a great thing that you are able to do. Keeping everyone informed about Billy. You make the updates so personal I feel that I know Billy. It is good that you can have so many people aware of Billy's situation and have so many people praying for him. I check Billy's page everyday. I have a friend whose son also has Ewings. His was found around the same time as Billy. It has been very reassuring to his Mom to hear about Billy, that his treatment plan was basically the same. I know that Billy will come out on top.

We are so grateful to be able to follow Billy's progress without having to "bother" the family with questions. We check this site every day, just as we pray for Billy every day, and as a result we feel very close to you all even though we have only met a few times. You are doing a great job with the site, Bill -- and you and Ali are always in our thoughts. You have both been so strong for Billy and are such terrific parents...and of course, we are filled with admiration for Billy and the incredible courage he has shown throughout this ordeal. Like you, we are looking forward to the day when all of this will be behind you and Billy will be well again. Our best wishes are with you, Pat and Frank Little

It is unfortunate that there even has to be a "Billy's Page" in these kinds of circumstance. But with that said, Billy's Page is an education to anyone who has the guts to read it. An education is always a good thing. But then, this is coming from an educator of 35 years who recently retired from it. Design-wise, this is a beautiful site! It is serious and sophisticated in its entire graphics and colors. It is highly informative. I think Billy's Page is a good thing for both webmaster and web surfer. As I've stated before, this is an education, albeit a difficult one. It is drama in its most intense form. God love you all and may He keep you in His tender care. Sincerely, Carol Carlson, Joliet, IL

Hello "Billy's family" We are vistiting your site for some time now. In April 2002 one found an ewings-sarcoma at a rip of our son Jasper - now 14 years old. He was treated with the euro-ewing-protocol (we are from Germany). Everything went fine and in February 2003 the treatment has been stopped - suscessful as we thought. We came back into our "normal" life and he developed fine. We forgot the cancer but 10 month later at a re-examination they found mets in the lung an cancer-cells in the marrov. We were devastated. We don't know what will happen and are totally confused because we thought cancer would never come back and we could live a "normal" life as most families in the world. Now he gets a cemo-therapy and we hope - after that - a lung-operation and high dose chemo-therapy. (Whether it is usefull and makes sense) He feels fine now. We think he displaces everything. We hope and wait - as you do. Maike, Kunt, Lisa, Jasper Near Hamburg - Germany

I think Billys page is a wonderful web-site. It is a great source of information for other people who are diagnosed with cancer, it has facts as well as personal information. I like lots of other people have bookmarked it and check on Billy daily, although I have never met him I feel I have got to know this brave and inspirational little boy and his family!

I love coming to Billy's page everyday and following his journey. It's amazing how it affects me too just to read about what he has gone through. I fought cancer for over a year when I was 17, and now thankfully at 22 I am in remission and doing well. I just graduated from nursing school and am trying to get into Pediatric Oncology. I feel that parents and kids with cancer might get hope and comfort out of the fact that you can survive this horrible disease. I live in Duluth, MN and was treated on the Pediatric floor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and I met so many wonderful families that I have kept in contact with. Some haven't been as fortunate as me, but we all had something in common, and with cancer you never know what the future holds, so we must live eachday as it comes. I know what Billy is going through, and he is a real inspiration to many. I plan to move to Florida because it is where my parents are originally from. All Children's is high on my list, so who knows I might get to meet you all someday in person. I just want to let you know that the strength you all have is amazing. The way you go about dealing with all of this is very similar to how my parents and siblings and I dealt with it. You need to keep having your positive attitudes and know that even though there are many bad days in this fight, there are the good days too. Stick together and know that many are praying for you. All of my prayers from MN. If you have an good info on All Children's Hospital or any good connections I would love to hear about them. The prayers won't end until Billy is healed. Sandy Tryon Duluth,MN Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma-survivor

It amazes me each time I read the updates on Billy's page how great you all continue to function. The whole process you have been going through would be devesting to some people. You all remain focused and intent on beating whatever gets in your way. It is wonderful to have such a good family and faith in a higher being.

(4-1-04) Thank God, thank God, THANK GOD!!!! Oh, Bill and Alicia, I cannot begin to describe the tears of joy that are falling here in Arizona as we once more head out into the sunset to say "Thank you, dear heavenly Father, for holding our Billy safe again." He will bring a serene close to today, and as He brings the sun up tomorrow we will ask his continued blessings.
(Y'all deserve an EXTRA Soprano night!*grin*From a couple of old fogies that know how important that is.)

(4-6-04) What a wonderful report, a praise report, I can give my Bible study group at First United Methodist of Inverness. Our group and the church will continue praying for Billy.
God is so good!

{5-1-04} We will keep him in our prayers my Brother. I can't imagine your anxiety but I know you have walked through some mighty tough trials and God has held you. I know he loves you and I'll be asking him to put his arms around you and your family. We will be awaiting a good report from you. Tell Billy that Kenneth's second grade class will be lifting him up as well. I would love to have him come and speak to his class some day when he gets able. Love you guys. Arnie Puckett

{5-20-04} I have been reading every page of Billy's pages and I think it is a great idea. Since I have been Dx with MS & PN I find that by reading your sites,my days go by faster and they make me feel less pain. I can not believe that any one would have a negitive word to say. take care and thanks again for filling my days with your Billy pages. I hope your wife is feeling better with her MS. She must be an angel. Thanks again, Bob Friedhaber

{6-10-04} Hi, I found this website by accident and have not missed 1 day of checking on Billy"s progress. I am praying for Billy and your family. Thanks & God Bless!!!

