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On January 17, 2003, after 3 1/2 months of intense Chemotherapy, Billy had radical surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his right femur. The image to the left is an actual xray showing the prosthesis that replaced Billy's Hip, Femur, and Knee (GMRS).

Eight out of Ten Surgeons would rather amputate the limb, than try to salvage it. Our Surgeon is one of the very few in this Country that preforms this Limb Salvage Surgery, and we are so very happy to have met Him in our time of need.

This Prosthesis, as you've come to know, is expandable. Billy undergoes a simple 15 minute surgery about every 3 months or so, to lengthen his leg! Yes, not only was Billy's leg spared, it is able to be lengthened as he grows. A small incision is made to the outside area just above his Knee, a small device is inserted to 'unlock' the prosthesis, and another device is inserted to lengthen the prosthesis.  When the surgery is over, the prosthesis is locked again. To date (6-1-2008), Billy's leg has been lengthened 8 time's, for a total of 4 1/2 inchs. Billy's Endocrinologist feels that Billy has at least 2 more years of growing to do, so we feel that his leg will be lengthened a few more time's before he stops growing; at which time the GMRS which was made by the Stryker Corporation, will be locked.

Please be sure to read Billy's Page! The whole Story is laid out before you!

CHILDHOOD CANCER IS REAL..................