{6-15-04} It is a remarkable page and shows remarkable strength and faith. It should be an inspiration to others who are going through such life threatening experiences. It is definitedly a good thing. As the parent of a child who is being treated with cytoxan (albeit at lower levels) maybe it will help me get through the experience. We can only pray for Billy's continued recovery.

{7-26-04} Love the page-very informative as well as a look into the life of a normal child one day and then finding out the worse news ever, cancer. It makes me realize it can happen to normal children-I pray for your family daily.

{9-17-04} Bill-
I think by reading Billy's pages it has helped me to understand just what Cancer patients have to go thru. having known many people with cancer and hearing their stories about it one does not know really what they go thru. your photos of Billy and his friends have really opened my eyes. I wish your family the best of luck and I pray for your family regularly.

{9-23-04} I can't remember how I found Billy's page, but I have been following his story for well over a year now. You are an amazing family and I pray for you daily. I have enjoyed each change in your design and this newest one is my favorite, but I would make the text a pale gray or a very pale blue. White on black is very hard on the eyes. God bless and keep up the great work! Cathy

{1-24-2005} I have spent all day reading Billy's page. My 14 year old son was diagnosed with Ewings 2 weeks ago and will start chemo tomorrow. This has helped to see that there will be good days to come for us along with the bad. I will add billy to our prayer list here in louisiana. Greg

{1-28-2005} Dear Bill (Billy's dad),
My son Olivier (from France) has been fighting his Ewing Sarcoma since May 2003, he had like Billy a tumour in the femur (10cm) and had 4 operations. I am happy to say that he is well now and attending school regularly with good marks. He is not completely as dynamic as before but we are very hopeful and patient. I was very pleased to read Billy's page, and I feel I love him for his courage and patience (not so easy at his age). Your pages give me hope and courage and I feel when reading through the pages that it is also a form of therapy for me too. It has been a terrible two years but the end of the tunnel is near. So I wish Billy and his parents all the luck and happiness that exist and may God bless you. Please tell Billy that I am praying for him every day with my prayer for Olivier.

{3-12-2005} I'm in Rochester, and was given your web page address by George's wife. I work his wife. I have only met George once but believe you have hit the nail on the head in your description of him. His wife is just like him. His wife has told the story at work and for those of us who where lucky enough to hear it, believe me there wasn't a dry eye in the group. I know that Billy is always in their thoughts. I wish Billy the best.

{4-14-2005} You know, Mr. Gowacki? Your Billy IS special! He not only survived two cancers, has excelled in school and finally can actually attend it, but Billy has given us all, (those of us who pray for him daily), a chance to get even closer to God by praying for him!! Billy puts us all in the right mind for the right purpose, and through Billy, God is speaking to all of us. He is giving us a chance to become better people, and in witnessing Billy’s journey, he gives us the chance to see God’s good works. Billy gives us a chance to love him, and to love you and Alicia and pray for your whole family.
You, as a family, have amazed me so many times. You are such deserving people of your good fortune. Billy’s successes are a gift from God, and Billy himself, is a gift from God. Billy is a gift to all of us.
May God always hold you in His hands, and bless you all daily. It is that that I pray for each day. I used to say, “God love you always”, but you know? God already does!!!!
Thank you for sharing this journey. You can believe, and know that thousands of people have you all in our prayers.
God bless you always.
Carol Carlson
Joliet, IL

{2-17-2006} This is a good thing you are doing. Not only for yourself but for all the others who stand beside someone with cancer. I just lost a friend of 30 years to cancer. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was 63. He went through several different types of chemo, but he never won the battle. He died with prostate cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer and Ewing's Sarcoma cancer at the age of 70. Maybe he would have had a better chance if he would have quit smoking, but some men are so stubborn. You be stubborn FOR BILLY and for all the people suffering with cancer. I pray that you and your family and Billy have a much better ending.

{5-18-2006} Wacki,
I have been doing a lot of reading on your websites. They are truly inspiring. I am actually a cancer survivor myself. In 2000 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had a very successful operation and a couple of rounds of radiation treatments. Although I consider myself lucky, I know it is nothing compared to what Billy and other kids like him are and have gone through. The reason I am writing you today is because yesterday I learned that a close friend of mine I have known since childhood is dying of cancer. It has spread rapidly throughout his body and he only has a few short months to live. He is 32 years young and has 3 beautiful young children and a wife. This news has hit me like a ton of bricks. I guess in my situation I knew that it was serious, but I was going to beat it. But this is something I am having a very hard time dealing with. I wanted to commend you on the fabulous job you have done sharing Billy's story with the world. Because of your great work and strength, I am thinking of doing a site in my friends honor. I guess I am hoping it will help me as well. I just wanted to share this with you and to Thank You for the inspiration. Keep up the Great work!
Thanks for your time,
Troy (D Rat)

{10-14-2006} Nice to see your website back up and running. I just read your last 2 entries... very touching. I can almost feel your emotions jumping off the page as I read. I can tell your heart is full of many feelings right now. I can feel your pride, excitement, and yes, relief... yet you're afraid to look further than the next day... only taking it 1 day at a time. And I know it would be the hardest thing you've probably ever done, but Billy's cough is almost gone, he's excelling in EVERY area right now... and you guys need to take a deep breath and just sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful life God has blessed each of you with. None of us know what the future holds, but God's gift to each of us is "today"... that's why it's called the "present". And your "present" came wrapped in a very large box... big enough to hold a teenager!!! God bless each of you... and congratulations on all that you and your family have accomplished and overcome during the last couple years... and thank God for George H!
Love ya...